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Glut of tal­ented youngsters make fea­ture pre­dic­tions dif­fi­cult

The Sportsman Weekend - - News - Syd­ney tri­als S H AY N E O’C A S S

SUCH was the ext raord ina r y depth of ta lent at of­fi­cia l two - yea r- old t r ia ls Can­terbu held on Mon­day mor ning that not one colt or fi l ly stood out as the Breed­ers’ Plate or Gi mcrack Stakes w in­ner much less a long range G olden Sl ip­per cand idate.

Al l the big sta­bles wou ld have been buoyed by thei­hei r new batch of horses, sev­era l whom more than l ived up t hei r hef ty pr ice tags at t he yea rl i ng sa les.

There was no ‘best ’ t h is yea r but r ight up i n t he top per­cent le of t good ones was the apt ly-named PER

FOR­MER from Chr is Wa l ler camp.

Per for mer was a $ 4 5 0,0 0 0 Mag ic Mi l- - l ions pu rchase by y Ex­ceed A nd Ex­cel l and is a ha l f-brot her to Group 1 Ga la xy win­ner Bel Spr i nter.

Un l ke a lot of two -yea r- old t r ia ls t hat re won by lead­ers or on-pac­ers, t h is chest nut colt came from off the speed, down the m idd le and over the top to edge out Snow­den colt SPIN.

Given th­ese heats were over 9 0 0m at Can­terbu r y, one can on ly imag ine how much bet­ter su ited he’l l be at Randw ick over 10 0 0m come Breed­ers’ Plate day a week from to­mor row.

T he t wo -yea r- old that ran t fastest of al l 12 heats was

W ITHERSPOON who cov­ered he 9 0 0 m i n 5 3. 2 5s w it h a last

6 0 0 mi n 3 4.5 3s. She is a lso by Ex­ceed A nd Ex­cel and sold at t he G old Coast; i n her case for ha l f a mi l l ion dolla rs.

Wither­spoon is Brad Wid­dup t ra ined ha l f to cu r rent gu n three -year- old Tak ing A im and looked to re­spond ver y wel l i ndeed when shaken up by Chr ist ian Reith rac­ing away from her nea rest r iva l to wi n 2 -lens.

Mark Newn­ham is mak­ing ever y post a in­ner in h is new pro­fes­sion (not un l ike Wid­dup of cou rse) and hav ing been Ga i Water­house’s r ight-hand man for so long, he’s lea nt from an abso - lute mas­ter of t he ar t of t ra in i ng two -yea r- old’s. Newn­ham won Heat 5 with

QUACK ERJACK, a flashy Not A Sin­gle Doubt ch­est­nut who is al l speed der ived solely from his third Dam, Gim­crack Stakes win­ner Mother Duck.

Heat 2 win­ner MERY L d id n’t r un qu ick time but the man­ner of her win makes her a genu ine Gi mcrack style fi l ly.

She d id ever y th ing r ight, ra il i ng l ike Zoom Top round the t ight bend and she ga l loped st rongly t h rough t he l i ne for her t ra i ner L ee Cu r is.

By the way, her win was a de - l ight for Da rley who stand her si re, G olden Rose w in­ner and ex­cit i ng fresh ma n Epau let te.

One of the home -bred who won a heat on Mon­day in im­pres­sive style was SATIN SLIP­PER is as wel l bred as any th i ng in t he class of 2 015 bei ng by P ier ro a nd t he fi rst foa l of Si lver Sl ip - per w i nner Sat i n Shoes, hersel f

daugh­ter of Group 1 K iw i fi l ly/ ma re Sta r re.

Sat i n Sl ip­per is a race­horse from nose to ta i l, she showed as much in the way put them away once she got level inside the d is­tance go­ing onto to w in by 1. 5 -lens. Snow­den sta­ble­mates M U

N ICH and BON DI won thei r re - spect ive heats bot hi n t he Ch i na Horse Club colou rs.

Both colts a re by the cham­pion si re Sn it zel, Mu n ich cost $75 0,0 0 0, Bond i sold for $ 4 0 0,0 0 0.

One thing about Mu­nich that wi l l del ight breed ing bu ffs is t hat he is a g ra nd­son of fu l l re­laion — h randsi re is Red­oute’s Choice, ran­dam t hat horse’s sis­ter, Mon­soon Wedd i ng. Bond i beat a horse ca l led OU­TRA­GEOUS who was fant ast ic.

This Team Hawkes t ra i ned colt is so much l i ke fat her, Al l Too Hard, and is a g rand­son of F it­ting who won Gim­crack and was fou r th in G olden Sl ip­per beh ind Bint Marscay.

Now he is go­ing to love a fast run Rand­wick 10 0 0m i n t he Breeder’s Plate.

T he might and power of the G odolph i n st r i ng was out i n force, not by nu mbers but i ta lent.

T wo of their Ex­ceed A nd Ex­cel colts — OSORNO and HIEMAL

were su itably im­pres­sive w inn i ng t hei r re­spect ive heats; H ie - ma l u ndoubted ly the pick of the pa i r.

Given t hat Gai Water­house has won si x G olden Sl ip­pers, five Breed­ers’ Plate yet st rangely no Gim­cracks, we have to make spe­cia l ment ion of Water­house’s I A m Inv in­ci­ble duo LAN­DON (ver y good in heat 1) and fi l ly

BOLD ARIEL who is in ever y way her fat her’s daugh­ter.

W ho knows, maybe 2 017 wi l l see Water­house (and Bott) break the Gim­crack d rought.

Now let us end on a horse that was in fact un­placed — AC - QU IR E.

T rained at Rand­wick by Ed­ward O’Rou rke, th is home - bred and reta i ned ha l f-brot her to Peep­ing and F rance stood head i n shou lders above h is r iva ls in ter ms of physique; wow, he is a big fel la and cov­ers t he g rou nd ba­sica l ly two to hei r one.

He’s not bu i lt nor does he ga llop nec­essa r ly l ke a horse t hat wi l l wi n t he Breed­ers’ ( l i ke h is si re Sebr ng d id), but t he two - yea r- old’s hat h it t ne late in t hese ea rly t r ia ls of ten end up com ing into thei ow n around Si res’ and Cham­pag ne Stakes t i me.

T me wi l l tel l.

Lan­donL (main) and Meryl (in­set) were part of an im­pres­sive con­tin­gent of two-year-oldstw that tri­alled on Mon­day.

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