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Race 1: 6 PYTHIA 4/11/2017 Rosehill Gar­dens Late scr on vets ad­vice at 11.20am af­ter it was found had abraded both hind bumpers en­route to the course. Vet cert since pro­vided. 7 SAN­GITA 27/10/2017 CANN Af­ter 400m, was stead­ied and shifted out to avoid heels. In­clined to lay out round­ing the home turn. Laid in in the straight and as a re­sult, the rider changed his whip over to right hand ap­proach­ing the 100m. A post race vet­eri­nary ex­am­i­na­tion re­vealed a speedy cut to in­side near hind can­non. Race 2: 1 THE MIGHTY FED 28/10/2017 Royal Rand­wick Be­gan only fairly. 2 UN­FOR­GOT­TEN 4/11/2017 Rosehill Gar­dens Slowly away. From wide bar­rier was stead­ied and taken back in across run­ners af­ter the start. 4 CHAR­LIE CHAP 21/10/2017 Royal Rand­wick When qst, rdr ex­plained inst with the geld step­ping up in dis­tance were to be in a mid­field pos from its wide bar­rier if pos­si­ble. Said in early stages when the tempo was only mod­er­ate & was un­able to se­cure a mid­field pos, elected al­low mount to im­prove ul­ti­mately raced out­side leader. Added, whilst came un­der pres­sure early in straight & then weak­ened over fi­nal 100m, he con­sid­ered that this was more re­flec­tive of it fail­ing to han­dle the track cond rather than rac­ing on speed. 5 POP­U­LAR 25/10/2017 War­wick Farm Laid out un­der pres­sure over the fi­nal 100m. 6 CAJETAN 2/11/2017 Gos­ford Slow to be­gin. Race 3: 2 OLYMPIC ACADEMY 25/10/2017 War­wick Farm A post race vet exam re­vealed a poor re­cov­ery. 5 GREAT GLEN (GB) 28/10/2017 Royal Rand­wick Slow to be­gin. From wide bar­rier stead­ied & shifted in shortly af­ter start. Over­raced early stages. Rdr std, af­ter fol­low­ing an­other rnr into event, he ob­served that had com­menced to shift ground out & for this rea­son he elected to pos his mount to out­side of that rnr, with a view com­ing to out­side obt clear run­ning, As he did so his mount be­came held up. was obl to steady his mount & shifted in­side near 200m, whereby geld­ing obt clear run­ning & found line strongly. 7 SOME­THING BOR­ROWED 23/10/2017 Coon­abarabran be­gan very awk­wardly, shifted out and lost fur­ther ground; a post-race vet­eri­nary ex­am­i­na­tion re­vealed a poor post-race re­cov­ery. Race 4: 3 BLOW­ING KISSES 25/10/2017 War­wick Farm Bumped on jump­ing. Rdr std in­str were to ride mount con­ser­va­tively early & with gen­uine tempo af­ter 800m, was un­able to main­tain pos near 650m be­tween rnr’s, re­sult­ing in mare trav at rear of field. Added app & round­ing h/t end to imp but was not clear so shifted back in­side to imp, whereby when un­der full pres­sure on str fin­ished its race off strongly. Trn conf inst. Rdr ad­vised should have shown more en­deavor to hold his pos in mid stages & on str ur­gency imp. 4 MAGICAZ 25/10/2017 War­wick Farm Slow to be­gin. Race 5: 1 MOR­TAR PLA­TOON (IRE) 4/11/2017 Rosehill Gar­dens Slowly away and then was ham­pered. Post race vet exam re­vealed no abs. Tnr rep could of­fer no ex­pla­na­tion for per­for­mance of horse other than rider in­di­cated did not feel free in its ac­tion. Sta­ble rep since ad­vised sat­is­fied with post-race con­di­tion. 3 SHALMANESER 28/10/2017 Royal Rand­wick COT: To be rid­den more for­ward; set­tled off pace. 6 INTUERI 1/11/2017 Can­ter­bury Park Be­gan awk­wardly. 7 MISS DUBOIS (NZ) 28/10/2017 Royal Rand­wick From its wide bar­rier stead­ied and shifted in be­hind run­ners shortly af­ter the start. 8 CA­LYPSO BAY (NZ) 18/10/2017 Can­ter­bury Park Pass­ing 1200m made con­tact with run­ning rail & be­came un­bal­anced. Round­ing h/t early part of straight was car­ried wider. Rider could of­fer no expl for the perf of geld­ing, which failed to run on af­ter trav­el­ling well. A post race vet exam re­vealed no abs. Trn could of­fer no expl for perf & would re­port back post race cond fu­ture rac­ing plans. Race 6: 1 WILD­FLOWER 28/10/2017 Royal Rand­wick COT: To be rid­den with cover; set­tled worse than mid­field. A post-race vet­eri­nary ex­am­i­na­tion re­vealed the mare lost its near-fore plate in run­ning and had a small lac­er­a­tion over the right hind ham­string. 2 SCHED­ULE 14/10/2017 Royal Rand­wick Briefly held up round­ing the home turn. 3 JAR OF HEARTS 22/10/2017 Nowra Rider ad­vised that af­ter be­gin­ning well he took up a for­ward po­si­tion, as in­structed, be­hind the leader. He said that his mount then com­menced to over­race and rather than con­tinue re­strain mount, ap­proach­ing the 900m, he al­lowed it to stride for­ward and race out­side the leader. He added that the geld­ing con­tin­ued to keenly through­out the mid­dle stages. 