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The Sportsman Weekend - - Detailed Formguide For Doomben -

Race1:Tru bi a Slow to be­gin. Over raced in the early stages and leav­ing 1000m had to be stead­ied from heels Gold Coast 06/05/2017 Waltham Lost the off fore plate in run­ning. Ip­swich Benico’s Prince Tight­ened for room at the start.G.Col less re­ported scale that his mount failed to han­dle to­day’s track con­di­tions. A post-race vet­eri­nary ex­am­i­na­tion re­vealed no ab­nor­mal­i­ties. Ip­swich 10/05/2017 Honey Holt Jumped awk­wardly. Ea­gle Farm 03/05/2017 Harad­ify Be­gan awk­wardly. Ip­swich 10/05/2017 Lothar io Held up round­ing the home turn. Cashinko Raced wide through­out. Dalby 29/04/2017 Street Savvy Be­gan awk­wardly and lost ground. Shifted three wide to im­prove af­ter leav­ing the 800M and raced in that po­si­tion for the re­main­der. Toowoomba 06/05/2017

Race 2: Par­doe Held up round­ing the home turn. Ip­swich 10/05/2017 Al­lied Power Lost its off hind plate in run­ning. Gos­ford 04/05/2017 Wu­dang Blade Shifted out onto an­other run­ner near the 350m and made con­tact with that filly. Be­came un­bal­anced when tight­ened af­ter leav­ing the 300m and then had to al­ter course to ob­tain clear run­ning. Ap­pren­tice T. Brooker, the ider of ROYAL MYTH, was rep­ri­manded. Doom ben 01/04/2017 Zukaz Raced wide with­out cover. Ea­gle Farm 03/05/2017 Leroy Rocks Near the 1000m be­came awk­ward when crowded for room be­tween run­ners. In­clined to over race for a short dis­tance leav­ing the 900m. Gold Coast 01/04/2017 Real Princess Ham­pered and forced wider ap­proach­ing t he 800m. Ip­swich 10/05/2017 Skate to Paris Had to steady away from heels round­ing the first turn. Doomben 15/04/2017 Pr ic­ing Power Raced wide with­out cover. Ea­gle Farm 29/04/2017 Se­ri­ous Doubts Change of tac­tics. From the wide bar­rier to be rid den back in the field The horse sub­se­quently set­tled at the rear of the field. Ea­gle Farm 31/12/2016

Race 3: Into the Red Had to be checked near 1100m when CA­SUAL CHOICE shifted in not fully clear. Doomben 22/04/2017 Mr Man­hat­tan Be­gan awk­wardly and made heavy con­tact with an­other run­ner. Rdr said that with the fast early tempo he was able to ob­tain a mid­field po­si­tion in

ly stages. Added when other run­ners from wide ron the track con­tin­ued for­ward and gen­er­ated ad­di­tional tempo his mount was crossed by t he even­tual win­ner. Added from that point he ob­tained a favourable trail and was sat­is­fied with the fin­ish­ing ef­fort of his mount. War­wick Farm 07/01/2017 The Vir­ginian raced wide with­out cover. Flem­ing­ton 02/10/2016 Highly Geared Be­gan awk­wardly and lost ground. Shortly af­ter the start was ham­pered and taken wider. Royal Rand­wick 22/04/2017 Banda Spice Bumped near the 500m. Raced wide with­out cover through­out. Doomben 11/02/2017 Miser y Change of tac­tics. To be rid­den just off the pace if cir­cum­stances per­mit. Raced 3 wide near the lead. Ea­gle Farm 29/04/2017 Vi­enna Queen Be­gan awk­wardly. Cast an off fore plate in run­ning. Vet­ted - lame in the off fore leg. Ip­swich 19/04/2017 Co­linelle Jumped away awk­wardly. Ea­gle Farm 29/04/2017

Race 4: Tac­ti­cal Ad­van­tage Had been held up for clear run­ning, was checked when dis­ap­pointed for a run pass­ing the 400 m. When en­deav­our­ing to ob­tain t his made con­tact with an­other run­ner and then was held up for a short dis­tance there­after. Royal Rand­wick 08/04/2017 Ringo’s Rock­star Bumped at the star t. Over­raced in the mid­dle stages and leav­ing 800m shifted out bumped SUGAR RAY RED be­fore be­ing checked from the heels of I THOUGHT SO. Held up for the ma­jor­ity of the home straight Gold Coast 06/05/2017 Guard of Hon­our Slow to be­gin. Had to be stead­ied away from heels near the 500m and was held up un­til en­trance to the straight. Doomben 22/04/2017 Just Or m Raced wide with­out cover. Se­cret Mo t hree wide with­out cover. Ea­gle Far m 03/05/2017 Zu­mikon In­clined to lay in down the straight. Grafton 24/04/2017 Hon­our’n’strength Slow to be­gin. Doomben 13/05/2017 Tiy­a­trolani Near the 50m had to be stead­ied from the heels of SA­VANNA AMOUR Gold Coast 06/05/2017 Manaya Raced keenly in the ear ly and mid­dle stages and got its head up. Held up for clear r un­ning un­til ap­proach­ing t he 300m. Royal Rand­wick 01/04/2017 In­spired Estelle shifted in on jump­ing away. Caulfield 15/04/2017 All Over Bosanova Raced wide t hrough­out Gold Coast 06/05/2017 Smashed It Bumped on j ump­ing away. Toowoomba 13/05/2017

