If you’re go­ing to die on a show, this is the one to die on

The Sunday Mail (Queensland) - TV Guide - - THE LAST WORD - WITH FRANCES FISHER, RES­UR­REC­TION

“I HAVE a lot of fun work­ing with Kurt­wood [Smith, who plays Henry Langston, Fisher’s char­ac­ter Lu­cille’s hus­band on the fan­tasy drama]. He and I have a re­ally good work­ing re­la­tion­ship. We have fun do­ing what we have to do even if it looks hard on the out­side [as it has for the duo this sea­son, with them ar­gu­ing bit­terly, then Henry ‘dy­ing’, then be­ing brought back].

The re­ac­tion to that [Henry’s death] from fans was, ‘How much can Lu­cille take?’ It was like, ‘Oh, the kid’s gone [the pair’s son, Ja­cob, played by Lan­don Giminez], now Henry’s gone. When the episode aired peo­ple were tweet­ing say­ing, ‘He’s com­ing back, isn’t he?’

The thing is, some­body dy­ing on a show called Res­ur­rec­tion is not that bad. It’s not as dra­matic as it seems [laughs]. If you are go­ing to die on a show, this is the one to die on.

Some fol­low­ers on Twit­ter would say some­thing like, ‘Don’t you think the news me­dia would get hold of it [the story of peo­ple re­turn­ing from the dead]?’ I mean come on, but no­body has cell phones. No­body is tweet­ing to the out­side world. I guess Ara­ca­dia is in its own lit­tle bub­ble in the past some­how, in a world where CNN doesn’t re­ally ex­ist.

We for­get that de­spite the fact the show has aired over two sea­sons, the time pe­riod in Ar­ca­dia is re­ally only maybe six weeks. News is trav­el­ling slowly. But if we get a third sea­son we def­i­nitely be­come in­ter­na­tional news. And Lan­don isn’t al­lowed to grow [laughs].

Shoot­ing the last scenes of this sea­son was bit­ter­sweet [a third sea­son has not been con­firmed] but we didn’t know last year ei­ther if we’d be back.

[The sea­son two fi­nale] is a good sec­ond chap­ter that re­solves some things and also leaves the door open for a third sea­son. Very wide open.

It goes back to where the book The Re­turned started … it’s a world­wide phe­nom­e­non. Think about how many sto­ries that can bring in and, you know, how chaotic that can be on a mass scale.

I was quoted as say­ing I want to see Lan­don go on his first date, and that was hop­ing we would have five or six sea­sons, which doesn’t look like it’s go­ing to hap­pen, but you never know.

He’s only 12 now and he goes, ‘Eeeuw, dates’ but I fig­ure when he’s around 16 or 17 his mother will let him out of the house.”


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