Syd­ney’s fo­cus on sprints leaves longer races to lan­guish

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FOR years, we’ve waxed on about Syd­ney’ s obsession and dom­i­nance with sprinter/ mil­ers. Stay­ers? N ah, don’t do it much, more a Vic­to­rian thing. Well, now it’ s get­ting ridicu­lous.

To­mor­row none of the weaker Group 1 Metropoli­tans (2400 m)iny ears, there’ s only 12 run­ners—and half are vis­i­tors, fou from Vic­to­ria; and one each

Bris­bane NZ.

A nd fou r of t he “loca l” si x a re from Ch is Wa l ler’s ya rd. Joe P r ide’s g rand n i ne -yea r- old Dest i ny’s K iss ($2 3.0 0) ca r r ies sadd lecloth 3 & yet hasn’t won be­yond Listed level.

It took a l most two decades to turn the Group 1 BM W around from lang uish­ing in the FA dold r ums, please Rac­ing NSW add ress the Met rop Hcp be­fore it be­comes a lost sou l. I have a pla n, but t hat ’s for a not her day.

So who’s go­ing to w in to­mor­row’s ver­sion? Fou r th-up and wel l-placed A nton io Giuseppe ($ 5.5 0) is ready, a nd not just be - cause the ‘Mag ic Man’ is in tow n to r ide. I wou ld much pre­fer a Bow man, McEvoy, even Col lett, on boa rd.

Last-sta r t Group 3 w in­ner Libra n ($ 5.0 0), from a sof t d raw, is t he log ic a l da nger. I n fact, it ’s Qu i nel la t i me.

My METROP Tips :

1. AN­TO­NIO GIUSEPPE ;2. Li­bran ;3. Who Shot The bar man

THE big ques­tion in the Group 1 Ep­som (16 0 0m) — again a mod­er­ate re­newal is whether tough seven-year-old geld­ing Happy Clap­per ($3.60 into $3.20) can give four-yea Egg T art ($6.00) pro­vid­ing she starts and the emerg­ing Co min’ Through 8.0 6kgs? I doubt it. If the dual SA and QLD Oaks-win­ning mare Egg T art gets over an eye“ir ri­taion ,” andth email is strong, she looks beauty sec­ond- up to t he m i le on t he li m it.

P un­ters shou ld be war y too of ta lented seven-yea r- old ma re Zan­bagh ($17.0 0) d roppi ng 6kgs from her Group 3 T ib­bie w in in New­cast le.

My EP­SOM Tips :

1. EGG T ART ;2. Happy Clap­per; 3. Com in’ T h rough; 4. Zan­bagh

The high­light is a boom­ing edi­tion of the Group 2 Premi ere(1200m)w here the saltand-pep­per grey Chau­tauqua ($3.40) should put writ­ing on the wall for his Ever­est as­sault.

Suited atWFA from the good d raw, there looks enough speed for him to ex­plode late, maybe even eclips­ing the 32.84 sec she peeled off for t he last 6 0 0m re - su m ing in T Shor ts (110 0m).


1. CHAU­TAUQUA ;2. English; 3. Clearly In­no­cent

BE­FORE all that, a su­per­strong field of 13 in es up in­tonight’ s Group 1 Moir(1000m) at Moo nee Val­ley, among them Golden Slip per and Light­ning win­ners SheWi Reign and Terra vista both re­sum­ing.

But on a very tricky short­course“map ,” I’m pre­pared to risk both in­favouofs ix-yearold Vic­to­rian mare Shei­del ($8.00) who I ex­pect to bounce back after her Group 3 flop at Cau l field.

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