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The Sportsman Weekend - - Detailed Formguide For Sandown Lakeside -

Race 1: STAR SEARCH Michael, Wayne & John Hawkes 09-DEC-16 M V slow to be­gin. Stead­ied near the 500m when Lime­stone shifted in marginally. Rider could of­fer no ex­pla­na­tion for the per­for mance. Vet­shin sore. THE CON­SIGLIERE David & B Hayes & T Daber nig 09-MAY-17 GEES Over raced in t he ear ly stages. Raced 3 wide with­out cover. SHE’S OUR GIFT Terr y & Kar ina O’Sul­li­van 13-MAY-17 DON COT - to ride back with cover. Caught wide and re­fus­ing to set­tle al­lowed to str ide for­ward lead. 02MAY-17 WNBL R- got her whip caught in her breast­plate ap­proach­ing & pass­ing the 200m. CLIFF’S EDGE Dar­ren Weir 14-MAY-17 BRAT ham­pered at star t. JOSEPHINE SEA Mathew Eller ton & Si­mon Zahra 17-MAY-17 SALE Slow to be­gin. Raced keenly dur ing the mid­dle stages.

Race 2: STAVIVA Matt Lau­rie 14-MAY-17 BRAT slow to be­gin. KALASHANI LAD Terr y Walsh 16-NOV-16 SANH missed t he star t. when ques­tioned re­gard­ing the ap­par­ent im­proved per­for mance, whilst ac­knowl­edg­ing it was a drop in class, r ider ex­plained t he geld­ing was quite frac­tious i n the barr iers at its l ast star t at Mor ning­ton and as a re­sult ran ac­cord­ingly which in his opinion was attr ibutable to the geld­ing’s barr ier man­ners on that par tic­u­lar day 30-OCT-16 MORN Be­gan awk­wardly. LEODORO Michael Kent 21-APR-17 CRAN Tac­tics quer ied. Raced fur ther for­ward. R - caught wide ear ly and per mit­ted to str ide for­ward. 01-APR-17 BDGO Slow to be­gin. NIKITAS Dar­ren Weir 21FEB-17 HAWK COT - To be rid­den fur ther for­ward; l ed. Near 200m was ham­pered & car­ried in. Rdr ad­vised, rode the colt ag­gres­sively to be fur ther fwd, as no­ti­fied by rep pr ior to race. Added, colt failed fin­ish its race off when un­der pres­sure in straight. A post race vet exam did not re­veal any abs. Tr n since re­por ted was sat­is­fied with post race con­di­tion & now in­ten­tion to step colt up in dis­tance & back in grade. SEPTAMORE Dar­ren Weir 03-DEC-16 PAKM Bumped at t he star t. Rider could of­fer no ex­pla­na­tion for the poor per­for mance. Vet-lame off fore, vet cer t. STAR STEALER Dar­ren Weir 14-MAY-17 BRAT r aced wide with­out cover through­out. THE CARD PLAY­ERS Mark Lewis 17-APR-17 SANL raced wide with­out cover. SMAKATUS Gra­ham Hulm 23-APR-17 WAGG Slow into str ide and showed no ear ly pace de­spite the urg­ings of its r ider. Checked near the 300m. 24-MAR-17 ALB Slow to be­gin. HEZA DUDE Udyta Clarke 11-MAY-17 PAKS Slow.

GALAXY RAIDER Greg Eurell 14-JAN-17 FLEM ap­proach­ing the 1000m stead­ied and shifted out t o avoid heels when pace slack­ened

as a re­sult raced wide with­out cover for the re­main­der of the event. Over con­clud­ing stages was awk­wardly placed close to heels which shifted in slightly and as a re­sult was un­able be fully r id­den out to the line. RAPID AS­SET Carlo Vi­dotto 16-APR-17 MORN Raced keenly in the ear ly and mid­dle stages. FOR­EIGN AF­FAIR Henr y Dwyer 29-APR-17 CAUL In­con­ve­nienced near the 400m when an­other r un­ner shifted out to im­prove. R- bet­ter suited back in class. Vet- no abs. UN­CANNY EF­FORT Colin Lit­tle 04-DEC-16 SALE Bumped on jump­ing. rdr - raced keenly i n ear ly and mid­dle stages, thus ended up fur ther for­ward than ex­pected. vet - no abs, be­fore de­vel­op­ing the thumps.

