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The Sportsman Weekend - - Detailed Form Guide For Caulfield -

Race 1: SOJU WAR­RIOR Mark Ka­vanagh 11-MAR-17 MRPK Shifted in, in the vicin­ity of the 1200 me­ters. In vicin­ity 700 me­ters im­proved onto heels of an­other r un­ner and shifted out ham­per­ing an­other run­ner. FOMO (NZ) Trent Busut­tin & Natalie Young 21-APR-17 CRAN Com­menced awk­wardly and l ost ground. NETHERFIELD ( NZ) Mick Price 15-MAR-17 SANH con­tact star t. RED RIGHT HAND Gra­hame Begg 09MAR-17 PAKM Held up for a clear run round­ing t he home tur n & gained a tight r un on the inside of an­other un­ner when it shifted out round­ing the home tur n. WINKELMANN (NZ) Danny O’Brien 06-APR-17 PAKM R: From wide gate, with fast tempo, mount did not show suf­fi­cient speed to oc­cupy nor mal for­ward po­si­tion. 13-MAR-17 M V be­gan awk­wardly. MAG­EL­LAN John Moloney 05-APR17 SANH be­gan awk­wardly. Stead­ied pass­ing t he 1200m for sev­eral str ides when rac­ing i n re­str icted room. WHITE LADY Mick Price 13-APR-17 PAKM R- af­ter be­gin­ning well the filly set­tled more for­ward than ex­pected. 23-MAR-17 PAKM Be­gan awk­wardly. HE EKSCELS (NZ) Richard Lam­ing 18-APR-17 SALE made con­tact with Char lton near the 50 me­tres. When ques­tioned regarding tactics r ider J. Mott re­por ted that the geld­ing was step­ping up i n dis­tance and af­ter be­gin­ning well, trav­elled more for­ward t han ex­pected. 06-APR-17 PAKM Bumped star t. Tactics quer ied. Re­fer Re­por R: Trav­elled well, re­sponded ear ly i n straight, but may not have run out strong 1600m. STOR­N­AWAY Rob­bie Laing 07-APR-17 CRAN Com­menced awk­wardly. Raced keenly through­out.

Race 2: SNITZELWOOD David & B Hayes & T Daber nig 01-APR-17 BDGO Af­ter ob­tain­ing cover ap­proach­ing the 1600m, a shor t dis­tance l ater com­menced run three wide be­fore ul­ti­mately cross­ing t o the lead near the 1200m. Tactics quer ied. Rider stated he was in­str ucted to set­tle in a for­ward po­si­tion and high­lighted af­ter be­ing crossed by Good­will (IRE) that geld­ing was eased at which point Snitzelwood com­menced t o over­race and he there­fore elected to im­prove his po­si­tion. Mer tens high­lighted Snitzelwood per­form sat its best when able to dic­tate terms in front. Vet no abs 25-MAR-17 MORN Lay out un­der pres­sure round­ing the home turn and in t he straight. GOATH­LAND (IRE) Robert Hick­mott 03DEC-16 PAKM Over raced and got its head up in the early mid­dle stages. HURSLEY (NZ) Chris Waller 11-MAR-17 FLEM held up for clear run­ning from the 400m un­til shift­ing in pass­ing t he 100m. XEBEC (USA) Chris Waller 25-MAR-17 RHIL A post-race vet­eri­nary ex­am­i­na­tion of the geld­ing, which failed to run on in the straight, did not re­veal any ab­nor­mal­i­ties. SU­PER HAZE( I RE) Tony McEvoy 22-APR-17 CAUL Slow to be­gin .18- MAR -17 FLEM Held up round­ing the home turn and in the early par of the straight. TRANS­FER AL­LOWANCE Peter Roche 23MAR-17 PAKM Slow to be­gin. Raced wide with­out cover and due to the slow tempo even­tu­ally im­proved around the field to take up lead pass­ing the 700 me­tres. Lay out round­ing the home turn. When lay­ing out pass­ing t he 400 me­tres shifted out and made con­tact with Mr Churchill. ODEON (NZ) Mathew Eller ton & Si­mon Zahra 08-APR-17 MORP Raced in re­stricted room ap­proach­ing the 200 me­ters. In the vicin­ity of t he 150 me­ters was taken in by an­other run­ner. LYCURGUS Danny O’Brien 08-APR-17 CAUL 400m con­tact, at­tempt­ing nar­row run. MIGHT­I­EST Ciaron Ma her 24- MAR-17MV jumped away awk­wardly mak­ing con­tact with the side of the bar­ri­ers. Rider ex­plained he was given no spe­cific in­struc­tions but from his wide bar­rier he as­sessed the race in the early stages and made the de­ci­sion to go for­ward.

