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8. 3 0PM, NI NE

Lit­tle Bruce Wayne is wor­ried that ev­ery­thing his par­ents built is fall­ing into the hands of crim­i­nals. He should be wor­ried – the mob machi­na­tions in this Bat­man ori­gins se­ries are get­ting in­tri­cate. Op­pos­ing Mafia fam­i­lies are an­gling to take power on the city coun­cil, while the shad­owy Mooney (Jada Pin­kett Smith, pic­tured) is in the mar­ket for some­thing to top­ple them all.


MOD­ERN FAM­ILY 7. 3 0PM, T E N Aww, lit­tle Manny has a girl­friend! Un­for­tu­nately, it all goes RomeoandJuliet- style when Jay learns the girl is the grand­daugh­ter of his big ri­val in the closet business. Mean­while, the Dun­phys’ dream about find­ing the world’s great­est neigh­bours when Phil is hired to sell the house next door. Nat­u­rally, the po­ten­tial buy­ers turn out to be more ob­nox­ious than dreamy.


THE GRA­HAM NOR­TON N SHOW 9. 3 0PM, T E N Tonight boasts a pretty awe­some ome couch: Hugh Grant, Emma Thomp­son homp­son and Luke Evans. Hugh (pic­tured) red) re­calls his “trau­matic” au­di­tion n for Four Wed­dingsandaFuneral, Gra­ham ham cri­tiques Emma’s red car­pet tech­nique and Luke re­calls the e time Nanny McPhee made a cameo eo in his movie ClashoftheTi­tans.

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