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with Frances Whit­ing and Rory Gib­son.

In the ’90s when I had a proper job, I re­mem­ber being in a management meet­ing dis­cussing whether we should all get mo­bile phones.

My re­ac­tion to this was one of hor­ror. “We’ll never get a mo­ment’s peace,” I protested, think­ing that al­ways being avail­able would ruin the long boozy lunches... sorry, plan­ning meet­ings... I en­joyed so much. You can see why I never lasted long in se­nior management.

Any­way, my fears ma­te­ri­alised into fact. Bosses now ex­pect to be able to get hold of you 24/7. At the other end of the scale, mo­bile phones also al­low peo­ple to side­step their com­mit­ments with a text.

Back in the dark ages, when you only had one fixed-line phone that your old man mon­i­tored with a dili­gence that would make the Stasi proud, if you agreed to see some­one you showed up – be­cause once you were out it was dif­fi­cult to change the ar­range­ments at short no­tice.

I have fond mem­o­ries of those days; my favourite being the time my first love de­cided to cheat on me with some pim­ple head she’d taken a shine to. To break our date, she had to make her way out to Qld Uni, find my car among the hundreds parked in mul­ti­ple car parks, and leave a note un­der my wind­screen wiper.

Ah, good times!

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