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“IF you didn’t sleep very well af­ter watch­ing Damien, well that was the de­sired ef­fect it was sup­posed to have.

I wouldn’t say I was a hor­ror buff at all, far from it. I’ve seen the clas­sic hor­ror movies that most peo­ple have, I wouldn’t nec­es­sar­ily go out of my way to watch an ob­scure hor­ror film. But if some­one has a hor­ror movie night when you get a bunch of friends and watch it to­gether and scream like a girl, that’s a clas­sic.

I watched The Omen [the cult 1976 hor­ror movie which in­spired Damien, set 25 years later] when I was too young to re­ally un­der­stand what I was watch­ing. So I al­ways had an aware­ness of it, but when I found out about Damien I re-watched it and very quickly re­alised what a great film it is.

What makes play­ing Damien in­ter­est­ing is that he’s not just one thing or the other, there’s a jour­ney there. There’s a sug­ges­tion that good and evil is sub­jec­tive. It’s not sim­ply a case of one side be­ing right and the other wrong.

Damien is es­sen­tially one of us – he’s a hu­man be­ing. All of the cir­cum­stances in which he finds him­self tend to be what high­lights those hu­man qual­i­ties. That ex­tra evil or dark source bal­ance to him tends to be in the sit­u­a­tions around him.

We meet Damien at his 30th birth­day. He’s never been able to work out what the weird stuff that hap­pens around him is, he’s just been try­ing to get away from it. And now it keeps catch­ing up with him. He finds him­self in his sit­u­a­tions where he has to make de­ci­sions like we all do in life but the choice has got­ten harder each time.

I had a very en­joy­able time shoot­ing the show. And I’ve thor­oughly en­joyed watch­ing it, largely be­cause we’ve been bounc­ing back and forth be­tween var­i­ous cast and crew mem­bers’ houses to watch it as a group. In fact, as I talk to you I’m stood among the mess of last night be­cause it was my turn to host and I haven’t quite got­ten around to clean­ing up af­ter­wards!

But it’s en­joy­able to have a few friends around as well as the cast. We’ve started the tra­di­tion of pick­ing some­one’s house, then slaugh­ter­ing it for a night while we’re watch­ing Damien.

We fin­ished shoot­ing sea­son one in Au­gust – quite a while ago re­ally. I guess we’ll find out if we get a pick-up [for sea­son two] once the show has fin­ished air­ing in the States and peo­ple who make the de­ci­sions, make their de­ci­sions.

But I’d dare say there’s not too many peo­ple among the cast who wouldn’t be keen to go back again. It was such a great ex­pe­ri­ence first time around.”

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