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The Sportsman Weekend - - Detailed Formguide For Moonee Valley -

Race 1: LORESHO (FR) Dar­ren Weir 05-AUG-17 FLEM Made con­tact with gate l eav­ing mount­ing yard - vet­ted & passed suitable to r ace. Held up be­tween the 400m 250m. R- was in­ten­tion to be conser va­tive from the barr ier & at­tempt to r ide with cover as the geld­ing failed to fin­ish off when pres­sured at its most re­cent race. MAS­TER ZEPHYR (GB) Dar­ren Weir 22-JUL17 FLEM held up for i nside r un from 500m un­til shift­ing out abr up­tly t o ob­tain clear run­ning ap­proach­ing 300m. SWACADELIC (GER) Aaron Pur­cell 05-AUG-17 FLEM Slow to be­gin. 15-JUL-17 CAUL Slow to CHARLEVOIX David & B Hayes & T Daber nig 29-JUL-17 CAUL Held up from the 600m to the 50m. YOGI (NZ) Dar­ren Weir 05-AUG-17 FLEM Raced wide with­out cover from the 1000m when im­prov­ing the rear of the field. 12-JUL17 SANL slow to be­gin. Laid in­wards in home straightRdr was sat­is­fied with t he per­for mance how­ever was of t he view geld­ing would be bet­ter suited on a big­ger track. PERCY HENRY (NZ) Larr y Childs 11-AUG-17 GEES Slow to be­gin. Failed to muster speed and tailed the field in the ear ly and mid­dle stages. Carr ied wider round­ing home tur n. 28JUL-17 GEES Slow to be­gin. VYSOTSKY Brett Scott 01AUG-17 WNBL Ham­pered near the 50m.

Race 2: SWORD OF LIGHT Mathew Eller ton & Si­mon Zahra 06-MAY-17 MORP Rolled out slightly near t he 150m. A post-race veter inar y ex­am­i­na­tion re­vealed no vis­i­ble ab­nor mal­i­ties. PURE PRIDE (NZ) Mur­ray John­son 12-MAY-17 SCNE Slow to be­gin. 06-MAY-17 FLEM Be­gan awk­wardly and l ost ground (2L). From t he 500 - near the 300m was held up for a r un and then badly held over fi­nal 200m. WAR BABY Kelvin Hick­mott 13-JUL-17 GRAF Over­raced ap­proach­ing the first tur n. DIVINE CHILLS John Sadler 29-JUL17 CAUL slow to be­gin 05JUL-17 SANL Got its head up when be­ing re­strained near the 800m as the tempo slowed. CHIAVARI Nick Har­nett 18-APR-17 SALE r ider R. Maloney re­por ted that the mare raced fresh and as a re­sult set­tled more for­ward than ex­pected. TY­PHOON MONACO Rober t Smer­don 24-MAR-17 M V COT for­ward; led. O’RACHAEL Chris Waller 12-AUG-17 FLEM Com­menced awk­wardly. Rider stated it would be bet­ter suited over l ess ground. Vet re­por ted no ab­nor mal­i­ties but a slower than nor mal re­cover y rate. OUR VIDIA (NZ) By­ron Coza­ma­nis 29-JUL-17 CAUL Held up from the 300m to the 100m.

Race 3: TULIP David & B Hayes & T Daber nig 01-APR17 RAND Slow to be­gin. MADEENATY David & B Hayes & T Daber nig 05-AUG-17 FLEM COT- to be rid­den for­ward. Led. Af­ter be­ing frac­tious i n the barr iers be­gan awk­wardly. 18-MAR-17 RHIL COT - To be r id­den qui­eter with cover ; set­tled worse than mid­field. LIME­STONE Dar­ren Weir 11-FEB-17 CAUL re­strained pass­ing the 800m when al­low­ing Arc­tic An­gel to cross. Held up for clear r un­ning upon straight­en­ing un­til ob­tain­ing r un­ning at the 200m. ROOMOOZ Tony McEvoy 25-FEB-17 CAUL un­der­went a veter inar y ex­am­i­na­tion af­ter kick­ing a fence in the sta­bling area and was passed suitable to race. 11-FEB-17 CAUL held up for clear run­ning be­tween t he 400m and t he 300m. GARRARD Trent Busut­tin & Natalie Young 18-MAR-17 FLEM Lost the near fore plate dur­ing t he event. 28-FEB-17 BDGO Raced wide with­out cover through­out. Near the 600m was obliged to steady and shift out to avoid heels.

