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7. 3 0PM, S BS1

Dr Michael Mosley presents com­pelling ev­i­dence that boys and girls brains are wired dif­fer­ently from birth, point­ing to the fact male mon­keys are drawn to play with toy trucks and girl mon­keys to dolls. Pro­fes­sor Alice Roberts (above, with Mosley) dis­agrees and pro­duces her own ev­i­dence it’s all to do with na­ture, en­vi­ron­ment and neu­ro­plas­tic­ity.


AN­CIENT DIS­COV­ER­IES – GRUE­SOME MEDICINE 1 0. 3 0PM, HI STORY C HANNEL This will stop you in your tracks as you chan­nel surf: a show where they in­flict hor­ri­ble old med­i­cal treat­ments on peo­ple to­day. Gasp as a leech is at­tached to a pa­tient to de­ter­mine how much blood they suck. Wince as they de­ter­mine if the elec­tric tor­pedo ray cure is as painful as it sounds.


A DANGEROUSS METHOD 1 0. 2 0PM, S BS2 This film is a lit­tle cold and stagey and never re­ally goes any­where de­spite the myr­iad pos­si­bil­i­ties lities of­fered up by the sub­ject mat­ter: r: the re­la­tion­ships be­tween Carl Jung g (Michael Fass­ben­der), der), the un­bal­anced but ut beau­ti­ful Sabine Spiel­rein (Keira Knight­ley, right, with th Fass­ben­der) and Sig­mund Freud.

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