Race 5: Brook Road Slow to be­gin. Over the fi­nal 100m raced in re­str icted room & as a con­se­quence could not be fully tested. Hawkes­bur y 29/04/2017 Savoureux Cast a near fore plate dur ing the pre­lim­i­nar y and was sub­se­quently re­plated, ex­am­ined by veter inar sur­geon and cleared to star t Gold Coast 06/05/2017 Madotti Slow t o be­gin. Near the 800m had to be stead­ied when forced t race i n re­str icted room. Raced wide from the 700m on­wards. Bumped on a num­ber of oc­ca­sions i n

home straight Gold Coast 06/05/2017 Sold for Song Slow to be­gin. Raced wide from the 700m on­wards Gold Coast 06/05/2017 Un­tamed Di­a­mond Raced keenly i n the ear ly & mid­dle stages, af­ter be­ing crossed by an­other round

t he first t ur n, shifted out. Rose­hill Gar­dens 06/05/2017 Dee Nine Elle Rider ques­tioned re­gard­ing per­for mance. Re­fer Stew­ards Re­por t. A pos­trace veter inar y ex­am­i­na­tion re­vealed no sig­nif­i­cant find- in­gsa part from a lac­er­a­tion to the near hind pa stern. A swab sam­ple was taken from the horse. Ea­gle Farm 04/03/2017 Banda Spice Bumped near the 500m. Raced wide with­out cover through­out. Doomben 11/02/2017 Bidii Babe Raced wide through­out Gold Coast 06/05/2017 Frill Seek­ing Be­gan awk­wardly and then was crowded for room. Near 350m was ham­pered. Then in­clined to lay in un­der pres­sure in t he straight. Rose­hill Gar­dens 06/05/2017 Notony­our life Stead­ied from heels near the 700m Gold Coast 06/05/2017 Sham­fran­cisco Suf­fered from a res­pi­ra­tory virus in the days sub­se­quent to this event. Toowoomba 08/04/2017 Not a Happy Camper Raced wide with­out cover through­out. Ip­swich 10/05/2017 Selita A post race vet exam re­vealed no abs. Can­ter­bury Park 21/10/2016 Hermosa Beach Slow to be­gin. Crowded af­ter the star t. Held up in the early part of straight. Wagga 04/05/2017 All Over Bosanova Raced wide through­out Gold Coast 06/05/2017 Manaya keenly in the early and mid­dle stages and got its head up. Held up for clear run­ning un­til ap­proach­ing the300m.Roy­alR and wick 01/04/2017 Hel­la­roo Raced wide through­out. Im­proved onto the heels of the weak­en­ing GOLDEN MI­NE­SHAFT round­ingh home turn and shifted out to ob­tain clear run­ning. Ip­swich 10/05/2017

Race 6: Candika Raced wide in the early stages be­fore be­ing rid den for­ward to the lead near the 1300m. Gold Coast 06/05/2017 I nvin­ci­bella Held up in early stages of the home straight be­fore ob­tain­ing a run to the in­side CANDIKA leav­ing the200m. Gold Coast 06/05/2017 Ok­la­homa Girl Slow to be­gin. Rose­hill Gar­dens The Pin­na­cle Raced wide with­out cover through­out. When ques­tioned as to the tac­tics adopted jockey C. Brown stated that his in­struc­tions were to at­tempt to ob­tain a mid­field po­si­tion with cover if pos­si­ble from the wide barr ier. Jockey Brown stated that it was not his i nten­tion to lead at the fil­ly’s l ast star t but left with no op­tion due to t he slow t empo and small field. Trainer P. Snow­den con­fir med the i nstr uc­tions i ndi­cated that sim­i­lar in­str uc­tions would be is­sued go­ing for­ward. Gold Coast 06/05/2017 Per ilous Love Bumped at the star t

Ben­fica Pr in­cess Ap­proach­ing the 1400m had t o be stead­ied when placed i n re­str icted room to the in­side of BLANCO CARA, which was taken i n by THE PIN­NA­CLE, which was obliged to take eva­sive ac­tion away from the heels of FAL­LACY, which was racing for­ward of THE PIN­NA­CLE. Over­raced in the mid­dle stages and had to be stead­ied from heels near

1000m and again the 900m Gold Coast 06/05/2017 Shenan­doah Frac­tious in barr iers. Vet­ted - fit to race. Flem­ing­ton 06/05/2017 Mia Rosa Made con­tact with an­other r un­ner at the star t. Near 900m blun­dered & be­came un­bal­anced for one str ide. In­clined to lay out un­der pres­sure i n straight, oblig­ing its r ider t o change t he whip into his l eft hand ap­proach­ing the 100m. Then shifted out no­tice­ably un­der pres­sure in­side Royal Rand­wick 25/04/2017 Nordic Show Raced wide t hrough­out Gold Coast 06/05/2017