Race 4: SLY RO­MANCE (NZ) Richard Lam­ing 05AUG-17 FLEM Slow to be­gin. R repr imanded for us­ing whip when out of con­tention. 16DEC-16 M V trainer was fined $200 for fail­ing to no­tify that the con­cus­sion plates had been re­moved from the geld­ing and in­cor­rectly re­mov­ing the blink­ers its gear. JAMINZAH Chris Waller 12AUG-17 FLEM Slow to be­gin. 05-AUG-17 COT- t o be r id­den closer if be­gins well, raced wide with cover in a mid­field po­si­tion. DATA POINT Michael Kent 15-JUL17 CAUL Held up from the 600m un­til shift­ing out to gain clear r un­ning near the 200m. Ap­pren­tice could of­fer no ex­pla­na­tion for the dis­ap­point­ing per­for mance. A post race veter inar y ex­am­i­na­tion failed to re­veal any ab­nor mal­i­ties and a swab sam­ple was taken for anal­y­sis. Trainer ad­vised that the geld­ing had trained well in week pr ior to to­day and his view may be re­luc­tant to race on the in­side of other run­ners. MANALAPAN (IRE) Trent Busut­tin & Natalie Young 10-SEP-16 FLEM raced wide in the ear ly stages be­fore gain­ing a po­si­tion out­side the lead­er1600m. 23-JUL-16 FLEM COT more for­ward; set­tled be­hind the leader. REZAK Greg Eurell 10-JUL-17 ECHA Raced wide with­out cover through­out. COSMIC LIGHTS Peter Mor­gan 12-AUG-17 FLEM Slow to be­gin. Rider re­por ted it re­sented rac­ing in re­str icted room in­side other r un­ners. Vet re­por ted no ab­nor mal­i­ties. MU­NIC­I­PAL­ITY Tony McEvoy 05-AUG17 FLEM Held up be­tween the 500m & the 300m be­fore shift­ing back in­side to ob­tain clear run­ning. LORD TENNYSON Peter Chow 12-AUG-17 FLEM When lay­ing out near the 350m had to be stead­ied off heels. 23-JUL-17 BDGO Per­for med be­low mar­ket ex­pec­ta­tions & weak­ened over fi­nal 100m. Rider could of­fer no rea­son for dis­ap­point­ing per­for mance. Post race vet exam - No ab­nor mal­ity. SIN TO WIN (NZ) David & B Hayes & T Daber nig 05AUG-17 FLEM Over the con­clud­ing stages br ushed with an­other r un­ner due t o both horses shift­ing ground marginally. CAN’T REFUSE (NZ) Kelvin Bour ke 26-JUL17 SANH Eased down i n the home straight. Post race vet exam - No ab­nor mal­ity. Swab sam­ple taken. 12JUL-17 SANL raced t hree wide with­out cover. TAVI BAY (NZ) Henr y Dwyer 12AUG-17 FLEM Com­menced awk­wardly and shifted out abr up­tly. Rider stated it would be bet­ter suited on tracks with more give. DON’T GET EX­CITED Nathan Hob­son 16-AUG-17 SANL Be­gan awk­wardly. REBELLIOUS LORD Mark O’Don­nell 22JUL-17 FLEM bumped with an­other r un­ner for a num­ber of str ides near 300m and be­came un­bal­anced.

Race 5: KILLARNEY KID (NZ) Dar­ren Weir 05-AUG17 FLEM Bumped pass­ing the 500m when at­tempt­ing to shift an­other r un­ner wider on

track. R- no ex­pla­na­tion for per­for mance, which was be­low ex­pec­ta­tions. Vets- no abs, swab taken. 22-JUL17 FLEM un­der­went a vet exam af­ter arr iv­ing on course and passed suitable to race. FOUN­DA­TION (IRE) David & B Hayes & T Daber nig 05AUG-17 FLEM Slow to be­gin. Laid in­wards in the home straight. SEC­OND BUL­LET Danny O’Brien 20-MAY-17 FLEM raced in re­str icted room shor tly af­ter the star t. HANS HOLBEIN (GB) Rober t Hick­mott 15-APR-17 CAUL raced wide with­out cover in the early stages. TIME TO TEST Tony McEvoy 20-MAY17 MORP Vicin­ity of the 200 me­tres im­proved into a tight run be­tween SU­PER HAZE (IRE) and WAG­ING WAR and as a re­sult rolled out slightly onto WAR. RUL­ING DY­NASTY Dar­ren Weir 05AUG-17 FLEM Raced wide with­out cover for the ma­jor­ity of the event. 20-MAY-17 RHIL Slow to be­gin. ROSE OF VIR­GINIA (NZ) Lee & Shan­non Hope 17-JUN-17 M V Ap­pren­tice Ben Thomp­son was severely repr imanded for the man­ner in which he per­mit­ted his mount to shift in ap­proach­ing the win­ning post on the first oc­ca­sion, mak­ing heavy con­tact with Hurs­ley (NZ) when en­deav­our­ing to en­cour­age that horse to take up a po­si­tion closer the r un­ning rail.

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