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They do have a flick switch where they go, Stuff this mate, I’m not do­ing it’

“I THINK we were al­ways on that precipice of ask­ing too much of the birds (of prey) we were work­ing with on this.

They do have a flick switch where they go, ‘Stuff this mate, I’m not do­ing it’. There were three birds we were work­ing with: Stella, Grace and Bart, who was the young male.

Stella and Gra­cie were the two fe­males, Gra­cie be­ing the older of the two. Stella was in­cred­i­bly fe­ro­cious and you don’t want to get in her way.

I did most of my bird han­dling with Gra­cie. She was about 24, which is in the twi­light years for a bird, and she was re­ally calm.

She’d been hit by a car or some­thing and was re­ally sooky and had what they called ‘im­printed’ her­self … she didn’t re­alise she was an ea­gle any­more; she thinks she’s another hu­man.

She made sounds like a seag­ull and didn’t sound at all threat­en­ing.

We were do­ing the ex­tras for the DVD and I man­aged to do the whole thing with Gra­cie sit­ting on my arm, very calm.

Then as we were walk­ing back and there were a cou­ple more ques­tions but then a gust of wind took us by sur­prise and she tried to re­po­si­tion on my glove and fail­ing to find any glove to stand on … she started flap­ping un­con­trol­lably look­ing for some­thing to stand on and yeah, she found the side of my face to hold on to.

It gashed un­der­neath my right eye and we were on the other side of set, so I had to go through set to get out to go to a hos­pi­tal.

So I had to walk past the set with this blood pour­ing off my face and peo­ple were like, ‘What’s hap­pened? Oh god, oh god, oh god …’ be­cause we still had two weeks to shoot.

There was all this may­hem for ab­so­lutely no rea­son be­cause once they ti­died me up you couldn’t re­ally no­tice it and the make-up cov­ered it up.

I think we get away with it in this, but I got a great scar out of it.”


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