THE LAST WORD... ‘ It’s all the nasty, mean, spite­ful, me’ vin­dic­tive bits of


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“I’VE never ac­tu­ally won any money on a TV quiz show. I’ve only taken part in the ones we tend to think of as very high-brow and pres­ti­gious and you end up win­ning a glass bowl or some­thing: Mas­ter­mind, Brainof Bri­tain, 50-1.

I didn’t re­alise I was that good un­til I found out there is a na­tional quizzing cir­cuit in the UK and started go­ing in for these big quizzes once a month. There were peo­ple there au­di­tion­ing for AreYou AnEg­ghead? I got through and ended up com­ing third. So I just ap­peared out of nowhere at the time the pro­duc­ers of the orig­i­nal TheChaseUK were look­ing for a fe­male Chaser.

The idea of TheChase is for me to out­run the con­tes­tants, an­swer more ques­tions cor­rectly than they do, and ‘catch’ them.

(Orig­i­nal UK Chaser) Mark Lab­bett is a big guy, he’s re­ally tall and re­ally big and his sur­name is La­bett which is French for ‘The Beast’. That gave them the idea that the Chasers should be per­son­al­i­ties with nick­names. Mark al­ways said, ‘It’s not an act, it’s you but with the vol­ume turned up’. With me it’s all the nasty, mean, spite­ful vin­dic­tive bits of me – I’m ut­terly shin­ing and de­light­ful when I’m not be­ing The Gov­erness!

No­body wants to be the worst Chaser. Mark al­ways says Chasers hunt as a pack and we do tend to be very mu­tu­ally sup­port­ive. If some­one is hav­ing a bad time we do not make it worse, we re­as­sure them and let them know we do have faith in them be­cause we know it could hap­pen to any of us.

Host An­drew O’Keefe is a great guy, and he re­ally is a lot like Bradley Walsh, the UK host, ex­cept dur­ing breaks when Bradley would be telling jokes, An­drew is singing and danc­ing. He’s great fun and I think we’ve got a good rap­port go­ing on.

The ques­tion set­ter com­pletely stitched us up on one oc­ca­sion in the UK. They’d gone to the pro­duc­ers and said, ‘Can we write a ques­tion around (Ger­man Olympic Skier) Fanny Chem­lar – (pro­nounced smeller) – to crack Bradley up?’. And the pro­ducer said go for it. The hi­lar­i­ous thing about that is that you can see Bradley is think­ing, ‘It’s five in the af­ter­noon, I can’t gig­gle be­cause then all the chil­dren will be ask­ing their par­ents why he’s gig­gling’.

I al­ways think of my­self as a ter­ri­ble gig­gler so I’ve had to learn to just keep it un­der con­trol, I think I’m pos­si­bly get­ting bet­ter.” THE CHASE AUS­TRALIA WEEK­DAYS, 5PM, SEVEN

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