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Paul Burt reels in the best fish­ing spots, angling tips and the latest prod­uct re­views


GLADSTONE A bit of rain and light winds over the past few days al­lowed plenty of angling to be done on the reefs, and with good weather set un­til Thurs­day ex­pect more fish to be caught. Cod and trout dom­i­nated the catches from the more shal­low grounds, along with red-throat sweet­lip through­out the night. There have been a few reef sharks about the schools of fish as well. Mast­head south and out into the deeper chan­nels scored a few de­cent reds and nan­ny­gai, along with the odd mack­erel. The rivers pro­duced a catch of bream and flat­head from the lower reaches and the flats and chan­nels around the mouth of the Cal­liope held whit­ing and some salmon. Com­pleat An­gler MARY­BOR­OUGH Win­ter whit­ing were caught in num­bers from the banks op­po­site Torquay and fur­ther around to­wards Uran­gun. Yab­bies scored most, with some fish landed mea­sur­ing in the mid-20s. Bream and flat­head were caught around the creek en­trances south of King­fisher and along the rock bars in the Bur­rum. There have been a few salmon and trevally at the en­trance to the Mary, just up­stream from River­heads. Cast­ing soft plas­tics and trolling hard-bod­ied lures have worked well. A few squire, sweet­lip and tusk fish were caught around Woody Point, while the odd golden trevally was taken on fly along the in­side of the is­land. Com­pleat An­gler Mary­bor­ough SUN­SHINE COAST With the off­shore scene a lit­tle on the rough side, an­glers tended to opt for the river with some great re­sults, start­ing at the Noosa River mouth. There has been plenty of qual­ity bream be­ing landed off the rocks at the river mouth and around at the dog beach. Most an­glers have been us­ing fresh strips of mul­let, whole small hardy heads and live blood­worms. There have been a few qual­ity flat­head along dog beach, Fuze soft plas­tics have been work­ing a treat on the flaties. The odd man­grove jack has been caught on livies, strip baits and soft plas­tics. Ex­pect to find tai­lor and trevally around the mouth ha­rass­ing the bait schools as they move into the river. On the other side of the river the Fry­ing Pan has also seen good bream. This time of year you’ll of­ten find some good tai­lor around the fry­ing pan. Woods Bays and the Noosa Sound have had mixed schools of trevally in­clud­ing golden, diamond and big gi­ant trevally. Early morn­ing and late af­ter­noon, Jack­all Boil Trig­gers and River 2 Sea Bub­ble Pops have been pro­duc­ing some nice GTs, big eyes and big tai­lor. Mi­cro jigs con­tinue to be one of the stand­out lures for chas­ing trevally through­out the river and al­low you to cover a lot of area and fish the en­tire wa­ter col­umn. Soft plas­tics are another con­sis­tent pro­ducer, with a good mix­ture of bait­fish and prawn im­i­ta­tions pro­duc­ing the goods. Take the time to rig your plas­tics nice and straight for best re­sults. Up on the Ski Runs, the odd jew­fish has been com­ing from the deeper holes. Large flat­headk, up to 80cm, have also been re­ported from the same area with soft plas­tics and live baits do­ing the job.

The Ma­roochy River has been on the im­prove, with good schools of trevally mov­ing through the river chas­ing small mul­let and her­ring. Tai­lor have also been found at the mouth of the river, chas­ing schools of frog­mouth pilchards as they move into the river. An­glers have been cast­ing slugs like the Halco Twisty and even us­ing mi­cro jigs such as the Colt Sniper in the larger sizes, with a fast re­trieve these slugs im­i­tate a flee­ing bait fish.

Off­shore, things were a lit­tle dif­fi­cult last week with large swells, winds and squally rain. Most an­glers de­cided to keep the boat on the trailer or head for the river. With the off­shore con­di­tions be­ing a lit­tle try­ing, Sun­day was the pick of the days for the week­end an­glers headed to­wards Caloun­dra 12 Mile, the Gneer­ings and Mur­phys for good qual­ity snap­per, tusk fish jew and the odd coral trout. Mi­cro­jigs have been very suc­cess­ful, with the new TT vec­tor jigs and the Palm Slow Blats work­ing ex­tremely well. There have also been large schools of slimy mack­erel, so make sure you have your bait jigs ready to go.

