THE LAST WORD... ‘ She’s a lit­tle more prac­ti­cal and a lit­tle bit me’ bet­ter of a diplo­mat than


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“I CHOSE Madam Sec­re­tary [and the role of El­iz­a­beth] to make my re­turn to se­ries tele­vi­sion be­cause it was com­ing from Mor­gan Free­man [Os­carnom­i­nated ac­tor, di­rec­tor and nar­ra­tor and an ex­ec­u­tive pro­ducer of the show]. Mor­gan has no prob­lem recog­nis­ing the power, glory and po­ten­tial of women, women in pol­i­tics, women in busi­ness, women in en­ter­tain­ment, women pretty much any­where in the world.

He is al­ways look­ing for a way to celebrate and ex­pose what women are ac­com­plish­ing in the world. He is very vo­cal about it and I think he was very much a part of de­sign­ing [with Bar­bara Hall, Madam Sec­re­tary cre­ator and ex­ec­u­tive pro­ducer] what would be this job, what would be this woman’s [El­iz­a­beth’s] lot, what would she be bal­anc­ing.

As sea­son one has played out we’ve seen El­iz­a­beth change. I think she had an ar­ro­gance of her in­tegrity go­ing into this job [as Sec­re­tary of State] that she would never – her ethics would never wa­ver, her in­tegrity would never wa­ver; her moral com­pass would never wan­der.

And I think it’s not so much that it is, but that it’s chal­lenged so of­ten.

It’s re­lent­less and the de­ci­sions that she has to make, some of them are ul­ti­mately eth­i­cal de­ci­sions and I think, you know, that’s a very dif­fi­cult place to be for some­body who is try­ing not to be right­eous.

She’s al­ways been smart, but I think it’s [the job] a lit­tle more in­tense than she could ever have known.

I liked El­iz­a­beth [as a char­ac­ter] im­me­di­ately in that I ap­pre­ci­ated her ac­com­plish­ments. I ap­pre­ci­ated her view of the world. I felt that we had sim­i­lar points of view.

She’s a lit­tle more prac­ti­cal and a lit­tle bit bet­ter of a diplo­mat than me, which kind of bums me out be­cause I think of my­self as be­ing such a good diplo­mat, but this woman has great diplo­macy.

Some­times we have seen women in the past por­trayed on tele­vi­sion in this idea that if you’re a strong fe­male mak­ing it in your ca­reer in your pro­fes­sional life we have to sort of tear down your per­sonal life.

And it’s usu­ally through some sort of catty in­fi­delity or some­thing that, what, pro­vides en­ter­tain­ment?

El­iz­a­beth and Henry’s [Tim Daly] mar­riage isn’t a gim­mick and it’s not flaw­less. But it is fierce and I think that’s a lot of fun.” MADAM SEC­RE­TARY WED­NES­DAY, 8.30PM, TEN

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