Race 3: TADDEI TONDO Ger­ard Moloney 15-APR-17 CAUL slow to be­gin. 01-APR17 BDGO COT ride in a more for­ward po­si­tion, cir­cum­stances per­mit­ting, as it has been over­rac­ing at the rear of the field. Set­tled mid­field. BABY DON’T CRY Craig Wid­di­son 12-APR17 W FM Slow to be­gin .14MAR-17 BDGO com­menced awk­wardly. COS­MIC LIGHTS Peter Mor­gan 21- JAN-17MV 300 ms hi ft ed out to im­prove po­si­tion. MR SNEAKY Lee & An­thony Freed­man 28-JAN17 FLEM COT fur­ther for­ward than last start; slow to be­gin and set­tled in amid-field po­si­tion. FOR­EIGN AF­FAIR Henry Dwyer 17-APR-17 SANL raced keenly through the mid­dle stages. WIND FORCE David & B Hayes & T Daber nig 23-MAR17 PAKM COT: To be rid­den fur­ther for­ward; led. ATUNNAH COURAGE Libby Ha­wor th 13APR-17 KILM ap­proach­ing the 400 mw as held up for clear run­ning for a short dis­tance.

Race 4: MERRIEST Danny O’Brien 15-APR-17 CAUL tight­ened for room near the 700m. MOON LIT ES CHOICE Dar­ren Weir 26- NOV-16MV rider stated filly didn’t stretch out and added she maybe a query at the dis­tance. Vet-poor re­cover y. SNITTY KITTY Henr Dwyer 15-APR-17 CAUL af­ter be­ing loaded in its start­ing st all and break­ing through the gates, vet­ted. PEARL CON­GE­NIAL RobertS me rd on 01- APR -17 BDGO Raced wide through­out. Per­formed be­low mar­ket ex­pec­ta­tions. Rider could of­fer no ex­pla­na­tion for t he per­for­mance. Vet no abs. CALL ME TESS Tim Hughes 20-APR-17 PAKS R-not com­fort­able in ac­tion and hung out round­ing the home turn and in the straight. Vet no abs. 07-JAN-17 CAUL raced wide with­out cover. MENABREA Colin Scott 14-NOV16 WANG Tight­ened for room af­ter start-wide early and mid­dle stages be­fore st rid­ing for­ward to lead near500m. AIR INO John S adler 29- DEC -16 Y V LT ac ti cs queried-r dr af­ter be­gin­ning well and blink­ers first time, found him­self fur­ther for­ward than an­tic­i­pated .17- DEC16 FLEM be­gan awk­wardly then raced keenly in the early stages. CLUB TROP­I­CANA Mathew Eller ton & Si­mon Zahra 25-FEB-17 Y VL Raced wide with­out cover.

Race 5: AL PASSEM Ken Keys 15- APR -17 CA U Lover­raced in the early and mid­dle stages. KOBAYASHI Leon & Troy Corstens 08-APR-17 CAUL got its head up when over-rac­ing in the early and mid­dle stages. SEIZED John Sadler 22-APR-17 CAUL Slow to be­gin and t hen ham­pered. 01-APR-17 BDGO Pass­ing the 400m had to be checked af­ter at­tempt­ing to ob­tain a run where there was in­suf­fi­cient room. Upon straight­en­ing shifted out to ob­tain clear run­ning and bumped 300m. Rider was spoken ad­vis­ably regarding at­tempt­ing to ob­tain a run where there is in­suf­fi­cient room. WILL’S BID David & B Hayes & T Daber nig 11FEB-17 CAUL when mak­ing ground in the straight, was held up for clear run­ning pass­ing the 200m un­til near the 100m. Rider con­firmed that his mount did not have a lot of room to im­prove in the straight and con­firmed that his in­struc­tions pre­race were flex­i­ble from the wide bar­rier and ex­plained that soon af­ter the star t, given speed inside, he made the de­ci­sion to ride his mount back rather than en­gage in a speed bat­tle up front. SHE’S OUR GIFT Terry &Kar in a24-MAR-17MV raced wide with­out cover. O’Sul­li­van. PRO­POSAL David & B Hayes & T Daber nig 29-MAR-17 SANH rider was of t he view the filly needs fur­ther. FAITH IN HAND Hen­ryDwyer 09- APR17 TER Lay in un­der pres­sure. With­stood Protest.