On the beaches, schools of tai­lor have been mov­ing up the coast. It has been a bit hit and miss, but when an­glers get on to a school they have been land­ing some qual­ity fish. Good qual­ity bream and dart have also been in­hab­it­ing the gut­ters. Davos Bait and Tackle Sun­shine Coast MORE­TON BAY Mar­gate Beach, Scar­bor­ough’s beach and Clon­tarf fore­shores have been good fish­ing for bread and but­ter fish of bream, whit­ing and flat­head.

Hays In­let, Cab­bage Tree Creek, Pine River have also been fish­ing well for flat­head, bream and whit­ing on worms and squid in hot spots such as Deep Wa­ter Bend to Lobby creek. Bram­ble Bay, Even­tide and Ted Smout fish­ing plat­form has flat­head, whit­ing, bream and at night around jet­ties find squid and mul­loway. Pine River’s rocky out­crops and bridge struc­ture are hold­ing bream with soft plas­tics and small pop­pers on the run up-tide scor­ing well. Bob Bell Park area has flat­head and bream on baits and ar­ti­fi­cial.

Bris­bane River’s en­trance bea­cons are hold­ing chop­per tai­lor near the sur­face, with squire, snap­per and mul­loway school­ing near struc­ture. Along the wharves, rock walls and rocky out­crops through­out the river you can find bream, threadfin salmon, squire and flat­head on plas­tics and baits.

Mud Is­land’s north­east­ern cor­ner to north­west­ern cor­ner is hold­ing schools of pan-size squire with the odd line-burner among them. Harry’s Ar­ti­fi­cial Reef’s deep de­pres­sions seem to be the hold­ing grounds for snap­per, while the wreck is hold­ing mul­loway, snap­per and a mix of reef fish.

Whit­ing have been on the weed and sand flats through the bay. It is worth hav­ing a squid jig over the back while chas­ing the whit­ing and the flat­head.

Try Peel Is­land, along the western reef ledge: bream, chop­per tai­lor and squire on flesh baits and soft plas­tics. Larger snap­per and mul­loway out from West Peel Ar­ti­fi­cial Reef un­der schools of bait. The eastern side weed banks and Goat Is­land are hold­ing squid. Shae-La-Bree Fish­ing Tours & Tu­tor­ing SOUTH­PORT OFF­SHORE There are plenty of am­ber­jacks, sam­bos, kin­gies and snap­per on the 50-fathom line us­ing live bait, pilles and jigs. Heaps of trag jew on 24s and 18s and some big sil­ver jew hang­ing around also. Best to use live baits for the larger jew, and pilchards for the trag.

There have been a few co­bia on the lo­cal 18s and wrecks, how­ever they have started to ta­per off as the whales have passed by.

