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The Sportsman Weekend - - De­tailed For Mguide For Moonee Val­ley -

Race 1: WIRED Rob­bie Laing 03-JUN-17 M V Be­gan awk­wardly. Raced wide with­out cover i n the ear ly stages. ELLE STREET John Salan­i­tri 06-JUN-17 WANG In­con­ve­nienced at the star t. Near the 200m when rac­ing greenly shifted in abr up­tly be­fore be­ing straight­ened t hen af­ter

shifted out abr up­tly and then over the con­clud­ing stages again in up­tly. JOSEPHINE SEA Mathew Eller ton & Si­mon Zahra 27-MAY17 SANL Jumped away awk­wardly 17-MAY-17 SALE Slow to be­gin. Raced keenly dur ing the mid­dle stages. BE­HAVE Michael Kent 03-JUN-17 M V Be­gan awk­wardly. 04-FEB-17 CAUL be­gan awk­wardly. NO RE­WARD Sam Pritchard-Gor­don 16-MAY-17 GEES be­gan awk­wardly. PURE EMO­TION Clin­ton McDon­ald 02-JUN-17 GEES A pre-race vet­eri­nar y ex­am­i­na­tion was con­ducted be­hind t he barr iers and t he filly was passed fit to star t. 12JAN-17 GEEL Weak­ened from the 400m. R- mount obliged to wor k hard in the ear ly stages take up a po­si­tion out­side the leader and this may have been detr imen­tal to its per­for mance. PV- slower than nor mal re­cover y. ROYAL DIS­GUISE Mick Price 06-JUN-17 WANG Near the 200m carr ied in. 25-MAY-17 PAKS Pass­ing the 1000m was eased to avoid heels. Held up for clear r un­ning from the 300m un­til pass­ing t he 150m. up a clear r un over fi­nal 50m and as a re­sult went t o the line not fully tested. TRULY DIS­CREET Dan O’Sul­li­van 04-JUN-17 BRAT held up for a short dis­tance upon straight­en­ing. From the 200 m un­til the fin­ish was un­able to ob­tain clear run­ning and went line with­out be­ing fully tested. MAGIC MILA John Sadler 20APR-17 SEYM Slow to be­gin. Per­formed be­low mar­ket ex­pec­ta­tions- Rider stated made an un­usual res­pi­ra­tor y noise. Post race vet exam - No ab­nor­mal­ity.

Race 2: A STER­LING DASH John McAr­dle 31-MAY17 PAKM Slow to be­gin. Rider Jamie Mott re­ported his mount failed to han­dle today’ s track con­di­tions. MISS VES­PER Tom Hughes 20-MAY-17 FLEM Jumped away awk­wardly. AIRINO John Sadler 14-MAY-17 BRAT over-raced in the early and mid­dle stages. shifted out over fi­nal 200m. ARIAZ Rob­bie Grif­fiths 05-APR-17 SANH when ques­tioned re­gard­ing his tac­tics, ap­pren­tice stated he was in­structed to set­tle for­ward but off the pace, as were the in­struc­tions at its pre­vi­ous star t;added that af­ter show­ing good pace early and wide, he elected to al­low the filly to go for­ward. Trainer con­firmed the in­struc­tions given but added he had not in­tended for filly to race as far for­ward as it did today, and in ad­di­tion was not his in­ten­tion for the filly to race as far back at its pre­vi­ous star t and that ide­ally he would have pre­ferred Ariaz to have set­tled for­ward of mid-field on both oc­ca­sions. MRS MARTIN Clin­ton McDon­ald 02-JUN-17 GEES Raced wide and with­out cover. 02-MAY-17 WNBL Raced wide with­out cover. R - failed to han­dle heavy track con­di­tions and was un­der pres­sure a long way from the fin­ish. Vet - slow re­cover y. OUR GLA­DI­A­TOR Jerome Hunter 02-JUN-17 GEES Raced three wide and with­out cover. Per­formed be­low mar­ket ex­pec­ta­tions. Rider D. Lane could of­fer no ex­pla­na­tion for the per­for­mance. A post race vet­eri­nary ex­am­i­na­tion re­vealed no ab­nor­mal­i­ties. UNIQUE LOVELY Frankie Stock­dale 10-JUN-17 SW H Held up for a clear run in the early part of the home straight. SHE’S A PLUCK Shar yn Trolove 12-MAY-17 CRAN When query­ing the tac­tics rider ex­plained that de­spite be­gin­ning well from a wide bar­rier, when it was clear t hat he did not have suf­fi­cient speed to take up a lead po­si­tion with­out rac­ing wide, rather than urge his mount for­ward he elected to take a po­si­tion with cover be­hind the lead­ers.