Race 3: WELLS Kathr yn Dur­den 06-MAY-17 FLEM Be­gan awk­wardly. ZED EM (NZ) Patr ick Payne 02-MAY-17 WNBL R fined for us­ing whip 11 times pr ior to 100m & for us­ing his whip on 3 con­sec­u­tive strides. NOW AND ZEN Dar­ren Weir 12-MAY-17 CRAN Raced wide with­out cover in the ear ly stages-Rdr re­por ted geld­ing raced keenly i n the ly and mid­dle stages and was left flat footed when field spr inted. A post race veter inar y ex­am­i­na­tion failed to re­veal any ob­vi­ous ab­nor mal­ity. LUCKY TONIGHT (NZ) Shel­ley Hous­ton 23-APR-17 PAKM Com­menced awk­wardly and be­came un­bal­anced. VATU­VEI Ciaron Ma­her 12-MAY-17 CRAN post race veter inar y ex­am­i­na­tion re­vealed the geld­ing to be suf­fer ing a breath­ing ab­nor mal­i­tyvet clear­ance i s re­quired pr ior to rac­ing again. TRAN­SCRIPT Eric Mus­grove 14-MAY-17 BRAT j umped the sec­ond ob­sta­cle awk­wardly.

Race 4: ARCH FIRE (USA) Rober t Smer­don 03-MAY-17 WNBL R - no exp. Vet no abs. ZUHAYR Tony Rosolini 17MAY-17 SALE Got its head up on leav­ing the barr iers. HONEY STEEL’S GOLD David & B Hayes & T Daber nig 03MAY-17 WNBL Af­ter jump­ing the 2nd had to be checked off heels. Jumped 8th awk­wardly. EARTH­BOUND Eric Mus­grove 17-MAY-17 SALE Raced wide with­out cover from pass­ing the 1200 me­tres. JOHN MONASH (GB) Patr ick F Ryan Jnr 19MAY-17 GEEL Laid in round­ing tur n and un­der pres­sure in home straight. Rider stated mount did not travel well down the hill and hung in. Post race vet exam - OK. 03-MAY-17 WNBL Slow to be­gin. Over raced mid­dle stages. R - mount would ben­e­fit from today’s run. Vet no abs. ABOUT THE JOUR­NEY (NZ) Eric Mus­grove 12-MAY-17 MT G In­con­ve­nienced shor tly af­ter the 2nd hur­dle when avoid­ing fallen r ider.

Race 5: ARALDO JU­NIOR (GER) Michael Moroney 15APR-17 CAUL com­pounded in the straight. Vet-EIPH/ In­ter nal. DUBAI ES­CAPADE Dar­ren Weir 20-MAY-17 FLEM Checked 1900m. GOATH­LAND (IRE) Rober t Hick­mott 29-APR17 CAUL Got its head up when over­rac­ing pass­ing the 1600m. Pass­ing the 800m at­tempted to shift out & jos­tled with an­other r un­ner which was then carr ied wider. MR JOUR­NEY­MAN Si­mon Mor­rish 12-MAY-17 MT G In the vicin­ity of the 800m was in­con­ve­nienced and obliged to shift out. GRAND DREAMER Rober t Smer­don 13-MAY-17 CAUL Had dif­fi­culty ob­tain­ing clear r un­ning for sev­eral str ides pass­ing t he 200 me­tres. GREAT GLEN (GB) Chris Waller 13-MAY-17 SCNE Rider ex­plained that whilst his mount raced i n a prom­i­nent po­si­tion dur ing the race it failed to travel com­for tably at any stage and when placed un­der pres­sure in­side the 500m, was re­luc­tant to im­prove with r un­ners close to it and due to way­ward­ness did not stretch out fully i n the r un to the fin­ish. A post race veter inar y ex­am­i­na­tion re­vealed geld­ing, which coughed dur ing the ex­am­i­na­tion, to be dis­play­ing a poor post race re­cover y. 29-APR-17 HAWK First past post, protested against 2nd placeget­ter - dis­missed. At 50m made slight con­tact with an­other run­ner. TRANS­FER AL­LOWANCE Peter Roche 13MAY-17 CAUL slow i nto stride 29-APR-17 Slow to be­gin. CAS­TLE HACK­ETT (NZ) Terr y & Kar ina O’Sul­li­van 30APR-17 PNLA Slow to be­gin. EP­SOM HILL ( SWE) David & B Hayes & T Daber nig 12MAY-17 CRAN Held up when un­able t o ob­tain a clear r un be­tween t he 500 me­tres and 350 me­tres 26-APR-17 SANL Raced wide in the ear ly stages be­fore ob­tain­ing lead near the 1400m. Rider stated he did not in­tend to lead but af­ter be­ing caught wide and due to a lack of ear ly speed he elected to str ide for­ward.

