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1 Did Face­book reach a mile­stone 10 mil­lion, one bil­lion or two bil­lion users logged on in a sin­gle day this week? 2 Name the Aus­tralian band that re­cently re­leased the al­bum, Beau­ti­ful You. 3 The Span­ish city Va­len­cia is be­side the Mediter­ranean Sea. True or false? 4 Was Calvin Coolidge the 30th, 31st or 33rd US pres­i­dent? 5 Abba singer Agnetha Falt­skog was born in Eng­land. True or false? 6 Name the cap­i­tal of Costa Rica. 7 The Ti­juca For­est is in which city? 8 Birdsville is in Queens­land. True or false? 9 “Benny” is the nick­name of which Na­tional Rugby League coach? 10 Olympian Brad Cooper rep­re­sented Aus­tralia in which sport? 11 Who com­posed The Tales of Hoff­mann? 12 Name the youngest child of Homer Simp­son. 13 Name the colour of the star on the flag of Texas. 14 The port of Yoko­hama is on which ocean? 15 Natalie Port­man (pic­tured) won a Best Ac­tress Os­car for her role in which film? 16 John Bon­ham played which in­stru­ment in rock band Led Zep­pelin? 17 The Euro­pean Union won the No­bel Peace Prize in what year? 18 Ilie Nas­tase is a for­mer cham­pion of what sport? 19 Name the lead singer of The Stooges. 20 Who is the Premier (pic­tured) of Western Aus­tralia? 21 Name the singer of the theme song of the film, What’s New Pussy­cat? 22 Did Ni­co­lae Paulescu dis­cover ra­di­a­tion, ra­dio waves or in­sulin? 23 Igua­nas are her­biv­o­rous birds. True or false? 24 Was Bob Mar­ley noted for jazz, punk or reg­gae mu­sic? 25 Ge­orge Fore­man is a for­mer cham­pion of what sport? 26 Name the di­rec­tor of the film, Mary Pop­pins. 27 Mat­teo Renzi is the Prime Min­is­ter of which coun­try? 28 Name the prime min­is­ter who was born in Bathurst on Septem­ber 22,1885. 29 Os­car win­ner ac­tor Kate Winslet was born in Eng­land. True or false? 30 Is Sylvie Guillem a noted bal­let dancer, surfer or long dis­tance swim­mer? 31 Tegucigalp­a is in which coun­try? 32 Semi Radradra plays for which NRL club? 33 “Mar­sha, Mar­sha, Mar­sha!” is a line from which 1960s TV se­ries? 34 The Coon­awarra wine re­gion is in which Aus­tralian state or ter­ri­tory? 35 Name the pi­o­neer­ing Bris­bane band that recorded the 1992 al­bum Drift. 36 Name the 1960s TV se­ries which fea­tured the char­ac­ter Un­cle Fes­ter. 37 Did Steven King, Ernest Hem­ing­way or Damien Oliver ride Let’s Elope to win the 1991 Mel­bourne Cup? 38 Name the US pres­i­dent who said: “Let us never ne­go­ti­ate out of fear but let us never fear to ne­go­ti­ate.” 39 What does BHP, in BHP Bil­li­ton, stand for? 40 The Pi­o­neer River is in Queens­land. True or false?

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