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An­drea who? Not one, but two women have stepped up to fill the stiletto-shaped void left when An­drea Moss de­parted The Real House wives of Mel­bourne. New­comer Gam­ble Breaux tells ANNA BRAIN that Moss is gone, but not forgotten

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ART con­sul­tant Gam­ble Breaux – yes, that’s her real name – heard a grim warn­ing in her first round of me­dia

in­ter­views for The Real Housewives of Mel­bourne.

“I said to one of the journos, ‘Oh, I think I’ll be funny’. And she said: ‘That’s what An­drea Moss said’,” Breaux re­called.

Moss left the show af­ter sea­son one, with echoes of an al­leged c-bomb (hurled by Gina Liano) ring­ing in her ears. But Breaux said Moss was un­pop­u­lar with good rea­son.

“I went to a friend’s Real

Housewives view­ing party, and An­drea was there. She got up and said, ‘Right, girls, Jackie’s a bo­gan and Gina is an ab­so­lute b---- and I hate her’, or some­thing,” Breaux said.

“We ac­tu­ally thought it was a bit off to get up in front of 100 peo­ple and say that.

“She wasn’t un­pop­u­lar for no rea­son. I mean, she al­ready turned 100 women off and they hadn’t turned the TV on yet.”

When fans switch on for sea­son two, they’ll meet two new cast mem­bers – Breaux, 44, and prop­erty de­vel­oper Pet­ti­fleur Berenger, 50.

Breaux is a blonde beauty who loves botox and has a weak­ness for blokes. She counts calo­ries re­li­giously and lives in bay­side Mel­bourne – “Toorak by the sea” – with ador­ing part­ner and eye sur­geon Rick Wolfe, 18-year-old step­son Luke and badly be­haved pomera­nian Cash.

She hadn’t prop­erly met Liano, Ly­dia Schi­avello, Janet Roach, Jackie Gil­lies and Chyka Kee­baugh be­fore film­ing started, but had no il­lu­sions about be­ing the new girl.

“You don’t walk into the show think­ing the other girls are go­ing to be nice to you,” she said. “It’s not that sort of show. It’s not like the Play­boy man­sion. It’s the Housewives.”

It’s just as well Breaux pre­pared her­self for the worst, as it came quickly.

By the sec­ond episode, she had clashed head-on with an un­ex­pected foe: Roach.

“I never saw that com­ing,” Breaux said. “I strug­gled with Janet. She had the rea­sons, not me. Let’s just say she got me re­ally riled up, re­ally up­set.”

Roach tells Breaux on cam­era she had heard some un­savoury ru­mours about her. Breaux as­sumes she’s re­fer­ring to the very public court battle she had with an ex, in which in­sults were traded as they fought over a luxury Mercedes. But that wasn’t it. “They’re say­ing you’re a strip­per and a call girl. As a job,” Roach tells Breaux. “Also there are sto­ries go­ing around that you’re hav­ing all th­ese sex par­ties. Oh gosh, it’s vi­ral among the peo­ple that I know.”

Breaux laughed off the sto­ries off as “ma­li­cious bulls---, ab­so­lutely vile”. She was mostly up­set be­cause her mum would be watch­ing.

“I was pretty up­set and I had to sort of sign off on the sto­ry­line, or else peo­ple wouldn’t have known why I was so p----- off,” she said.

De­spite prob­lems with Roach, Breaux formed real friend­ships dur­ing film­ing (late last year). She par­tic­u­larly likes Liano, who she sees as a strong role model for young women, and Gil­lies, wife of Sil­ver­chair drum­mer Ben.

“She’s a raw di­a­mond,” Breaux said.

An­other topic Breaux warms to, on cam­era and off, is her in­ter­est in cos­metic pro­ce­dures.

“I talk about it more than any­one else,” she said.

“Women are cu­ri­ous about it, so I talk about it a lot. I’m not scared of the knife.

“I ac­tu­ally went out with a cos­metic sur­geon for five min­utes. I know a lot about it and I love talk­ing about it.”



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