Race 3: DANCE WITH FONTEIN Rob­bie Grif­fiths 03JUN-17MV Jumped away awk­wardly and lost ground. MISS VISTA Ge­orge Os­borne 03JUN-17MV Race dthreewi de with­out cover. Rider stated that due to be­ing caught his mount did not fin­ish off as ex­pected .29- APR -17 CAUL Beaten favourite. R-did not set­tle in the ear ly & mid­dle stages & had a ten­dency to wan­der when placed un­der pres­sure in the home straight. ZARA BAY Michael, Wayne & John Hawkes 13-FEB-17 RAND COT - To be r id­den more for­ward; set­tled off pace. Slow to be­gin. Rdr std, as no­ti­fied inst were to be more fwd but af­ter be­ing slow to be­gin was obliged make some use of mount to ride in ac­cor­dance with in­str. Added trav­elled rea­son­ably well in r un, but when placed un­der pres­sure was in­clined to lay out &

dis­ap­point­ing in its fail­ure to re­spond to r id­ing straight. A post race vet exam did not re­veal any abs. PETITE’S RE­WARD Bren­dan McCar thy 03-FEB-17 M V com­menced awk­wardly. Raced wide and with­out cover through­out. Rider could of­fer no ex­pla­na­tion for the per­for mance 27-JAN-17 M V com­menced awk­wardly and shifted out. SASAYURI Steve Cun­ning­ham 02-JUN-17 GEES Com­menced awk­wardly and lost ground. WORLD OF HOPE Dean Bi­naisse 21-MAY17 BDGO Slow to be­gin & then stead­ied to avoid heels-Pass­ing 600m was stead­ied when tight­ened for room-Per­for med be­low mar ket ex­pec­ta­tions-Rdr could of­fer no ex­pla­na­tion for per­for­mance-post race vet exam re­vealed ab­nor mal­i­ties-sam­ple taken-Tnr since re­por ted pulled up ver y dis­tressed, lac­er­a­tions to both hind legs and n/side black eye which re­quired treat­ment 10-MAY-17 SANH jumped awk­wardly. Held up for run­ning from500m. Pass­ing 200m when held up had to be checked dis­ap­pointed for run. Held til100m. OUR VIDIA (NZ) By­ron Coza­ma­nis 08-MAR-17 BRAT rdr - no exp. vet-no abs 17- FEB-17MV bumped at the star t and as a re­sult set­tled fur­ther back than an­tic­i­pated. Held up ap­proach­ing the home turn. Rider lost use of his off side rein near 100m. Race 4: BEL­UGA BLUE Leon Macdon­ald & An­drew Gluyas 03-JUN-17 MRPK Had to be eased in the vicin­ity of the 1400 me­tres when OUR EX­CHANGE shifted in. Raced keenly in the early and mid­dle stages of event. 20-MAY-17 MO RPS low to be­gin. Raced keenly in the early and mid­dle stages of event. In the vicin­ity 1400 me­tres shifted in. HAVE AN­OTHER GLASS Sue Jaen­sch 20-MAY-17 MORP Jumped away awk­wardly and shifted out. Had dif­fi­culty ob­tain­ing clear ground for a short dis­tance at the en­trance to the straight. VAN­DANCER (NZ) Michael Moroney 01-APR-17 RAND Rider stated t hat with the slow early pace elected to go­fowa rd in the early stages but in rdr view failed to run out t he 2600m. A post ace vet exam re­vealed them are to have abra­sions to both hind bumpers. VI­O­LENT SNOW Ja­son War­ren 13-MAY-17 CAUL ham­pered at 900. NOELA’S CHOICE Dar­ren Weir 27-MAY17 SANL Rider was of the opin- ion would be more suited on a track with give. STYLISH MISS Dar­ren Weir 27-MAY-17 SANL Jumped away awk­wardly 04MAY-17 WNBL Raced keenly in the early stages. DUL­VER­TON Rober t Smer­don 03-JUN-17 M V Bounded in the air on jump­ing which un­bal­anced it’s r ider re­sult­ing in him los­ing his off­side iron and be­com­ing dis­lodged. SOHO RUBY Levi Ka­vanagh 06-MAY-17 FLEM Raced wide with­out cover for the ma­jor ity of the event. TRIN­ITY HILL (NZ) Fran­cis Fin­negan 03-JUN-17 M V Slow to be­gin. CHAM­PAGNE COCK­TAIL Melissa Wells 04JUN-17 BRAT r ider Lach­lan King re­por ted his mount did not han­dle the soft track con­di­tions. 18-MAY-17 PAKS Com­menced awk­wardly, shifted in and made con­tact with t he l eft upr ight when l eav­ing the barr iers and as a re­sult lost ground.

