THE LAST WORD... ‘ You’re only as good as your last job, so your­self ’ you have to keep prov­ing


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“I can bor­row from [my char­ac­ter] Louis’ wardrobe but I can’t keep the suits. That’s a sign of can­cel­la­tion, when they say you can buy it, that’s when you know you’re done. I’ve been a

part of a bunch of shows that have been can­celled, so I know.

Fans have a strong re­ac­tion to our show. Here’s what’s hi­lar­i­ous: be­fore the mid-sea­son fi­nale last year [which saw Louis threaten the fu­ture of pop­u­lar char­ac­ter Mike], ev­ery­body had been all gung-ho for Louis. But af­ter that episode they were all wish­ing me to die of can­cer on Twit­ter.

You sort of grow a thicker skin and re­alise the rea­son they hate me is [for do­ing a good job].

If you’d asked me be­fore I got this job if I’d have ex­changed it for any­thing then the an­swer would have been, ‘Hell no’. So bring it on, wish me what­ever dis­ease you want.

I re­late to Louis’ am­bi­tion. You tend to get com­pla­cent if you’re on a show like this for a long time [ Suits is now in its fifth sea­son].

Ev­ery­body says, ‘Oh, this is the great­est’, and then I say, ‘Yeah, well this is go­ing to end’.

You’re only as good as your last job, so you have to keep prov­ing your­self. You have to have the same am­bi­tion you had be­fore the show to con­tinue on. Usu­ally those peo­ple who lose that am­bi­tion pretty much fade away.

In sea­son one, Louis was pretty much a jerk. But he’s lonely, he’s a bro­ken soul. His core is good and I think that’s what makes him like­able to some de­gree.

His goofi­ness and gulli­bil­ity are sim­i­lar to mine. But I’m deathly al­ler­gic to cats so they’ve fi­nally stopped putting them in the script. What­ever hap­pens next to Louis, let’s just say it doesn’t in­volve a cat.

What would I like to see hap­pen to Louis? He’s got Donna [col­league Har­vey’s for­mer sec­re­tary, played by Sarah Raf­ferty], he’s happy as a name part­ner and you would think this would be his happy end­ing.

We’re up to shoot­ing episode seven and Donna hasn’t gone any­where. But I don’t have faith in the char­ac­ter, so who knows.

It’s heart­break­ing to see him con­stantly step on his own feet. He doesn’t usu­ally hold onto good things. Ul­ti­mately, this guy is never go­ing to be happy for long pe­ri­ods of time – there’s al­ways some­thing in the way.

Vul­ner­a­bil­ity for me is the kryp­tonite when it comes to my own joy of act­ing. There’s more com­ing this sea­son (for Louis).” SUITS THURS­DAY, 8.30PM, UNI­VER­SAL

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