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The Sportsman Weekend - - Royal Randwick -

Race 1: 1 THE MIGHTY FED 12/04/2017 War­wick Farm Round­ing the home turn had to be stead­ied and made con­tact with an­other. 4 DEBONAIRLY 25/03/2017 New­cas­tle Laid out round­ing the home turn and shifted ground out­wards when placed un­der pres­sure in the straight, prov­ing dif­fi­cult to ride out. 6 CHAR­LIE CHAP 7/04/2017 Or­ange Bumped near 200m

Race 2: 2 TWIST TOPS 18/03/2017 Rose­hill Gar­dens Be­gan awk­wardly. Raced wide with­out cover through­out. Near the 350m blun­dered badly. Rider stated his mount con­tin­u­ally blun­dered through­out the race and at no stage was able to cope with the heavy track con­di­tions. A post-race vet­eri­nary ex­am­i­na­tion did not re­veal any ab­nor­mal­i­ties .3 I THOUGHT SO 31/03/2017 Gos­ford Rdr std,coltw as ag­i­tated prior to race & re­luc­tant to pro­ceed to bar­ri­ers. Added in early part of straight bal­anced up well, but when un­der pres­sure near 200m com­menced to hang out badly& shifted out abruptly re­sult­ing in him hav­ing to stop rid­ing straight en. Fur­ther std, cont to hang out & shifted con­sid­er­able ground was un­able to fully place colt un­der pres­sure& was obliged to check to avoid heel sap pr win­ning post. To Trial. Passed trial Rose­hill 10/4/17. 6 CALABASAS 8/04/2017 Royal Rand- wick Had some dif­fi­culty in the early part of the straight ob­tain­ing clear run­ning.8KAWAIK INI 5/04/2017 War­wick Farm Stead­ied off heels near the 1000m.

Race 3: 4 EGG TART 5/04/2017 War­wick Farm Slowly away. Taken wider near the 1000m. 5 UBATUBA 8/04/2017 Royal Rand­wick Slow to be­gin. 7 OK­LA­HOMA GIRL 12/04/2017 War­wick Farm 8 TRAVANCORE (NZ) 8/04/2017 Royal Rand­wick From its wide bar­rier, was stead­ied& shifted in be­hind run­ners. Over raced

early stages. Near the250m was car­ried wider. Over the con­clud­ing stages was crowded& un­able to be rid den out when tight­ened for room. 9 MULL OVER 1/04/2017 Royal Rand­wick The filly, which t he Stew­ards were no­ti­fied had suf­fered an abra­sion to the near hind leg, was ex­am­ined on ar­rival on course and cleared to star t. Raced wide with­out cover through­out. A post race vet­eri­nary ex­am­i­na­tion did not re­veal any ab­nor­mal­i­ties.

Race 4: 1 SUR­VIVED (NZ) 24/03/2017 Al­bur y Crowded pass­ing the win­ning post.

Race 5: 4 LIKE A SHOT 5/04/2017 War­wick Farm Be­gan awk­wardly.8DY FIELD 7/04/2017 Can­berra Reared as star t was ef­fected and lost ground (2L). 9 ZUZZUDIO 2/04/2017 Wagga Raced keenly in the early stages .10 CLASS CLOWN 24/03/2017 Al bury Slow into st ride. Rider ac­ci­dently dropped her whip near the300m.11ZAI’ M YOUTH­FUL 4/04/2017 Grafton Ham­pered ap­proach­ing the 1000m. Raced wide in the early and mid­dle stages. 11 ZA I’M YOUTH­FUL 15/04/2017 Coffs Har­bour Was with­drawn by or­der of the stew­ards at 4.00pm af­ter geld­ing, reared be­hind the bar­ri­ers and dis­lodged its rider be­fore gal­lop­ing for some dis­tance rider less.

Race 6: 2 MONTAUK 4/03/2017 Royal Rand­wick Whenq st reg eld be­ing rid­den back in field. Rdr std, was aware mount has a ten­dency to race keenly in its races when left with­out cover& for this rea­son, when his mount be­gan fairly from wide bar­rier, elected to come back im­me­di­ately& find cover& as a con­se­quence raced some­what fur­ther back than he an­tic­i­pated .3 HIMALAYA DREAM (FR) 25/03/2017 Rose­hill Gar­dens A post-race vet­eri­nary ex­am­i­na­tion did not re­veal any ab­nor­mal­i­ties .6 BROADSIDE (NZ) 12/04/2017 War­wick Far mR dr std i nstr was to be prom­i­nent. En­deav­oured at 1400m to take up­pos be­hind an­other run­ner, but when run­ner was pos his in­side& was un­able to clear was left rac­ing 3 wide with­out cover. Added strode fwd in view that would able to cross & race out­side leader, but when an­other run­ner held it­spos,w as left rac­ing wide with­out cover for re­main­der. Fur ther­std did con­sider af­ter 1000m to steady & come back but be­lieved this would have not been in best in­ter­ests. Post race vet rev no abs. 7 TIME­LESS PRINCE 12/04/2017 War­wick Farm Protested against 5th - up­held. Had to be checked ap­proach­ing the 100m.

