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The Sportsman Weekend - - Detailed Formguide For Randwick -

Race 1: 3 SAM­BRO 17/05/2017 War­wick Far m Blun­dered badly on j ump­ing re­sult­ing i n its r ider al­most be­ing dis­lodged. 4 PIERATA 25/04/2017 Royal Rand­wick Bumped with an­other on jump­ing. Br ushed on two oc­ca­sions over the con­clud­ing stages. 6 AL­LIED POWER 4/05/2017 Gos­ford Lost it s off hind plate in run­ning. 7 ICON OF DUBAI 17/05/2017 War­wick Far m Whilst i n its hold­ing stall fol­low­ing this race, be­came sig­nif­i­cantly cast which re­quired a num­ber of barr ier staff to as­sist the colt. Co-trainer was ad­vised that a veter inar y clear­ance will be re­quired pr ior to the colt be­ing per mit­ted tr ial/race. Vet clear­ance re­ceived. 8 EASY GO EASY WIN (NZ) 3/05/2017 War­wick Far m COT - To be r id­den more for­ward; set­tled mid­field. Ap­proach­ing 200m was held up & was obliged to be shifted out by its r ider t o ob­tain clear r un­ning in­side the 200m. Was t hen i nclined to lay out un­der pres­sure over

fi­nal 9 KEMENTARI 10/05/2017 Can­ter­bur y Par k Hung out from the 500m and proved dif­fi­cult to r ide. 11 HE­LIO­SPHERE 10/05/2017 Can­ter­bur y Par k L/Scr at 2.21pm when colt be­came frac­tious in the barr iers & at­tempted to bur­row out of the front of gates & be­came cast for some time. Trainer was ad­vised a vet clear­ance would be re­quired pr ior to tr ialling. Vet clear­ance r eceived & passed tr ial Rand­wick 19/5/17. 12 MADAME MOUS­TACHE 6/05/2017 Rose­hill Gardens COT - In­ten­tion to r ide off pace; set­tled worse t han mid­field. Raced keenly i n t he ear ly and mid­dle stages. 13 AFRICAN RAIN­BOW 13/05/2017 Scone Be­gan awk­wardly.

Race 2: 1 NAR­DOO 6/05/2017 Rose­hill Gardens Be­gan awk­wardly. Raced wide with­out cover. 2 PORTATORIO 28/04/2017 Por t Mac­quar ie Over­raced dur ing he mid­dle stages. Ap­proach­ing the 250m was stead­ied and had t o be shifted i n abr up­tly to avoid heels. 5 MA­JOR SHARPE 29/04/2017 Hawkes­bur y Over­raced in ear ly and mid­dle stages. A post race vet exam rev the geld­ing to be dis­play­ing a poor post-race re­cover y. 6 UN­DER THE THUMB 8/05/2017 Quir indi Slow t o be­gin, t hen bumped ver y heav­ily shor tly af­ter the star t. 8 TIGER BY THE TALE 10/05/2017 Can­ter­bur y Park Be­gan awk­wardly and was shifted i n be­hind r un­ners from its out­side barr ier. Raced keenly i t he ear ly stages. 9 SUN­CRAZE 12/05/2017 Scone Raced with­out cover t hrough­out. 11 LOVES A HAS­SLE 6/05/2017 Rose­hill Gardens Qd in re­spect to his mount rac­ing back in the field, rdr stated he was is­sued with no spe­cific in­str uc­tions other than to have his mount set­tle where com­for table. He said from the wide draw when it was ap­par­ent he was not go­ing to be able to take up a more for­ward po­si­tion, elected to r ide at the rear of the field give it best op­por­tu­nity to fin­ish the race off. 13 TRUSTEE 8/05/2017 Quirindi Raced wide through­out.