7 TIGER BY THE TALE 4/11/2017 Rosehill Gar­dens Raced in re­stricted room near the 150m and was bumped. Raced in re­stricted room ap­proach­ing win­ning post. 10 ONLY CHOICE (NZ) 20/10/2017 Can­berra Be­gan awk­wardly and lost ground. 11 AR­RONDISSE­MENT 4/11/2017 Rosehill Gar­dens Stead­ied when crowded shortly af­ter the start. 12 ALLEZ TROIENNE 21/10/2017 Wagga Held up on straight­en­ing and was un­able to es­tab­lish clear run­ning un­til near the 300m. Race 7: 1 ZENALICIOUS 21/10/2017 Royal Rand­wick Rdr std set­tled back as an­tic­i­pated, but failed to re­spond to rid­ing in straight. Said on pulling up noted mare was mak­ing an ab­nor­mal res­pi­ra­tory noise. Post-race vet exam - no abs. Trn un­able to ex­plain poor perf, al­though had some con­cerns may not have been overly com­pet­i­tive on rain af­fected track. Added through­out its ca­reer has raced with res­pi­ra­tory is­sues & for this rea­son races in a tongue tie. Must trial. Since tri­alled sat­is­fac­to­rily. 2 O’REILLY’S RE­VENGE (NZ) 6/10/2017 Can­berra Post race vet exam re­vealed no ab­nor­mal­i­ties. 3 KING DARCI (NZ) 21/10/2017 Royal Rand­wick Be­gan awk­wardly and shifted out. 5 JUST DREAM­ING 28/10/2017 Royal Rand­wick COT: To be rid­den more for­ward; led. 6 DAGNY (NZ) 28/10/2017 Royal Rand­wick Slow to be­gin. Near the 250m had to be stead­ied when crowded. 8 MAKEADANE 27/10/2017 CANN Rdr was un­able to pro­vide any ex­pla­na­tion for horses poor perf. Std that horse un­der heavy pres­sure early in straight & was con­cern­ing in the man­ner in which it weak­ened over fi­nal 150m. Perf deemed un­ac­cept­able & trainer ad­vised that horse must per­form sat­is­fac­to­rily in a trial vet clear­ance must be pro­duced prior to rac­ing again. Post race vets no abs. Trn sat­is­fied with post race con. Std may have not app soft ground. Since tri­alled and vet cert pro­vided. Race 8: 3 IN TIMES OF WAR 4/11/2017 Rosehill Gar­dens Turned head to off side as the start was ef­fected and lost ground. Bumped at start. For some dis­tance ap­proach­ing pass­ing the 800m raced un­gen­er­ously and got its head up on a num­ber of oc­ca­sions. Got when be­ing stead­ied near the 500m. Briefly ham­pered and not rid­den out near the 50m when rac­ing tight. 4 MA­CHINE­GUN JUBS 28/10/2017 Royal Rand­wick Raced wide with­out cover through­out. 5 VIG­I­LANCE 28/10/2017 Royal Rand­wick Slow to be­gin. Soon af­ter straight­en­ing had be stead­ied when dis­ap­pointed for clear run­ning. The mare was then shifted to the out­side to se­cure clear run­ning at 300m. Rider stated his mount in early stages of straight did not ini­tially re­spond to his rid­ing & it was un­til he was able se­cure clear run­ning to the out­side at 200m that, when tested with whip, his mount com­menced to run on well when it had clear rac­ing room. 7 POS­I­TIVE PROB­LEMS 9/09/2017 Rosehill Gar­dens COT - To be rid­den more for­ward; led. 8 VI­ENNA RO­MANCE 25/10/2017 War­wick Farm For some dis­tance ap­proach­ing the 100m, raced in re­stricted room. Over the con­clud­ing stages was un­able to be rid­den out when an­other run­ner shifted in and crowded, as a re­sult was not tested in run to fin­ish. 9 ZONK 25/10/2017 War­wick Farm Raced wide and with­out cover through­out. Race 9: 1 KING DARCI (NZ) 21/10/2017 Royal Rand­wick Be­gan awk­wardly and shifted out. 5 HE’S A GIVEN 25/10/2017 War­wick Farm Knuck­led on jump­ing. Raced wide and with­out cover through­out. Car­ried wider near the 600m. 6 RE­DOU­BLE 28/10/2017 Royal Rand­wick Slow to be­gin. Rdr std his mount was un­der press as far out as 600m & gave ground no­tice­ably in str. A post-race vet exam rev geld to be dis­play­ing car­diac ar­rhyth­mia. Sta­ble rep std geld pleased sta­ble since first up at Rand­wick on 7 Oct 2017 & had dis­played no is­sues lead into to­day’s race. Sta­ble rep was adv a vet clear­ance & re­sults of ECG, would be re­quired prior to geld tri­alling to sat­is­fac­tion of Stew­ards be­fore next race start. Since tri­alled and vet cert pro­vided. 7 KNIT ’N’ PURL 27/10/2017 CANN Slow to be­gin. Near the 600m, made con­tact with the run­ning rail. 10 MON BEL AMI 7/11/2017 Royal Rand­wick Slow to be­gin.

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