WARWICK FARM: What the stew­ards said

The Sportsman Weekend - - Chartform -

Race 1: 4 CURDLED 24/05/2017 Can­ter­bur y Par k Made the home tur n awk­wardly. 11 TAKOOKACOD 24/05/2017 Can­ter­bur y Park Slow t o be­gin. Rider was re­minded of his obli­ga­tions to r ide mounts out to t he end of t he race wher­ever pos­si­ble. 12 SAWN OFF SHOT­GUN 20/05/2017 New­cas­tle For some dis­tance af­ter the star t was stead­ied when crowded.

Race 2: 1 SAMBRO 27/05/2017 Royal Rand­wick Raced keenly in the ear ly and mid­dle stages. 2 MADAME MOUS­TACHE 27/05/2017 Royal Rand­wick Eased near 300m. 3 ALIK 20/05/2017 Rose­hill Gar­dens Slow to be­gin. Raced keenly in the mid­dle stages and near 800m was bumped. 5 HELIOSPHERE 27/05/2017 Royal Rand­wick Shor tly af­ter the star t was stead­ied and shifted in be­hind r un­ners to ob­tain cover. 7 ZATAR 3/06/2017 Kem­bla Grange Slow be­gin. Near the 100m was briefly i ncon­ve­nienced by an­other r un­ner which shifted in slightly. 8 AFRICAN RAIN­BOW 3/06/2017 Rose­hill Gar­dens To be r id­den more for­ward; set­tled worse t han mid­field. 9 I NDY SHOW­GIRL 24/05/2017 Can­ter­bur y Par k Was rac­ing un­gen­er­ously ap­proach­ing & round­ing the home tur n, was bumped by an­other & as a re­sult had to be stead­ied away from heels.

Race 3: 1 ESTAFETTE 25/05/2017 Gos­ford Reared as the star t was ef­fected and lost ground (3L). Rider be­came un­bal­anced as a re­sult. 3 RUGOSA ROSE 31/05/2017 Warwick Far m Lifted its front feet off ground as star t was af­fected & be­gan awk. When qst, rdr ad­vised that he had been given no spe­cific in­str, how­ever if mount be­gan well it was an­tic­i­pated that the filly would race in a prom­i­nent pos. Added af­ter mount be­gan awk­wardly & lost some ground, he took the op­tion of r id­ing it with cover where it trav­elled well. 5 BODHI BLUE 31/05/2017 Warwick Far m On straight­en­ing was bumped on two oc­ca­sions when en­deav­our ing t o shift i nto clear r un­ning. Close to the win­ning post, was un­able be fully id­den out when awk­wardly placed close to heels. 6 VARESE 31/05/2017 Warwick Far m COT - To be r id­den more for­ward; led & raced un­gen­er­ously in lead in ear ly and mid­dle stages.

Race 4: 1 TIVOLI STREET 31/05/2017 Warwick Far m On arr ival at barr ier was found to have a mi­nor lac­er­a­tion its tongue. Was cleared to star t by club’s vet. Knuck­led on j ump­ing. Shor tly af­ter straight­en­ing was hav­ing dif­fi­culty ob­tain­ing clear r un­ning, was obliged to steady and shift out around heels. A post race vet exam re­vealed geld­ing to have quar­tered its off fore heel. 2 DREAM BUILDER 27/05/2017 New­cas­tle Slow to be­gin & wide barr ier was shifted in be­hind r un­ners in ear ly stgs. Rdr std, from out­side barr ier was in­str to ride mount back in field & obt cover. Added appr 600m when rac­ing at tail of field was trail­ing fav r nr & on str en­deav­oured to imp to out­side of that r un­ner the in­side an­other r un­ner, how­ever when dis­ap­pointed for this r un r nr was taken out slightly. Fur ther std then obliged to ease mount & shift back in­side of r nr where he obt clear r un­ning pass­ing 300m. 5 LUCKY LEG­END 30/05/2017 Hawkes­bur y Slow to be­gin. When qst rdr std that, when rac­ing at the tail of the field, he elected to shift away from the rail, as he felt his mount was re­sent­ing the kick­back and de­spite his ef­for ts the geld­ing lost touch with body of the field. Added the geld­ing was in­clined to race greenly and laid in in the straight, how­ever fin­ished off strongly over the con­clud­ing stages. Post-race vet exam no abs. 7 GRAV­I­TATE 30/05/2017 Hawkes­bur y Slow to be­gin. Near the 950m was checked, crowded for room and str uck the r un­ning rail. A post-race vet exam did not re­veal any ab­nor- mal­i­ties. 9 WALDO WAL­DORF 30/05/2017 Hawkes­bur y Raced wide with­out cover through­out.

