‘ The Su­per­girl suit un­locks a part of me I didn’t re­alise was there’

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“I don’t know if there’s a good ex­pla­na­tion for the lack of fe­male su­per­heroes on TV. I don’t think it’s ac­cept­able really. There have been some really suc­cess­ful ver­sions of strong women on TV, with Lynda Carter ( Won­der Woman), and you know you’ve got Hunger Games and things like and I just think peo­ple are ready to see a really strong woman … with su­per­pow­ers! I think the word to de­scribe (the show) is up­lift­ing. What I love about Su­per­girl is that it’s a show for ev­ery­one – it’s got ro­mance, and has really funny mo­ments, and quirky and ec­cen­tric mo­ments, and then really dark mo­ments as well. It never gets too gritty.

This sea­son is (my char­ac­ter Su­per­girl’s) crash course in be­ing a su­per­hero. She’s come out to the world and now she’s got to be who she really is with her pow­ers, and that’s not al­ways as easy as she thinks it’s go­ing to be.

“(When) I got the job, that’s when I started train­ing. In the three months of au­di­tion­ing it was just go­ing in to the cre­ative team, go­ing into the stu­dio, and go­ing into the net­work and au­di­tion­ing over and over and over again, and dy­ing my hair so they could see what I looked like as a blonde.

In one of my au­di­tions, (cre­ator) Greg (Ber­lanti) said, ‘I love the quirk­i­ness, I love how ner­vous she is when she’s (Su­per­girl’s al­ter ego) Kara Dan­vers, it makes for a stronger switch to Su­per­girl’.

The suit definitely un­locks a part of me that I guess I didn’t re­alise was there. The first time I put it on I was so ex­cited. There was no self-con­scious­ness. It just sur­passed my wildest imag­i­na­tion about what it was go­ing to look like and it’s such an iconic sym­bol and colours al­to­gether that putting it on was pretty ex­hil­a­rat­ing.

I can re­late to (Su­per­girl’s overnight fame). She has the safety of anonymity still when she’s Kara Dan­vers, but I can re­late to that kind of in­tim­i­dat­ing feel­ing of ‘Oh well, this is peo­ple every­where pay­ing at­ten­tion’ .

My favourite power of hers is that she can fly, so I am do­ing that quite a bit. It’s really fun (hang­ing on wires) for the first six hours and then it starts to hurt!

I know peo­ple really want it (a cross­over be­tween Su­per­girl and Ber­lanti’s other shows Ar­row or The Flash) and I think it’d be such a fun thing if it’s pos­si­ble … I think that’s some­thing that would be amaz­ing.”



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