Race 5: REL­DAS Rober t Smer­don 06-MAY-17 MORP Trainer was ad­vised a war ning had been placed on t he geld­ing in re­la­tion to its barr ier man­ners. Held up for clear r un­ning from in­side the 400m un­til ap­proach­ing 200m. LORD DA VINCI Scott Brun­ton 22FEB-17 LAUN Laid i n un­der pres­sure i n the home straight. RUET­TIGER (NZ) David & B Hayes & T Daber nig 20-MAY-17 FLEM rider Daniel Stack­house re­por ted the geld­ing, which was first up from a spell, would ben­e­fit to­days r un. A post race veter inar y ex­am­i­na­tion failed to re­veal any ab­nor mali- ties. 01-NOV-16 FLEM se­verely ham­pered at the star t when con­tacted. Ap­proach­ing fin­ish­ing line shifted in. MIL­I­TARY REIGN Dar­ren Mcauliffe 10JUN-17 FLEM Rider stated his mount was slow to be­gin and fur ther not suited by the straight course. Vet re­por ted no ab­nor mal­i­ties and a swab sam­ple was taken for anal­y­sis. WHIS­TLE BABY Mathew Eller ton & Si­mon Zahra 20MAY-17 FLEM checked shor tly af­ter the star t when tight­ened for room. ONER­OUS Michael, Wayne & John Hawkes 17DEC-16 RAND Ques­tioned re r id­ing in ear ly par t of straight & as to whether an op­por tu­nity shift to in­side of an­other r un­ner ob­tain clear r un­ning sooner, rdr stated mount trav­elled well into home straight &, as was fol­low­ing favour ite & of view geld­ing trav­el­ling well within it­self, elected to fol­low r nr in hope r nr would quicken as an­tic­i­pated. Added near 250m im­proved to out­side, whereby com­menced r ide along & made ground. Added re­luc­tant to shift to in­side as ground in­fer ior. CAM­DUS (IRE) Dar­ren Weir 03-JUN-17 M V Raced keenly in the early and mid­dle stages. 13-MAY-17 MORP In­con­ve­nienced near the 500m when awk­ward on heels. DEL PRADO Leon & Troy Corstens 03-JUN-17 M V Be­gan awk­wardly and lost ground. 17-SEP-16 CAUL slow to be­gin. **spell due to off fore sus­pen­sor y strain.

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