Race 5: 1 HAPPY HUSTLER 30/05/2017 Hawkes­bur y Slow to be­gin. Held up round­ing the home turn and in the early part of the straight .2 MUSE 1/06/2017 Gos­ford The geld­ing, which was late ar­riv­ing on course, ex­am­ined by the club’s ve­teri­nary of­fi­cer and passed fit to start .3 THAI BOX­ING 7/06/2017 Can­ter­bury Park Rdr std as mount raced keen in early stages he pos mount on fence be­hind leader to set­tle. He std app 700m laid in, bru she dr/ rail& cont rac­ing be­hind leader. Appr 500m con­temp shift­ing o/side an­other, how­ever it was un­der pres­sure & would not be in mounts best in­ter­est to come back. He elect to pur­sue in­side runs in­str& run briefly pre so/ side leader & i/ side an­other how­ever both nrs shifted gr nd & un­able to ob­tain clear run­ning over concl stages was stead­ied & could not be fully tested. 4 THE WORLD OVER (NZ) 1/06/2017 Gos­ford On straight­en­ing shifted out to im­prove into clear run­ning. 5 BELLA’S DUCHESS 2/06/2017 Ta­ree Slow to be­gin. 7 ISLE OF CAPRI 7/06/2017 Can­ter­bury Park As the start was ef­fected, turned its head to the near­side & as a re­sult, was slow to be­gin. Was then shifted across be­hind r un­ners in the ear ly stages.

Race 6: 1 ANISHA 20/05/2017 Rose­hill Gar­dens Rdr std anti rac­ing back. Add comm bet­ter than exp and when num­ber of Rnrs to in­side held mid pos elected make use of star t and con­se­quently rode for­ward. Std when tempo re­mained strong Rnrs held their pos was un­able to cross and r aced four wide with­out cover. Post-race vet exam rev dis­play­ing thumps. Tr n said whilst he was dis­ap­pointed to see horse as far for­ward, attr ibuted mare weak­en­ing due ex­ces­sive ground was obliged to cover. 2 LABDIEN 3/06/2017 Rose­hill Gar­dens From its wide barr ier was stead­ied and shifted back in across r un­ners shor tly af­ter the star t. 3 RUS­TIC MELODY 2/06/2017 Ta­ree Ap­proach­ing 200m was bumped and car­ried out, and a shor t dis­tance af­ter was stead­ied to avoid heels. 6 LOVE LET­TER 31/05/2017 Warwick Far m On jump­ing made con­tact with an­other r un­ner. Near 1200m was stead­ied away from heels. Shor tly af­ter straight­en­ing was briefly crowded for room. Was checked on to avoid fall­ing r un­ner.

Race 7: 2 BEST GUESS 24/05/2017 Can­ter­bur y Par k COT - To be rid­den more for­ward and tr y to lead; led. Laid out in the straight. 5 AKASAKI 29/05/2017 Dubbo Near 300m r ider had whip en­tan­gled i n his rein and his mount r an out 9 MEDAGLIA VALORE 4/05/2017 Gos­ford When qst re perf, rdr std, from wide bar­rier was obliged to make some use of his mount take up a for­ward po­si­tion & even­tu­ally cross to lead near 800m. Added as a re­sult of hav­ing to pres­sure mount in ear ly stages the mare be­came un­der pres­sure near 400m & weak­ened no­tice­ably in straight. A post race vet exam did not re­veal any abs.

Race 8: 1 SPY DE­CODER (NZ) 29/04/2017 Hawkes­bur y Raced wide with­out cover through­out. Over the fi­nal 50m could not be fully tested when rac­ing in re­str icted room. 4 METAL­LIC CROWN 24/05/2017 Can­ter­bur y Park Bumped an­other at the star t. A post race vet exam, which was re­sum­ing from a spell and weak­ened over fi­nal 250m, did not re­veal any abs. 5 NAT KING CU 17/05/2017 Warwick Far m Raced wide with­out cover through­out. 6 TORPENHOW 23/05/2017 Kem­bla Grange When qst rdr could of­fer no ex­pla­na­tion for perf of geld which was un­der pres­sure through­out the event. Tr n std, whilst he was pleased with geld­ing’s first up perf, sec­ond up t oday un­der its top­weight, in his opin­ion the geld was un­able to sprint. A post race vet exam rev no abs. Trn un­der tookt re­port back.

since re­ported was sat­is­fied with pos trace cond of geld & was sta­bles in­ten­tion to cont

it s prep. 12 FRATELLINO 27/05/2017 New­cas­tle Shifted out abruptly on jump­ing .13 LEVEL EIGHT 27/05/2017 Royal Rand­wick On home turn was awk placed close to heels, shifted out and made

awk. Rdr st d inst were take up a mid­field pos prefer­ably with cover. Said, although mount com­menced well, did not ride for­ward in order to com­ply within stand conse q was caught wide i early stages. Add when Rnr went for­ward he had hoped a num­ber of run­ners po­si­tioned to his in­side would im­prove, how­ever when those run­ners did not, was obliged to race four wide with­out cover through­out the early and mid­dle stages .14 OUR BEATNIK (NZ )31/05/2017 Warwick Farm When qst, rdr could of­fer no expl for disap perf of geld which failed to run on af­ter trav­el­ling well. A post race vet exam rev a poor rec. Sta­ble rep could of­fer no expl for perf. Added sta­ble may ex­per­i­ment with blink­ers and would cont

prep. Rep since re­ported no abs de­tected on re­turn to sta­ble and pleased with the ad­di­tion of blink­ers.

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