Race 6: KIL­LAR­NEY KID (NZ) Dar­ren Weir 03-SEP-16 M V un­der­went a vet­eri­nar y ex­am­i­na­tion af­ter arr iv­ing on course and was passed suit­able t o race. KENJORWOOD Dar­ren Weir 13-MAY-17 CAUL – Change of tac­tics – To be r id­den more pos­i­tive. Raced three wide with­out cover un­til pass­ing the 900 me­tres. App Ben Allen could of­fer no ex­pla­na­tion for per­for mance other than the horse raced quite flat. A post race veter inar y ex­am­i­na­tion re­vealed the geld­ing was lame i n both forelegs and a post-race sam­ple was t aken for anal­y­sis. A veter inar y clear­ance is re­quired pr ior to rac­ing again. 29-APR-17 MRPK Held up near t he en­trance t o t he straight un­til ap­proach­ing 200 me­ters. JACQUINOT BAY David & B Hayes & T Daber nig 15-APR-17 CAUL raced wide with­out cover. HAZZABEEL (NZ) Ciaron Ma­her 06-MAY-17 FLEM Be­gan awk­wardly and lost ground. 15-APR-17 CAUL be­gan awk­wardly lost

Com­menced to over­race near the 1400m and had to be stead­ied off heels. PETROLOGY David & B Hayes & T Daber nig 29-APR-17 CAUL Held up from the 500m near the 100m had to be stead­ied to avoid the heels of an­other r un­ner be­fore shift­ing in to ob­tain clear r un­ning. DAN ZE­PHYR Pat Carey 13-MAY-17 CAUL Taken hold of near t he 50m 29-APR-17 CAUL Raced wide with­out cover for the ma­jor ity. IN­SPEC­TOR Peter White 06MAY-17 FLEM Ap­proach­ing the 800m was ac­ci­den­tally str uck over the nose by the whip of an­other r ider. Held up for a r un from 500m - 300m. COLDSTONE (FR) Michael Kent 06MAY-17 FLEM Near the 900m was stead­ied t o avoid heels. PLEIN CIEL ( GER) Dar­ren Weir 04-MAY-17 WNBL Slow to be­gin and set­tled at the rear of the field. Per­for med be­low mar­ket ex­pec­ta­tions; r ider stated he was happy with the run and in his opinion would be bet­ter suited on a fir mer track. A post race veter inar y ex­am­i­na­tion failed to re­veal any ab­nor mal­i­ties. 07-JAN-17 CAUL 400m shifted out to im­prove its po­si­tion. CRAFTY CRUISER Br yce Stan­away 03-DEC-16 PAKM Appr. re­por ted af­ter be­gin­ning well the geld­ing raced in a more for­ward po­si­tion. 01-NOV-16 FLEM stead­ied near the 50m to avoid heels. GUIZOT (IRE) Aaron Pur­cell 04-MAY-17 WNBL In­con­ve­nienced ap­proach­ing the 50m.

Race 7: LEOTIE Henr y Dwyer 29-APR-17 CAUL Held up round­ing the home tur n (400m) & near 200m when lay­ing in stead­ied away from the heels of an­other r un­ner then con­tin­ued to lay in for re­main­der

t he event. PEDRENA Mick Price 17-APR-17 SANL tight­ened for room near the 500m when hav­ing t o be stead­ied to avoid heels. Had some dif­fi­culty ob­tain­ing clear r un­ning in the ear ly par t of the straight. SOHO RUBY Levi Ka­vanagh 06-MAY-17 FLEM Raced wide with­out cover for the ma­jor ity of the event. LADY LEE David & B Hayes & T Daber nig 26-APR17 SANL Raced wide through­out. MACATTACK Archie Alexan­der 10-MAY-17 SANH rdr - no exp. l ost near fore plate in run­ning. MAWHOOBA Mick Price 13-APR-17 PAKM R- filly may be suited to dis­tances longer than today’s event. WINDBERN Mick Price 10-MAY-17 SANH reared as gates opened and lost ground. IHEARTPOPPY Leon & Troy Corstens 11MAY-17 PAKS Ham­pered at the star t held up from the 500 to the 200. POP Clin­ton McDon­ald 05-MAY-17 BDGO COT: To be r id­den closer with the ad­di­tion of BLKS; set­tled handy with cover. Was bumped pass­ing t he 500m. Per­for med be­low mar ket ex­pec­ta­tions. Rider could of­fer no ex­pla­na­tion for the dis­ap­point­ing per­for mance. A post race veter inar y ex­am­i­na­tion re­vealed no ab­nor mal­i­ties. swab sam­ple was taken. Trainer will be con­tacted i n t he com­ing days t o check if any mat­ter has ar isen which may ef­fected t he per- for mance. CUBAN BELLE Pat Carey 01-MAY-17 MORN When ques­tioned r ider stated af­ter be­gin­ning ver y well it led with­out ef­for t. AS­TRO DIVA Mick Price 05-MAY-17 BDGO Raced keenly in the ear ly and mid­dle stages. Held up for a clear r un from 400m un­til pass­ing the 250m. SIL­VER PATHFINDER Brad Cole 13-MAY-17 CAUL Raced wide through­out 06MAY-17 FLEM Laid i n un­der pres­sure over the fi­nal 200m.