Race 7: 2 I AM ZELADY 18/02/2017 Rose­hill Gar­dens Rider std, mare failed to han­dle soft (6) track con­di­tions & was the prin­ci­pal rea­son for the dis­ap­point­ing per­for­mance. Added was of the view the mare has now per­formed be­low ex­pec­ta­tions at two runs since it was placed2nd in the test­ing con­di­tions the Gold Coast on 14/1/17 and this may also have con­trib­uted to its per­for­mance. A post race vet exam did not re­veal any abs. 4 HEART TESTA 18/02/2017 Rose­hill Gar­dens Raced keenly in the early stages and ap­proach­ing the first turn was bumped by an­other run­ner. A post race vet exam did not re­veal any abs. 5 ZIGGY WIL­LIE 10/03/2017 Kembl aG range Shifted in on jump­ing and bumped with an­other run­ner. 9 SU­PER MAXI 22/03/2017 War­wick Farm Crowded shortly af­ter the start. A post race vet exam re­vealed the geld­ing shifted its near fore plate. 10 ROSE OF MAN 12/04/2017 War­wick Far mR dr ex­plained that whilst the mare has per­formed well and won on heavy track con­di­tions, he said that to­day’ s sur­face was par­tic­u­larly shift­ing and that them are in the test­ing ground never com­fort­able was a beaten horse prior to the home turn. A post race vet­eri­nary ex­am­i­na­tion re­vealed no ab­nor­mal­i­ties.

Race 8: 11 KINEMA (IRE) 1/04/2017 Royal Rand­wick Rdr stated t hat mount pulled ex­tremely hard through­out the event, re­fused to set­tle and on a num­ber of oc­ca­sions in mid­dle stages was obliged to check away from heels. Trainer ad­vised that the sta­ble had ex­per­i­mented with gear to have the geld­ing set­tle in its races. Trainer stated t hat he would give rider the op­tion of go­ing for­ward if cir­cum­stances per­mit at its next start. On this as­sur­ance no di­rect ac­tion was taken against the rac­ing man­ners other than a warn­ing .12 LAS­QUETI SPIRIT 8/04/2017 Royal Rand wick Was in­clined to shift out near t he 250m & made con­tact with an­other run­ner. Near t 150m again brushed with run­ner .13 PENT ATHLON( NZ )1/04/2017 Royal Rand­wick When caught wide in the early stages was al lowe do st ride for­ward and race on pace. For some dis­tance ap­proach­ing and pass­ing the win­ning post on the first oc­ca­sion, raced tight brushed an­other run­ner on a num­ber of oc­ca­sions. 15e ROCK ON (NZ) 1/04/2017 Royal Rand­wick A post race vet­eri­nary ex­am­i­na­tion re­vealed the geld­ing to be dis­play­ing a poor post race re­cover y. Trainer was ad­vised that a vet cer­tifi­cate must be pro­duced prior to it’s next start. Vet clear­ance re­ceived.

Race 9: 2 ROAR­ING TO WIN 25/03/2017 Rose hill Gar­dens From its wide bar­rier was shifted in be­hind run­ner sin the early stages. 3 LAZYAXL 5/04/2017 War­wick Farm Pass­ing900m,w as in­clined to lay­out and got its head up when be­ing re­strained away from heels. 4 SUP­PLY AND DE­MAND 8/03/2017 War­wick Farm COT -To be rid den more for­ward; led. 6 TIME­LESS PRINCE 12/04/2017 War­wick Farm Protested against 5th - up­held. Had to be checked ap­proach­ing the 100m. 7 DREAM­FORCE 29/03/2017 New­cas­tle Laid in in straight and proved dif­fi­cult to ride .8 DIS­TINC­TIVE LOOK 1/04/2017 Royal Rand­wick Raced wide with­out cover through­out. A post race vet­eri­nary ex­am­i­na­tion did not re­veal any ab­nor­mal­i­ties .9 COLOS­SEUM KING 29/03/2017 New­cas­tle Slow to be­gin .11 MR MCBAT 3/04/2017 Scone slow to be­gin.

Race 10: 3 ANISHA 25/03/2017 Rose­hill Gar­dens Slow to be­gin. 4 COT­TAGE 8/03/2017 War­wick Farm Short- ly af­ter star t was buf­feted for room. When qst, rdr std, mount raced keenly in ear ly & mid­dle stages, how­ever when asked for an ef­for t, did not re­spond & failed to han­dle the heavy track con­di­tions. Post race vet exam re­vealed no abs. Sta­ble rep con­curred with ex­pla­na­tion given by r ider & un­der took to re­por t back. Tr n since re­por ted was sat­is­fied with post-race con­di­tion & would cont with prep. 5 HEAV­ENLY ANNA 8/04/2017 Royal Rand­wick COT - To be r id­den more for­ward; set­tled mid­field. Slow to be­gin. 6 LEAMI ASTRAY 8/04/2017 Royal Rand­wick Over­raced in the ear ly & mid­dle stages. 7 GRETNA 5/04/2017 War­wick Far m COT - Op­tion for r ider to lead if nec­es­sar y - Led. 8 SIREN’S FURY 8/04/2017 Royal Rand­wick Shor tly af­ter jump­ing had to be stead­ied. Near the 250m was carr ied wider. 9 ALLITERATE 8/04/2017 Royal Rand­wick When qst re lead­ing, rdr std, was in­str to be pos from barr ier but not nec­es­sar ily lead. Added in ear ly stages when r un­ners to in­side showed no in­tent lead, elected to go fwd & cross r un­ners rather than be­ing caught wide with­out cover. Tr n conf in­str. Added on heavy track cond best chance if r id­den more pos­i­tively. Tr n re­minded of obli­ga­tions to no­tify any change of tac­tics. Post race vet rev filly mildly lame off-fore. Tr n ad­vised vet cer t req pr ior to rac­ing again. Vet clear­ance re­ceived.

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