Greens plumb new depths

Adam Bandt’s vi­cious smear of a war hero in­sults all who have worn the uni­form and shows there is no line this party won’t cross

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AS JOHN Howard of­ten said, pol­i­tics is a con­stant test of char­ac­ter, and the char­ac­ter of some politi­cians was well and truly on dis­play last week.

New Lib­eral Sen­a­tor and former gen­eral Jim Molan might have an­tic­i­pated a re­spect­ful wel­come to the Par­lia­ment given his 40 years’ ser­vice in the Aus­tralian Army. In­stead, he was de­nounced as a racist for shar­ing on so­cial me­dia, as a pri­vate ci­ti­zen, gen­uine footage of Is­lamist vi­o­lence but from a prej­u­diced source.

The Op­po­si­tion’s claims were bad enough, but al­le­ga­tions by the Greens, ac­cus­ing Gen­eral Molan of war crimes dur­ing his time as chief of op­er­a­tions for the multi­na­tional force in Iraq, are about as pu­trid as it gets in pol­i­tics.

To Molan’s credit, he didn’t re­treat in the face of out­rage, ob­serv­ing tartly that it was his cus­tom to apol­o­gise only when he’d done some­thing wrong. That’s the kind of steadi­ness most of us want in our lead­ers, too many of whom wilt at the first hint of a twit­ter­storm.

By at­tack­ing Jim Molan, the Greens at­tacked not just the man, but the uni­form. It high­lights just how in­vested the Greens are in hat­ing our coun­try, who we are, and what we stand for. La­bor’s not with­out blame ei­ther; let’s not for­get they kicked this all off, ac­cus­ing Molan of racism by shar­ing the videos.

Jim Molan a racist? What a base­less slur. Here is a man, in­vested as an of­fi­cer in the Or­der of Aus­tralia for his ser­vice in In­done­sia and in East Ti­mor. Last time I looked, In­done­sia is a coun­try of 220 mil­lion-plus Mus­lims.

In Iraq, Molan put his life on the line to bring democ­racy to a ma­jor­ity-Mus­lim coun­try, by fight­ing Mus­lim ter­ror­ists and pro­tect­ing in­no­cent (Mus­lim) cit­i­zens. Doesn’t sound like some­one who’s anti-Mus­lim to me.

But the Greens have no line they won’t cross, no grubby depth they won’t plumb, no ac­cu­sa­tion they won’t throw out in an at­tempt to smear. What Adam Bandt said is the worst I’ve seen in 18 years of pol­i­tics: “You are a cow­ard, you are a com­plete cow­ard, I mean own it ... if there was a proper in­quiry into the war in Iraq I think you’d find that Jim Molan will prob­a­bly be up for pros­e­cu­tion rather than for praise for his role in the atroc­i­ties in Fal­lu­jah,” said Bandt, the fed­eral MP for the seat of Mel­bourne.

A Fal­lu­jah vet­eran a cow­ard? Bandt doesn’t know his mil­i­tary his­tory. His first apol­ogy was any­thing but sin­cere and Molan rightly re­jected it, but late on Fri­day night, Bandt apol­o­gised again, to the Sen­a­tor and all Aus­tralian mil­i­tary per­son­nel and their fam­i­lies too. Noth­ing less would have sat­is­fied Molan and for now, the mat­ter is done.

But Aus­tralians who be­lieve this coun­try is some­thing spe­cial, and want it to stay that way, need to wake up to Greens. They might claim they’re an en­vi­ron­men­tal party, but in prac­tice, the Greens are against al­most ev­ery­thing that Aus­tralians take for granted. Here are some poli­cies they’ve ad­vo­cated:

They want to change Aus­tralia Day, de­crim­i­nalise drugs, dump the flag, give pris­on­ers the vote, im­pose a 50 per cent per­sonal in­come tax rate, scrap bor­der pro­tec­tion poli­cies, ban coal, of­fer free uni­ver­sity ed­u­ca­tion for refugees and give 16-year-olds the vote. I could keep go­ing, one crazy pol­icy af­ter an­other, but clearly, you get my mean­ing.

Grand­stand­ing against Jim Molan to cre­ate some Bat­man by-elec­tion theatre sadly em­bod­ies the pol­i­tics of cheap smear and con­fected out­rage that Aus­tralians have come to de­spise. The events of this week make it all the more nec­es­sary that the Lib­eral Party has a change of heart and runs in the seat of Bat­man. They won’t win, that’s im­pos­si­ble, but at least their pref­er­ences would keep an­other low-life Green, from tak­ing a seat in our na­tional Par­lia­ment, and surely that’s enough rea­son to run.

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