Race 8: ZAMZAM David & B Hayes & T Daber nig 19-APR17 BDGO Held up for clear run­ning round­ing t he home t ur n and i n t he ear ly par t of the straight un­til pass­ing the 200m. ROYAL ACE Dar­ren Weir 02MAY-17 WNBL Jumped away awk­wardly. 16-APR-17 STAW Crowded for room at the 800m. Rider stated it was beaten for speed i n the ear ly stages and failed t o r un on as ex­pected. Vet re­por ted no ab­nor mal­i­ties. VALLIANO David & B Hayes & T Daber nig 29-APR-17 CAUL Be­gan awk­wardly, shifted out & bumped an­other r un­ner. WIDGEE TURF Pa­trick Payne 06-MAY-17 FLEM COT - to be rid­den more for­ward as up i n dis­tance. Set­tled mid­field. 29APR-17 CAUL Slow to be­gin. When mak­ing ground over the con­clud­ing stages was un­able to be f ully t ested & not rid­den out o t he li ne. WHAT A SHOCK (NZ) Mathew Eller­ton & Si­mon Zahra 14-MAY-17 BRAT led. Rdr - af­ter be­gin­ning well elected to use to ad­van­tage. tr n - i nstr uc­tions r ide where com­for table, sur pr ised to see lead. 05-MAY-17 BDGO Raced keenly in the ear ly and mid­dle stages. GOOD THER­APY Clin­ton McDon­ald 06-MAY17 FLEM Laid i n un­der pres­sure in the straight. BAR­BIE’S BOY Louise Bonella 27-OCT16 PAKM Slow to be­gin. FUSE Mick Price 17-MAY-17 SALE On j ump­ing away be­came un­bal­anced when bumped. From the 500 me­tres un­til pass­ing the 200 was held up when un­able to ob­tain clear r un­ning then laid in un­der pres­sure for the re­main­der of t he straight. TOFFATIN Matthew Williams 03-MAY-17 WNBL Com­menced awk­wardly. Raced keenly i n the mid­dle stages. FAST AND FU­RI­OUS Dean Bi­naisse 12MAY-17 CRAN Change of tac­tics To be r id­den more for­ward from the bet­ter barr ier. Set­tled be­hind l ead­ers 01-MAY-17 MORN Slow to be­gin.

Race 9: CANNYESCENT David & B Hayes & T Daber nig 06-MAY-17 RHIL COT - To be r id­den more for­ward; set­tled on pace. Raced keenly in the ear ly and mid­dle stages and round­ing the first tur n was stead­ied away from the heels of an­other r un­ner, which t hen shifted i n. 15-APR-17 RAND Slowly away. FRESH­WA­TER STORM ( NZ) Tony Parker 11-DEC-16 WERR con­nec­tions ad­vised would be r id­den more for­ward; knuck­led on j ump­ing away t hen raced wide t hrough t he early and mid­dle stages be­fore ob­tain­ing a po­si­tion out­side t l eader near the 1100m. Pass­ing the win­ning post on t he first oc­ca­sion, had to be stead­ied to avoid the heels of The Chair­man that shifted i n be­fore be­ing straight­ened by r ider Dom Tour neur ; Dom Tour neur was ad­vised to ex­er­cise more care. When tir ing ap­proach­ing t he 400m, had t o be checked t o avoid the heels of The Chair­man ( Dom Tour neur), which shifted out to im­prove from be­hind Mabeel (NZ) which af­ter ini­tially hang­ing out shi. THELBURG John Sadler 05-MAY17 BDGO Raced wide with­out cover. BROAD­WAY AND FIRST Dar­ren Weir 13-MAY-17 MORP A post-race vet­eri­nar y ex­am­i­na­tion re­vealed no vis­i­ble ab­nor mal­i­ties. TYKIATO John Price 13-MAY-17 CAUL Held up from t he 500 t o t he 200. ACT OF VAL­OUR Henr y Dwyer 13-MAY-17 MORP Rolled out over the con­clud­ing stages of the event. NOELA’S CHOICE Dar­ren Weir 03-MAY-17 WNBL Slow to be­gin. ROSELLI STING Gor­don Richards 13-MAY-17 MORP Laid in over the con­clud­ing stages of the event. BRAD­MAN David & B Hayes & T Daber nig 29-APR-17 CAUL Rpulled hard would be bet­ter suited over 1400m. Vet- no abs. 21-APR-17 CRAN Stood flat footed and l ost ground. Over­raced mid­dle stages. STYLISH MISS Dar­ren Weir 04-MAY-17 WNBL Raced keenly i n t he early stages. 17-APR-17 SANL com­menced awk­wardly. DATA POINT Michael Kent 03-NOV16 FLEM be­gan awk­wardly. ORI­ENT LINE John Moloney 06-MAY-17 FLEM Slow to be­gin. 19-APR-17 BDGO Slow into str ide.

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