THE LAST WORD... ‘[ ’ It’s very im­por­tant to me that ev­ery­one on set] is hav­ing a good time, hav­ing fun


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“IT’S very im­por­tant to me that ev­ery­one [on set] is hav­ing a good time, hav­ing fun and I take that very se­ri­ously; be­cause if we’re not, num­ber one it’s not go­ing to be fun and that’s a drag, but in ad­di­tion to that you’ll see it on film. It’s a vi­tal part of the process, the play­ful­ness and the kind­ness of the show. For as un­kind as th­ese char­ac­ters are, it’s the op­po­site be­hind the scenes. We shoot this show on lo­ca­tion and so you sort of live and breathe it and you don’t go home to your fam­ily and your own bed and your

own life which, at the end of the day, is more im­por­tant.

You sort of go back to your ho­tel or rented apart­ment and you wait to wake up in seven hours and go back to set to do it all again.

I’m a wor­rier at heart, so I worry a lot, to be hon­est. About 18 months ago, my hus­band and I took a mind­ful­ness work­shop.

Did it work? No (laughs). No, I take that back … I just said it to be funny. It did help. It’s just a hard prac­tice to keep up.

There are very big par­al­lels be­tween be­ing in show busi­ness and be­ing in po­lit­i­cal life.

The fact that I am some­one who is some­what well-known, I have to sell my­self like I’m do­ing right now, my brand, you know, so I tap into that all the time to play Selina Meyer.

In terms of the tim­ing [Selina be­com­ing pres­i­dent as Hil­lary Clin­ton runs for the same of­fice], I think if we were do­ing this show 20 years ago, it would have seemed more far-fetched, but it doesn’t now, whether that’s a woman lead­ing the free world or any gov­ern­ment for that mat­ter.

Selina’s prob­a­bly not some­body who should have ever had a child (laughs).

It’s really fun for me to play a woman who is emo­tion­ally beat­ing up on her daugh­ter. It’s really hi­lar­i­ous. The woman who plays my daugh­ter, Sarah Suther­land, is an amaz­ing ac­tress and very game.

We have a lot of fun riff­ing off of each other. In fact, what doesn’t end up in the show is of­ten so cruel and hor­ri­ble, you can’t imag­ine.”

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