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TAKEN 9.30PM, ONE This slick but rou­tine ac­tion thriller re­calls Har­ri­son Ford in Fran­tic, only with Liam Nee­son as a deadly ex spy act­ing more like Jason Bourne to get his daugh­ter back. And Nee­son is no Bourne. Has since spawned sev­eral lack­lus­tre se­quels.



AN­CHOR­MAN 9.30PM, TEN Will Fer­rell ( Elf, Old School) is su­perbly cast as Ron Bur­gundy, an ego­cen­tric leg­end of TV’s nightly news who could only have ex­isted in the 1970s. A stri­dently silly com­edy that regularly goes off-topic for some bril­liantly bonkers se­quences in­clud­ing a hi­lar­i­ous street fight be­tween ri­val news­read­ers, and Ron’s Hen­drix-inspired flute solo dur­ing a late-night jam ses­sion. Keeps a win­ning brand of an­ar­chic ab­sur­dity to the fore through­out. Great, grat­ing fun.



HEAT 8.30PM, GO! Vin­cent Hanna (Al Pa­cino) is one of those cops who has been chewed up and spat out by the very sys­tem he used to be­lieve in so much. He rails so hard against what he knows to be un­just that there is sim­ply no room for jus­tice in his own life. Then along comes chameleon crook Neil McCauley (Robert DeNiro) and his crack troop of high-rolling thieves. McCauley is about to pull off the job of a life­time, and woe be­tide any­one stupid enough to stand in his way. Un­be­liev­ably, this was the first film to bring to­gether DeNiro and Pa­cino, and the scene in which they fi­nally come face to face – a lengthy ex­change in a late-night diner – is the high­point of an in­tel­li­gent and ex­cit­ing ac­tioner that’s jam-packed with great mo­ments. A crack sup­port­ing cast in­cludes Val


Kilmer, Natalie Port­man, Tom Sizemore and Ash­ley Judd.


LOOPER 9.30PM, GO! An am­bi­tious, adrenalised sci-fi thriller that is all brains and all brawn, al­most all the time. First, the brains bit. Looper is a time-travel movie, with some head-spin­ning the­o­ries go­ing on about how time ma­chines can be used by gang­sters to get rid of their en­e­mies. Joseph Gor­donLe­vitt plays Joe, a hitman in the year 2044 whose latest as­sign­ment is to kill his fu­ture self. Bruce Wil­lis is the older Joe, and he is not about to let his past self get away with mur­der. What fol­lows (and it is eas­ier to fol­low than it sounds!) is a qual­ity chase movie of some con­sid­er­able so­phis­ti­ca­tion. In­deed, in a grip­ping fi­nal act, Looper locks into a mood that is


at once con­tem­pla­tive and com­pelling.


HOSTAGE 9.30PM, GO! A for­mer siege-breaker (Bruce Wil­lis) is called back into ac­tion when three teenage punks in­vade the home of an un­der­world ac­coun­tant. Gives off the whiff of a generic ac­tion thriller, but turns out to be any­thing but due to a great per­for­mance by Wil­lis and the bru­tal per­fec­tion of the screen­play.



TROPIC THUN­DER 9PM, ONE While shoot­ing a block­buster war film in the wilds of Viet­nam, a cast of ego­cen­tric ac­tors be­comes en­gaged in a run­ning bat­tle with lo­cal drug lords. The per­form­ers think it’s all part of a show be­ing filmed with se­cret cam­eras,


which only fur­ther en­rages the en­emy. De­spite an all-star cast of fun­ny­men – led by Ben Stiller, Jack Black and a bril­liant Robert Downey Jr – this high-con­cept, low­im­pact farce doesn’t quite stir up a per­fect storm of mirth. Never be­fore has a seem­ingly throw­away com­edy re­quired so much heavy lift­ing from the viewer. Good enough, but it should have been great.


MATCH POINT 9.30PM, SBS1 One of Woody Allen’s finest. Jonathan Rhys Mey­ers stars as a so­cial climber who in­fil­trates Lon­don’s up­per class by mar­ry­ing well, then al­most blows it all with a poor choice of mistress (a spec­tac­u­larly sen­su­ous Scar­lett Jo­hans­son). A mes­meris­ing mix of moral drama and dark hu­mour, with a shock end­ing to die for. Co-stars Emily Mor­timer.


Tour of duty: Jack Black, Robert Downey Jr and Ben Stiller in the com­edy block­buster Trop­icThun­der.

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