Ex­pect more to show up once the whales start to head south again over the next month or two. Trolling skirted lures on the 200 fathom line should see a large yel­lowfin or mar­lin landed. Sea Probe Char­ters GOLD COAST OFF­SHORE Fi­nally some huge snap­per have ar­rived on our lo­cal reefs. Qual­ity fish were caught this week along the 18 and 24-fathom reefs, with fish to just un­der 10kg be­ing weighed at our store. Some of the tech­niques used to catch the snap­per in­cluded us­ing live baits (yel­low­tail and slim­mies), and floatlin­ing WA pilchards. The best lo­ca­tions were on the 24fathom reefs from 2755 S / 15331 E down to 2800 S / 15331 E. Fish in the early morn­ing or just on dark, and if you in­tend to stay af­ter dark in the evening, ex­pect to have a hook-up to a qual­ity size jew­fish up to 20kg as well, es­pe­cially if you are us­ing live baits. Fur­ther out on the 36s the fish­ing has also been good for snap­per, es­pe­cially around 2748 S /15336 E, again fish live baits or float line for the big­ger fish. You may have to re­verse up on to your lines to keep your light sinker and bait more ver­ti­cal to the bot­tom, es­pe­cially if you have a bit of west­erly wind in your drift. This sce­nario gives your baits much more nat­u­rally to the fish that is about to smash it, rather then be­ing dragged along un­der pres­sure in an un­nat­u­ral man­ner. NORTH­ERN BROAD­WA­TER This last week has seen some awe­some sized flat­head caught all through­out the Jump­in­pin re­gion with fish up to 90cm caught and re­leased and even big­ger ones lost. I per­son­ally lost a few mon­sters dur­ing this week, and they are def­i­nitely start­ing to show up now among the many thou­sands of av­er­age to qual­ity sized flat­head out there at the mo­ment. BROAD­WA­TER There is qual­ity jew­fish through­out the Se­away and the Broad­wa­ter, with best catches at night. Fish­ing the Se­away pipe has pro­duced fish more than 22kg (50 lbs). Us­ing live mul­let, yel­low­tail and slim­mies has been best bait. There have been big flat­head caught through­out the Se­away, es­pe­cially along the north wall cast­ing soft plas­tics up close to the rocks on the high tide. Bream and the oc­ca­sional snap­per have been caught along the south wall of the Se­away drift­ing with WA pilchards for bait or us­ing blades and small soft vibes. Some whit­ing up to 40cm have been caught up the Nerang River from Car­rara straight down to the coun­cil cham­bers in the evenings. Best baits are live blood worms, beach worms, yab­bies or pre­served and cured red beach worms. Fish­ing this week­end’s tides for whit­ing is per­fect in the evenings with high tide just af­ter dark and th then fish the en­tire run-out ti tide un­til late into the night. F Flat­head have been caught ca cast­ing soft plas­tics. Along our be beaches the tai­lor fish­ing has re re­ally ramped up this week w with the best cap­tures com­ing fromfr the Sand Pump­ing Jetty on the spit and off the beach justju south of the Pump­ing Jetty.Je Best times have been fromfr 4.30pm till about8pm usingu WA pilchards for bait. SOUTH­ERNS GOLD COASTC Tai­lor have dom­i­nated the beaches this week, from Burleigh Heads, Tu­gan, and south to Brunswick Heads. Again the evening has pro­duced the best catches, with and the odd jew­fish among the tai­lor as well. Some qual­ity bream have also been caught while fish­ing for the tai­lor and the odd whaler shark. Flat­head have been caught from just in­side the Tweed Walls up to Tum­bul­gum. Work­ing soft plas­tics or drift­ing with WA pilchards has pro­duced the best cap­tures. If you are a land-based an­gler try around Boyds Bay bridge and off the jet­ties and rock walls for a feed of bream and the odd flat­head. Off­shore, the weather looks great at the start to this week and try in close for snap­per early morn­ing and out wide if you would like a feed of snap­per, pearl perch and pig­fish. It is def­i­nitely worth a jig out wide on the reefs for yel­low­tail king­fish and am­ber­jack through­out the next month. Ex­pect to see some big yel­lowfin tuna to 80ks out wide on the sea moun­tains. Try trolling skirted lures or cast­ing stick­baits through­out this next month. Doug Burt’s Fish­ing and Tackle Store Labrador MA­ROON DAM Per­fect con­di­tions greeted an­glers this week. Sev­eral had suc­cess work­ing shal­low div­ing sus­pend­ing lures. Cast­ing to the edge of the weed line and im­me­di­ately work­ing short, sharp cranks fol­lowed by a pause proved ir­re­sistible to Aus­tralian bass. Bass were hit­ting the lures dur­ing the pause of the re­trieve, as the lure slowly floated to the sur­face. It wasn’t un­com­mon to get strikes while the lure had been sus­pended for 20-40 sec­onds. Steve Wilkes Sports Tu­ition TWEED HEADS Red rock cod and small squire were caught in num­bers at the lo­cal Mud Hole. Recre­ational an­glers have been catch­ing plenty of am­ber­jacks, king­fish both yel­low­tail and black from the 32s and south­ern reefs east of Caba. The wider trap area in 28 01 and 28 02 GPS mark also held plenty of Ajs and kin­gies for the jig­gers. Pearl perch and squire are in num­bers fur­ther south around the 28 05 and 28 07 marks; also along the 50 fathom line. Reel Fishin’ Char­ters

 ??  ?? GOOD START: Hay­den Stewart, 4, from Red­cliffe caught his first fish with his dad at Yamba and (above right) Matt Webb with a solid coral trout he caught while fish­ing the reefs off Noosa Heads.
GOOD START: Hay­den Stewart, 4, from Red­cliffe caught his first fish with his dad at Yamba and (above right) Matt Webb with a solid coral trout he caught while fish­ing the reefs off Noosa Heads.
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