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STAN PRICK­ETT FROM PADDING­TON AN­TIQUE CEN­TRE (PADDINGTON­ANTIQUE CEN­TRE.COM.AU) AS­SESSES THE VALUE OF READ­ERS’ KEEP­SAKES COULD you please tell me if this is a teapot and its ap­prox­i­mate value? I found it in an op shop and they could not tell what it was. The di­men­sions are: length (from tip of the spout to han­dle edge) 25cm, width 12cm and height 18cm. It has no mark­ings and is in per­fect con­di­tion.

R. Wo­j­cik It is what’s calledalle­d a Car­do­gan teapot, madee in China, but ear­lier ver­sion­sons were made inn Eng­land. It is s mod­ern and of lit­tle value. ALONG with a bunch of other coins kept in a tin can and found in a wall space, I found this in the late 1980s when my fa­ther was dis­as­sem­bling a shed in Mel­bourne. Where is it from, what is its sig­nif­i­cance, and does it have any value?


Des The m medal was made by Stok Stokes, Melb Mel­bourne, Austr Aus­tralia, cel­e­brat­ingcel­e­bra the al­lies’ vic­to­ryvic in WWII. The medal was given to schoolchil­dren­schoo in 1945 and it has a val­ue­valu of about $15.$15 I DO NOT know what this is made of. It is more than 100 years old and has been called a cal­lig­ra­phy brush pot. I would like to know its ori­gin or value.

C. Tooth Your brush pot is Chi­nese and made of soapstone. Soapstone is a rel­a­tively soft rock mostly com­prised of talc and used ex­ten­sively by the Chi­nese for carv­ing due to its soft­ness. Your pot may be 100 years old but more likely dates to about the 1930s. You didn’t give me a size or con­di­tion so it’s im­pos­si­ble to give you an ac­cu­rate value, but it would be less than $100 if in good con­di­tion. Email your ques­tion for Stan and a JPEG of the item (be­tween 350kb and 1mb) along with the size, con­di­tion and any in­for­ma­tion to home­ground@the­sun­day­

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