They’re very smart, tough fans, Marvel for fans. And there’s no one I’d rather work for

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“I’VE worked for Marvel movies and Marvel TV and there are a lot of similarities. And at the same time, there’s some­thing kind of dif­fer­ent that we get to do [with the TV se­ries].

We get to ex­plore the hu­man el­e­ment of what that’s like to be be­trayed by some­one you’ve been work­ing side by side with, al­most with more time to mess with it, be­cause we do 22 hours in a sea­son.

I’ve had this re­la­tion­ship [with fans of Coul­son] – I stum­bled into it.

My wife was on Danc­ing with the Stars, Jen­nifer Grey. She re­alised a cou­ple of weeks into it that she re­ally wanted to win, and she said: “I think we have to do this thing called the Twit­ter.” And so I signed her up.

And I pre­tended to be her, to get some votes. And I was, like, ‘Hey, guys’. And while I was on there, peo­ple would say, ‘Hey, say hi to Agent Coul­son’.

I think I had done two of the movies at that point, and I was like, ‘Ah, they know who I am. That’s cool’.

They’re very smart, tough fans, the Marvel fans. And there’s no one I’d rather work for.

They’re very opin­ion­ated, and they’ve had this 30 or 40-year re­la­tion­ship, as I have, with a lot of th­ese char­ac­ters. And when Coul­son [was in­tro­duced] at first they were, like, ‘Who is this Coul­son? He’s not in the comics’.

And a bunch of the oth­ers went, ‘We like this guy. He’s snarky’.

And they kept him around, and they em­braced him, so much so that when he was shanked [Coul­son was stabbed and thought to be dead in one plot twist] they [the fans] weren’t happy with it, and they did a hash­tag #Coul­son­lives.

And I started get­ting th­ese pho­tos of, like, a beach in Kenya where Coul­son lives and … I’m try­ing to re­mem­ber my geog­ra­phy now. I’m pray­ing to God that Kenya’s on the ocean.

I think it is. And so they brought him [Coul­son] back. And so then they’re go­ing to launch a Marvel show on tele­vi­sion, and they’re go­ing to use Coul­son. They’re go­ing to bring him back to life. And Joss tells me the pitch, and it’s in­cred­i­ble.

He thinks he had a near miss. No, it’s far deeper and more com­plex. We’re still play­ing that one out mid­way through Sea­son 2. And the only char­ac­ter on the show any­one knew was Coul­son. So it’s brand new char­ac­ters be­ing launched in that world, and it’s on TV, and, it was way too much pres­sure, in my opin­ion, to try to launch a show in.

And yet I marvel ev­ery day at the ac­tors that they picked, who have stepped into that pres­sure cooker and stared it down when it was bumpy, and have re­ally emerged.” MARVEL’S AGENTS OF S.H.I.E.L.D. WED­NES­DAY, 10PM, SEVEN

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