Race 7: Pre­fer ment Sta­ble rep­re­sen­ta­tive ad­vised the horse would be rid­den handy with cover t oday should cir­cum­stances per mit. The horse was r id­den ac­cord­ingly Gold Coast 06/05/2017 Sense of Oc­ca­sion Upon straight­en­ing was dis­ap­pointed for a r un and

held up un­til the 200m ap­proach­ing 100m was obliged to shift out across the heels of SAKHEE’S SOL­DIER Gold Coast 06/05/2017 Van­brugh Bumped on jump­ing. Hawkes­bur y 29/04/2017 Star Ex­hibit Slow to be­gin. Caulfield 29/04/2017 McCreer y Sta­ble rep­re­sen­ta­tive ad­vised the horse would be rid­den handy with cover to­day should cir­cum­stances per­mit. Af­ter be­ing slow to be­gin was obliged to set­tle to­wards the rear of the field. Near the 500m had to be stead­ied from heels PREFERMENT. Upon straight­en­ing was forced to race in re­stricted room to the in­side of CYLIN­DER BEACH Gold Coast 06/05/2017 Maur us Shifted in un­der pres­sure in the home straight Gold Coast 06/05/2017 Ar ticus On sev­eral oc­ca­sions pass­ing the 600m was bumped. Laid in un­der pres­sure in the home straight. Flem­ing­ton 06/05/2017 Rudy Stead­ied be­tween the 300m and 200m when tight­ened for room be­tween COL ‘N’ LIL and MAU­RUS, which was in­clined to lay in un­der pres­sure. Raced 3 wide with­out cover through­out Gold Coast 06/05/2017 Sound Propo­si­tion In­con­ve­nienced 50 me­tres Eller­slie 22/04/2017 Au­vray Be­gan awk­wardly & made con­tact with an­other. Over the con­clud­ing stages raced tight in­side Hawkes­bur y 29/04/2017

Race 8: Jun­gle Edge Broke through bar­rier, passed fit and reloaded. Raced wide with­out cover through­out. Vet no abs. War­rnam­bool 03/05/2017 Sir Mo­ments Bumped on jump­ing. Raced un­gen­er­ously in the early stages. D. Browne in­di­cated that af­ter suf­fer­ing mi­nor in­ter­fer­ence in the early stages the horse re­fused to set­tle and fought against him for most of the event and this had a detri­men­tal ef­fect on the horse’s fin­ish­ing ef­fort. Train­erS. O’Dea re­ported that geld­ing had re­turned to the sta­bles with no is­sues and he agreed the com­ments of jockey Browne. Doom ben 22/04/2017 Fed­eral Held up round­ing the home turn and in the early stage soft he home straight. Jockey T. Ang­land re­ported his in­ten­tion was to set­tle mid­field how­ever from the awk­ward bar­rier he obliged to re­strain his mount to ob­tain a po­si­tion closer to the rail at the rear of the field Gold Coast 06/05/2017 Straw­berr y Boy Near 200m was bumped heav­ily. As a re­sult be­came badly un­bal­anced. Rdr std, inst were to lead & obt break on field from 600m. Added trav well in appr 600m com­menced to r ide it along, but did not resp urg­ings & at this point was un­der pres­sure, be­fore giv­ing ground. Fur ther std, when pres­sure in straight proved dif­fi­cult to r ide out. Post race vet exam did not rev any abs. Tr n std was sat­is­fied with post race con­di­tion of geld & would be fresh­ened up pr ior to next star t. Rose­hill Gar­dens 18/02/2017 Siegfr ied Upon re­tur ning to scale jockey J. Lloyd re­por ted his pref­er­ence would have been re­main in a po­si­tion sit­ting off LUCKY TOM leav­ing the 600m. How­ever, the geld­ing was trav­el­ling too strongly re­sult­ing in it im­prov­ing for­ward of LUCKY TOM sooner than he would have liked Gold Coast 06/05/2017 Man of His Word Jockey J. Lloyd re­por ted at scale his mount laid out af­ter leav­ing the 200m. Ea­gle Far m 31/12/2016 High Mid­night Rider stated he ex­pected an­other r un­ner to lead, how­ever when did not go for­ward, obliged take up lead. Added in his view able to set rea­son­able sec­tion­als & was still some­what dis­ap­point­ing in man­ner in which it weak­ened the r un home. A post-race vet exam did not re­veal any abs. Royal Rand­wick 17/12/2016 Handfast Raced keenly in the mid­dle stages. Rose­hill Gar­dens 25/03/2017 Per­fect Dare Rdr stated that his mount race to keenly in the r un and for this rea­son was left with­out a fin­ish­ing ef­for t. Rdr also added that mount han­dled the heavy track con­di­tions and this was not an ex­cuse for dis­ap­point­ing per­for mance. A post race veter inar y ex­am­i­na­tion did not re­veal any ab­nor mal­i­ties. Royal Rand­wick 01/04/2017

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