Race 3: 1 SIZ­ZLING BULLET 22/04/2017 Royal Rand­wick Ap­proach­ing the 100m shifted out. 2 WU GOK 13/05/2017 Scone Raced keenly in the ear ly and mid­dle stages. 4 OC­TA­VIAN AU­GUS­TUS 6/05/2017 Rose­hill Gardens Slow t o be­gin. Raced keenly i n t he ear ly stages. 5 TU­MUL­TUOUS 10/05/2017 Can­ter­bur y Par k Str uck the r un­ning rail near 700m. 6 GARBHAN 10/05/2017 Can­ter­bur y Par k Knuck­led on jump­ing re­sult­ing in its r ider al­most be­com­ing dis­lodged. Raced keenly i n the mid­dle stages & near 1100m was stead­ied away from heels. Then raced wide with­out cover for t he re­main­der of the race. Pass­ing 400m was bumped on two oc­ca­sions when shift­ing out around heels to i mprove. 7 LORD MA­CAU 17/05/2017 War­wick Far m Was crowded for room at the win­ning post. 8 MONAS­TE­RIO (NZ) 13/05/2017 Kem­bla Grange COT ¿ to be rid­den more for­ward: led. Rdr std that geld­ing trav­elled only fair ly, was never com­for table in its ac­tion & changed stride on a num­ber of oc­ca­sions. Std placed mount un­der pres­sure from as far out as 600m, how­ever, on round­ing home tur n it was a beaten horse & weak­ened no­tice­ably over the fi­nal 200 me­tres. A post-race vet exam did not re­veal any abs. Sta­ble rep was ad­vised that the geld­ing will be re­quired to tr ial pr ior to its next race star t. Tr ialled Rand­wick 19/5/17. 10 PROMETHEUS 13/05/2017 Kem­bla Grange Raced wide with­out cover through­out. 11 VALENTINO ROSSA 18/05/2017 Hawkes­bur y Held up round­ing the home tur n and near the 300m made con­tact with an­other run­ner. 14 LORD KINGS­LEY 17/05/2017 War­wick Far m Slow to be­gin. Near the 500m, which had been rac­ing wide & with­out cover af­ter 800m was ham­pered & carr ied wider. Rdr std horse, whilst at rear of field, trav comf in race that was r un in gen­uine tempo. Said pass­ing 600m elected to shift out to com­mence run but failed imp & over fi­nal 200m weak­ened no­tice­ably. Post race vet exam no abs. Tr n since re­por ted on re­tur to sta­ble bloods & vet exam rev no abs, has worked and pleased since last star t. Added would cont with prep.

Race 4: 1 SIGN­POSTED (IRE) 6/05/2017 Rose­hill Gardens Whilst be­ing placed i nto the barr iers it was noted that

Nor ton bit, which had been fit­ted t o t he geld­ing, re­quired re­fit­ting. As a con­se­quence the star t of this race was de­layed some two min­utes. Sta­ble rep stated that he checked the gear pr ior to l eav­ing t he mount­ing en­clo­sure and was of the view it was cor­rectly fit­ted. 2 SO WIL­LIE 20/05/2017 Rose­hill Gardens Slow to be­gin. From it s wide barr ier was shifted i n across be­hind r un­ners in the ear ly stages. 3 IT’S A SHAMOZZLE 12/05/2017 Scone Ham­pered pass­ing the 400m. Raced keenly i n ear ly stages. Held up over fi­nal 100m and could not be fully t ested. 4 MULTIFACETS (NZ) 17/05/2017 War­wick Far m Near the 100m, shifted out. 5 ENCOSTA LINE 20/05/2017 Rose­hill Gardens COT: To be r id­den more for­ward - Set­tled on pace. 8 KINGSGUARD (NZ) 6/05/2017 Rose­hill Gardens Knuck­led on j ump­ing, shifted in and made con­tact with an­other r un­ner, which then in. 9 PI­RATE BEN 6/05/2017 Mudgee When qstd re per­for­mance r ider stated his mount trav­elled fair ly although wide and when t he speed of t he race quick­ened the geld­ing was un­der pres­sure i mme­di­ately and weak­ened con­sid­er­ably in the straight. A post-race vet exam rev no abs 11 SALSONIC 13/05/2017 Scone Ham­pered near the 300m.