Race 6: AR­TIE DEE TWO Dar­ren Weir 24- MAR-17MV veered out near the 900m when be­ing re­strained off heels. HIGH­LAND BEAT David & B Hayes & T Daber nig 21-OCT-16 MV Jumped away awk­wardly, shifted in. Held up round­ing the home turn be­fore gain­ing clear run­ning upon straight­en­ing. Ap­proach­ing t he win­ing post raced in re­stricted room. LEOTIE Hen­ryDwyer 18- MAR -17 FLEM Rider re­ported that the filly did not feel right in its ac­tion and had a ten­dency to lay out. Vet-slower than nor­mal re­cov­ery 08- OCT -16 CAUL R-filly felt flat to­day and failed to re­spond to his r id­ing in the straight. Vet­slow re­cover y. VALLIANO David & B Hayes & T Daber nig 08- APR -17 CAUL COT ride con­ser­va­tively from the wide draw; set­tled worse than mid­field. Trav­elled wide from the 500m. Rider was of the opin­ion his mount not suited be­ing rid den back in the field and was in­clined to race keenly fur­ther more would be bet­ter suited on a track with more give. CAPANNELLO Rob­bie Grif­fiths 25-MAR-17 MORN COT To be rid den fur­ther back. Set­tled at the rear of the field with cover. Trainer re­ported Capannello had sus­tained a lac­er­a­tion to the off shoul­der. WAZZENME Stu­art Webb 18- MAR -17 FLEM Vet-mildly dis­tressed and was suf­fer­ing the thumps. WISE HERO John Price 03-DEC-16 PAKM Be­gan awk­wardly, shifted out and bumped. Shifted in con­clud­ing stages. Per­for­mance queried. App Ben Allen re­ported that the geld­ing may have been feel­ing t he ef­fects of its third star t in a three week pe­riod. Vet-lame on the near hind, vet cert. Trainer in­di­cated that the geld­ing will be spelled. WIDGEE TURF Patrick Payne 28-JAN-17 FLEM af­ter be­ing marginally slow to be­gin, was ham­pered shortly the start when tight­ened for room be­tween run­ners. Held up round­ing the home turn andwa sun­able to im­prove its po­si­tion un­til pass­ing the 400m. BORD DE GAIN Mark Ka­vanagh 01-APR17 BDGO Protest 2nd v 1st -Dis­missed .200 ms hi ft in gin whilst be­ing rid den along .06MAR-17 KYNE raced greenly through­out. Laid in­wards in the home straight. SHER­IFF JOHN STONE Ciaron Ma­her 11-MAR17 FLEM be­came un­bal­anced at the start af­ter shift­ing out and mak­ing con­tact. TERINDAH Rob­bie Grif­fiths 16-APR17 MORN Raced wide with­out cover. 01-APR-17 BDGO Com­menced awk­wardly. Got its head up when be­ing re­strained through the early stages. Lay in un­der pres­sure in the straight. SNEAK­ERS( NZ) Nigel Black is­ton 28- OCT-16MV when leav­ing the bar­ri­ers, got its head up on a num­ber of oc­ca­sions. Ap­proach­ing the 1000m got its head when be­ing stead­ied from heels. Ap­proach­ing t he 800 mt urn laid out and had to be checked to avoid heels. ** mi­nor throat surgery since. LIB­ERTY SONG John Moloney 01-APR-17 BDGO Bounded as the star t was af­fected and slow to be­gin as a re­sult, be­fore then be­ing tight­ened be­tween run­ners. Over raced in the early and mid­dle stages. From the en­trance to the straight was held up be­hind the leader. Pass­ing the200mwasdi sap­pointed for a run be­tween run­ners. Was then held up and went to the line un­able to be fully tested. HOLLYWOODGIRL Mark Young 13-MAR-17 M V viewed the pa­trol film be­fore de­cid­ing not to ledge an ob­jec­tion. Layed in ap­proach­ing the 100m and was brushed on line by Ashlor which shifted out. 17- FEB-17MV slow to be­gin. KATSURO Mick Price 17-APR17 SANL con­tact star t.

