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Some­times the celebrity sta­tus gets in the way of the work and so it is with Tom Cruise. It’s (mis­sion) im­pos­si­ble to watch him with­out think­ing Scien­tol­ogy and di­vorces and couch-jumping and it is why he fails to make in­roads into the char­ac­ter of Jack Reacher, a one­man vig­i­lante force who used to be in the army and wan­ders the coun­try killing those who have done wrong. The pop­u­lar­ity of the pulp-fic­tion nov­els by Lee Childs on which it is based meant it was never go­ing to be a win­ner with fans but even for the low­est of ex­pec­ta­tions this is an aver­age thriller. Jack Reacher was in around 20 of Childs’ nov­els but, based on this, it is un­likely he will make an­other film ap­pear­ance. ★★ Ex­tras: Only on Blu-ray

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