Race 5: 1 SIREN’S FURY 6/05/2017 Rose­hill Gardens Rdr std, i ntended to set­tle to­wards rear but mount ran out at star t & l ost num­ber of l en­gths

set­tled fur ther back than an­tic­i­pated. Added i n his opinion the filly was one-paced dur ing event & would be bet­ter suited by be­ing brought back i n dis­tance. Post-race vet exam rev filly had dis­lodged a tooth. Tr ad­vised he will re­por t back. n since ad­vised was happy with post race cond & would cont with prep. Added in his opinion it did not r un out 1800m & will drop filly back dis­tance next star t 2 BRULEE 12/05/2017 Scone Slow to be­gin. Was held up for clear r un­ning un­til pass­ing the 150m. 4 MY TRUE LOVE 11/05/2017 Gos­ford Slow t o be­gin. 6 KAWAIKINI 20/05/2017 Rose­hill Gardens

to Held up for clear r un­ning in the ear ly par t of the straight. A post-race vet exam rev filly to have sus­tained a lac­er­a­tion the off-fore fet­lock. 8 HOW SWEET IT IS 10/05/2017 Can­ter­bur y Park Raced wide with­out cover. 9 OUR BELISA 13/05/2017 Scone Be­gan awk­wardly. 11 SEEBLUME 29/04/2017 New­cas­tle Hung out round­ing the home tur n. 12 WILD AVA 13/05/2017 Kem­bla Grange Bumped at the star t. 14 FAST ARLI Kem­bla Over­raced i n t he mid­dle stages. 15 NETTOYER 17/05/2017 War­wick Far m Was slow to be­gin. Ap­proach­ing the 200m, was shifted out to con­tinue i nto clear r un­ning. 17e MAD­DI­SON AV­ENUE 18/05/2017 Hawkes­bur y Rdr said mount re­sented rac­ing i n be­tween horses and af­ter hav­ing some dif­fi­culty ob­tain­ing clear r un­ning i n the ear ly par t of the straight only fin­ished its race off fair ly t here­after. Post

vet exam re­vealed no abs. Race 6: 3 YUMA DESERT 6/05/2017 Rose­hill Gardens Raced wide with­out cover through­out. Bumped round­ing the first tur n. 5 IN A WINK 20/05/2017 Rose­hill Gardens Dis­lodged its r ider whilst pro­ceed­ing to the barr iers and gal­loped a con­sid­er­able dis­tance be­fore be­ing re­cap­tured, was l ate with­drawal by or­der of the Stew­ards at 4.21pm. 8 FEELIN THE LOVE ( NZ) 29/04/2017 Hawkes­bur y Slow to be­gin & crowded shor tly af­ter. 12 I N TIMES OF WAR 6/05/2017 Rose­hill Gardens COT - Pref­er­ence to be r id­den with cover ; set­tled on pace. 14 LOVE’S A FAN­TASY 6/05/2017 Rose­hill Gardens Soon af­ter the star t was stead­ied & shifted in be­hind an­other r un­ner. Held up for clear r un­ning, be­came awk­ward on heels near 300m, be­fore shift­ing to its out­side to ob­tain clear r un­ning.

