Jour­nal­ist Joe Hilde­brand is tack­ling the big is­sues of the world with hu­mour in his new com­edy se­ries Sh--sville Ex­press on ABC2. TV Guide caught up with the pre­sen­ter to find out about his favourite things.

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Movie: Any­thing with Su­per­man in it, ex­cept, ob­vi­ously, Su­per­man Re­turns.

Book: Ac­tu­ally I’ve just writ­ten a book which is due to come out just be­fore Christ­mas. It’s about-oh sorry, wrong plug. TV show: T.J. Hooker. Band or singer: I was ac­tu­ally once in a band called Luke Warm and the Tepids. In fact I was Luke. So if you come across any al­bums from that group I’d strongly rec­om­mend not buy­ing them.

Al­bum: Ob­vi­ously I was jok­ing about the last ques­tion. We didn’t make any al­bums. We al­ways thought we should fo­cus on get­ting gigs. Also we didn’t get any gigs.

Karaoke song: There is a golden rule in karaoke you should never do bal­lads. I say rules were made to be bro­ken. My ren­di­tion of the Bee Gees’ To Love

Some­body has been known to leave peo­ple in tears. For vary­ing rea­sons.

Gadget: Like most peo­ple try­ing to jug­gle a hec­tic work-life bal­ance, I have a hi-tech smart­phone that en­ables my wife to con­tact me wher­ever I am at any time of the day or night.


Hol­i­day spot: Any­where that didn’t have chains on the walls would be a re­fresh­ing change.

Sport to fol­low or play: I like the re­ally hard­core sports where peo­ple punch their op­po­nents in the face. So I’m a pretty big fan of cricket.

Din­ner con­ver­sa­tion top­ics: Pol­i­tics and swear­ing. Al­though for some rea­son I don’t seem to get in­vited to as many din­ner par­ties as I used to.


Room in your house: Bath­room. It’s cold and it’s mouldy but at least there’s a lock on the door and no one can sit next to you.

Place to hide from ev­ery­one: See above.

Art piece: Bridge Over Trou­bled Wa­ter.

He’s got a lovely singing voice.

Item you can’t live with­out: That’s a hard one but I guess I’d have to say my de­fib­ril­la­tor is right up there.

Lux­ury prod­uct: I re­mem­ber when I was a kid my mother gave me a rock to play with. Sure things have changed a lot since then but I’ve still got the rock to re­mind me of more deca­dent times.


Meal of all time: Roast lamb. Dish to cook: Roast lamb.

Fam­ily recipe: Roast lamb. In­gre­di­ent: Lamb.

Guilty plea­sure: I’m not prone to in­dul­gence or let­ting my­self go. It’s all about mod­er­a­tion. And so I have a large three-piece feed from KFC just once a day and that’s it – no more.

Bar: If I tell peo­ple what my favourite bar is then I’m just go­ing to get mobbed by fans fawn­ing over me with false praise. It’s Rooty Hill RSL.

Restau­rant: Am I al­lowed to say KFC again? Not sure if I’ve been to any oth­ers.

Cafe´: There’s this ex­cel­lent place near the train sta­tion that sells potato scal­lops for 60 cents. That counts as a cafe´ doesn’t it?


Style icon: Yes I am, thank you. Glad some­one fi­nally no­ticed.

Fash­ion de­signer: I like the ones be­hind all the cut­ting edge high-end la­bels like Wasabi, Moby, Carte Blanche and J.Lo.

Piece of cloth­ing: It’s hard to say. I ac­tu­ally have sev­eral and next year I’m work­ing to­wards get­ting a pair of pants.

Shop: For me I don’t feel like I’m in a gen­uine fash­ion house un­less it has bric-a-brac.

Artist: I like all the ones in the ’80s who used lots of bright colours and pas­tels and screen-printed pic­tures of koalas and boomerangs and the Syd­ney Opera House. There’s just some­thing about their work that whispers time­less clas­sic.

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