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“I would be ly­ing if I said I didn’t feel any pres­sure, but I’m at the point where I’m just go­ing along for the ride. I’m hav­ing the best time ever on Gotham, so I’m just try­ing to show up at work and get my head around what we’re do­ing each day. I’m hav­ing a blast.

When you follow in the foot­steps of Burgess Mered­ith and Danny DeVito [who played The Pen­guin] – amaz­ing ac­tors and in­cred­i­ble per­for­mances – it’s hard not to be in­flu­enced. I’m sure they in­spire my per­for­mance in a cer­tain way but, at the same time, we’re show­ing a dif­fer­ent part of the character that no one’s ever seen be­fore.

In Gotham, Oswald is younger. This show is an ori­gin story, so it’s be­fore th­ese vil­lains have been in­car­nated.

In that sense, I feel like I have free­dom to cre­ate and stretch the character. The Pen­guin isn’t a phys­i­cally strong, im­pos­ing per­son. He plays peo­ple off each other to do his bid­ding.

To a cer­tain ex­tent, I’m ea­ger to do [stunts] be­cause I feel like authenticity is re­ally what we’re go­ing for in the show. The script is writ­ten so well that it’s all right there on the page. It doesn’t take a lot to get into character. In fact, it’s so fun and it’s writ­ten so well that it’s a dream for me.

The way we shoot the show also helps. We move so fast with film­ing that it’s almost as though you get swept up into it and the en­ergy just car­ries you through.

As far as be­ing evil goes, he’s [Pen­guin] find­ing his foot­ing. His drive for power is his only mo­ti­va­tion. His end game is to run the show. He re­fuses to be stepped on be­cause that’s how he’s been treated his whole life. His fail­ures are what push him to­wards those re­ally dark, vi­o­lent, sadis­tic places.

I read loads [of comics as prepa­ra­tion for the role]. There’s a se­cret ori­gin spe­cial where it talks about The Pen­guin’s child­hood and how he was a bul­lied kid in school. Then some­one gave me a Pen­guin: PainAndPrej­u­dice comic book, which helped me get into his head even more. It’s an awe­some read.

When we start the show, Fish (Jada Pin­kett Smith) is my boss. She’s very much like a mother fig­ure. How­ever, The Pen­guin’s de­sire for power is re­lent­less. There’s not room for two of them.” GOTHAM SUN­DAY, 8.30PM, NINE

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