Race 7: 2 BEYOND THANK­FUL (IRE) 6/05/2017 Rose­hill Gardens Slow to be­gin. From its wide barr ier was stead­ied and shifted in be­hind r un­ners. 4 SLOW PACE (USA) 6/05/2017 Rose­hill Gardens Slow to be­gin. Raced wide with­out cover through­out. Rdr std, mount was caught three wide with­out cover for ma­jor ity of the event, how­ever more so geld­ing was not suited by today’s Good (3) track con­di­tions. A post race vet exam rev geld­ing had str uck it­self on both fore-paster ns & was l ame i n off-fore l eg. Tr n ad­vised a vet clear­ance would be re­quired pr ior to rac­ing again. Vet re­ceived. 5 DANJEU (IRE) 6/05/2017 Rose­hill Gardens Held up for some dis­tance ap­proach­ing the 200m af­ter be­ing dis­ap­point­ing for a r un & was obliged to shift back to the i nside of an­other heels pass­ing 150m in or­der to im­prove. 8 MY PSY­CHI­A­TRIST 20/05/2017 Rose­hill Gardens Slow to be­gin. When qstd, rdr stated that it was not in­ten­tion to lead on the mare today and if cir­cum­stances had per mit­ted in­tended t o t ake a sit be­hind the an­tic­i­pated lead­ers. Fur ther std t hat t he mare raced ver y keen i n early and mid­dle stages and as a con­se­quence was obliged t o l ead on t he mare. Rdr added, hav­ing re­gard to the man­ner in which the mount raced in the event, it was left with­out a fin­ish­ing ef­for t and weak­ened no­tice­ably over the fi­nal 200m. A post-race vet exam rev no abs

Race 8: 1 BIG MONEY 13/05/2017 Scone Rider stated t hat af­ter be­gin­ning well his mount trav­elled strongly through­out t he mid­dle stages how­ever when placed un­der pres­sure i n the home straight was not com­pletely com­for table i t he go­ing which was com­menc­ing to cut up and dis­ap­point­ing i n its fin­ish­ing ef­for t. A post race veter inar y ex­am­i­na­tion did not re­veal any ab­nor mal­i­ties. 6 AOMEN (IRE) 13/05/2017 Scone The geld­ing, which was stand­ing awk­wardly in t he barr iers, was slow t o be­gin. 7 KUDERO 25/03/2017 Rose­hill Gardens Raced keenly in the ear ly and mid­dle stages. 8 HIEROGLYPHICS 8/04/2017 Royal Rand­wick When qst, rdr std, from out­side barr ier his mount was a lit­tle slow to be- gin & soon af­ter was shifted in across be­hind run­ners & set­tled at rear of field. Added ap­proach­ing & round­ing the h/tur n his mount com­menced to make steady ground &, as mare only pos­sesses a shor t spr int, he did not r ide it out fully un­til af­ter the 200m once he se­cured clear r un­ning. Fur ther std, mount re­sponded rea­son­ably, but its r un ended shor t of the line. A post race vet exam did not rev any abs. 10 PAINTE 20/05/2017 Rose­hill Gardens Raced wide with­out cover through­out. 12 MA­CHINE­GUN JUBS 6/05/2017 Rose­hill Gardens COT - To be rid­den qui­eter ; set­tled back. Be­gan awk­wardly & then was crowded for room.

Race 9: 2 HIGH MIST 17/05/2017 War­wick Far m For the ma­jor par t of the straight, ex­per ienced dif­fi­culty ob­tain­ing clear r un­ning was un­able to ob­tain r over the later stages and was not fully tested. 7 FIGTREE 10/05/2017 Can­ter­bur y Par k Slow to be­gin. 8 FI­NAL DE­CI­SION 20/05/2017 Rose­hill Gardens Be­gan awk­wardly. Near t he 800m was re­strained away from heels. 9 WAYANKA 10/05/2017 Can­ter­bur y Par k Raced keenly in t he ear ly stages. Had dif­fi­culty ob­tain­ing clear r un­ning in the ear ly par t of the straight and was in­clined to lay in and proved dif­fi­cult t o shift t o t he out­side of heels im­prove. 14 LUCKY FISH 6/05/2017 Rose­hill Gardens COT - To be r id­den qui­eter ; set­tled off pace. A post race vet re­vealed the geld­ing to have been gal­loped on to both hind l egs. 16 REINE HAPPY 5/05/2017 Wagga Bounded on jump­ing. 17e HYPERNICUS 13/05/2017 Kem­bla Grange Ap­proach­ing the 900m was placed in re­str icted room on the heels of an­other r un­ner which shifted in.

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