Race 7: PRETTY POS­SUM Rus­sell Os­borne 01- APR -17 MRPK Con­tacted in the vicin­ity of the 300 me­ters. 11-MAR-17 FLEM r ider re­por ted his mount was awk­ward away and as a re­sult got too far back in the field. ESTAMINET Lee & An­thony Freed­man 10-DEC-16 RHIL Raced greenly in mid­dle stages. App 800m had to be stead­ied away from heels. Was then obliged to race wide with­out cover this point. Cont to over­race for some dis­tance there­after. Rdr std in­str ucted to be for­ward but the mare, which is some­what light in the mouth, jumped awk­wardly and as a con­se­quence set­tled fur ther back. Post race vet exam rev mare to have lost its near fore plate and be mildly lame in that leg. Trainer’s Rep ad­vised would now spelled. 11-NOV16 M V com­menced awk­wardly, bumped. AUNTY MO Brendan McCar thy 25-MAR-17 MORN Fal­tered when leav­ing the barr iers and be­came un­bal­anced, con­tact 17-MAR-17 M V brushed 50m. AN­OTHER DI­A­MOND Bill Cer­chi 09-DEC16 M Ride-mount may have come to the end of its prepa­ra­tion. Tactics quer ied, in par­tic­u­lar rea­son he elected to con­tinue to r ide for­ward when po­si­tioned out­side the leader plac­ing him ¾ of a length in front of the leader, B Mer tens stated that in the ear ly stages he raced with leader and near the 800m af­ter his horse be­gan to over-race, he then elected go for­ward and at­tempt to lead un­suc­cess­fully. Vet no abs. trainer con­fir med spell. Fined $200 for fail­ing to r ide his mount out to WP; ac­tions didn’t af­fect the fi­nal plac­ings. 18-NOV-16 M V held up round­ing the tur n and un­til ap­proach­ing 100m. Inside the fi­nal 100m raced in re­str icted room. CHIAVARI Nick Har nett 18-APR-17 SALE r ider R. Maloney re­por ted that the mare raced fresh and as a re­sult set­tled more for­ward than ex­pected. PINK PER­FEC­TION Nikki Burke 18-APR-17 SALE slow to be­gin. 25-MAR-17 MORN At the star t was carr ied out and tight­ened. Raced wide with­out cover. Rider re­por ted that af­ter be­ing wide with­out cover his mount raced keenly and as a re­sult was one paced when placed un­der pres­sure in the straight. Vet no abs. MA­JES­TIC LASS David & B Hayes & T Daber nig 02-OCT-16 FLEM laid out 1300m. Ap­proach­ing the 100m was crowded for room 17-SEP-16 CAUL raced un­gen­er­ously in the ear ly and mid­dle stages. Held up round­ing the home tur n and in the ear ly par t of the straight. BELSAPPHIRE John Moloney 18-APR-17 SALE held up when un­able to ob­tain a clear r un be­tween the 400 me­tres and un­til 100 me­tres. When ques­tioned as to why he did not take a r un to the inside of Sal­lanches shor tly af­ter straight­en­ing, r ider P. Moloney ex­plained that whilst be­ing held up round­ing the home tur n, Sal­lanches shifted out and he was un­aware that a run had pre­sented inside of Sal­lanches. How­ever, af­ter view­ing the film with the Ste­wards he ac­knowl­edged that the r un pre­sented it­self, but ap­proach­ing the 200 me­tres Sal­lanches had shifted back i n near t he 200 me­tres which would have re­sulted i n him be­ing placed i n an awkw. SARASWATI Saab Hasan 25APR-16 FLEM TR ad­vised has ar thr itis in off­side knee as rea­son for long spell.

Race 8: DAN ZE­PHYR Pat Carey 25-MAR-17 MORN Stead­ied when mo­men­tar­ily tight­ened for r oom near t he 150m be­tween Well Sprung and Char med Har mony, which shifted slightly un­der pres­sure. WHIS­TLE BABY Mathew Eller­ton & Si­mon Zahra 22-APR-17 CAUL Knuck­led at star t.

Race 9: RHYTHM TO SPARE (NZ) Michael Moroney 15-APR-17 CAUL on j ump­ing away had to be checked when tight­ened for room. Ham­pered when the pace slack­ened near the 900m. Held up round­ing the home tur n be­fore shift­ing out to gain clear r un­ning pass­ing 200m. LORD DURANTE Si­mone Fer­chie 15-APR-17 CAUL slow to be­gin. Over-raced i n the ear ly stages. 01-APR-17 BDGO raced wide with­out cover. NEVIS (IRE) Rober t Hick­mott 15-APR-17 CAUL r ider could of­fer no ex­pla­na­tion for the per­for mance other than it was dis­ap­point­ing. Vet no abs. SHOW A STAR Matt Cu­mani 01-APR-17 BDGO Set­tled be­hind the leader. Rider stated in his opin­ion the geld­ing was not suited by strong tempo i n the race. Vet-mi­nor abra­sion to

off fore­leg. BRADMAN David & B Hayes & T Daber nig 21APR-17 CRAN Stood flat footed and lost ground. Over-raced mid­dle stages. 01-APR-17 BDGO Marginally slow to be­gin. Held up round­ing the tur n and un­til shift­ing out to ob­tain clear r un­ning near 300m.

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