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GLAD­STONE There has been some nice bar­ra­mundi be­ing caught, both in the Cal­liope and Boyne rivers. The man­grove jack were not put off by the rain that we had on the week­end, with some fish be­ing up to 55cm.

With the wind still blow­ing up to 20-plus knots, the off­shore fish­ing has been off lim­its. This week­end the wind is sup­posed to drop off so there is a chance to get out to the reef.

Try the deeper gut­ters, with the smaller tides for those red fish. Mud crabs have been also slow, but next week with the build-up to the new moon they should start to move. Pats Tackle World MARY­BOR­OUGH Over the last week, the rivers have been the place to be, the weather has re­ally dic­tated where anglers are head­ing and in the rivers bar­ra­mundi have been a tar­geted species with good catches and one an­gler even us­ing his fly gear and get­ting hook ups. Man­grove jack have been in good num­bers in the up­per reaches be­fore the rain.

Prawns have been on the menu too, once anglers found the schools it didn’t take much to get their pos­ses­sion lim­its.

The creeks along the Sandy Straits be­low Her­vey Bay have pro­duced some good-qual­ity prawns. There were a few re­ports of mud­dies on the move and some anglers caught a good feed. Com­pleat An­gler Mary­bor­ough SUN­SHINE COAST With the re­cent fresh­wa­ter in­flux, whit­ing have been more preva­lent down towards the mouth of the Noosa River. Live worms and live yab­bies have been the prime baits.

With the pre­vail­ing souther­lies fish­ing the dog beach has been per­fect for those want­ing to chase whit­ing on sur­face, the Bass­day Su­gapens and the Atomic Hards sur­face walk­ers are per­fect for the job.

Plenty of bream have also been down towards the Noosa River mouth. Fish­ing the sand­bags at the end of the Dog Beach has seen some good fish landed on bonito and mul­let fil­let.

The river-mouth flats have also been the place to tar­get large flat­head on the run-out tide.

The hot and hu­mid af­ter­noons that will come af­ter the rains will cer­tainly fire up the man­grove jack for the evening and night fish­er­man. With the re­cent rains a lot have pushed down river in the pur­suit of small bait fish. Suc­cess­ful lo­ca­tions have been Woods Bay, the back of the Noosa Sound and River Mouth rocks. Fresh mul­let has been the bait of choice as the oily flesh lets off a lot of scent in the dirt­ier wa­ter, for those that love a lure, pad­dle vibe like the Sa­maki Thumper tails and the Live Tar­get Swim Baits have claim some good fish.

Fish­ing Woods Bay in the early morn­ing has been re­ward­ing with qual­ity trevally hit­ting sur­face lures. Mud crabs are mak­ing them­selves know through­out the sys­tem af­ter re­cent rains. Get the pots in around the deeper stretches of river that are close to man­groves. Weyba Creek has also been a suc­cess­ful crab­bing haunt for qual­ity bucks. Fresh bait like mul­let seems to be the main draw­card.

On the beaches, the big swells we have had over the past cou­ple of weeks have re­ally cre­ated some great gut­ters and holes. Whit­ing, bream and dart have been the main­stays, but with more gut­ters and more bait the jew and big tai­lor will be on the chew.

Ded­i­cated night fish­er­men should see some good re­sults with the new moon later in the month. The rock hop­pers have been mainly work­ing the north­ern side of the head­lands with the southerly breezes. The swell is due to drop off a bit so this will make things a lit­tle more ac­ces­si­ble. Those that did brave con­di­tions got some nice bream and the odd sweet­lip.

On the off­shore scene, those lucky enough to get out in a win­dow of fish­able weather last week were re­warded with good num­bers of qual­ity fish.

Some of the larger char­ter boats made their way to North Reef ear­lier last week with span­ish mack­erel, spotty mack­erel, sweet­lip, maori cod, venus tusk fish and co­bia all boated.

For those who stayed close, Sun­shine Reef fished well with span­ish mack­erel, spotty mack­erel, co­ral trout, grassy sweet­lip, squire, cod, pearl perch and dark tail sea perch all taken. The rain has stirred up the bait in the rivers, so the closer reefs such as Jew Sho­a­les and Sun­shine should be good for some qual­ity reef species. With the on­set of the warmer cur­rents and cleaner wa­ter, the pelag­ics are sure to be on fire once again.

In the fresh­wa­ter Lake Mac­don­ald, the bass were bit­ing in the deep. With the great in­flux of fresh­wa­ter, fish­ing blades, jigs and soft plas­tics is your best. Blue Blue mi­cro jigs were work­ing well.

Saratoga have been worth tar­get­ing in the up­per stretches of both the Yabba and King­ham arms of Lake Bo­rumba. Bass are best tar­geted closer to the main basin of the dam, and around the tim­ber at the junc- tion. Due to the lack of anglers fish­ing dur­ing the week, I thought we could take a look at what good will come out of the week’s weather. With run-off from rain, the fresh­wa­ter flushes prawns and bait fish out into the river where the wa­ter is higher in salin­ity lev­els. It’s im­por­tant to note the same goes for crabs and whit­ing as well.

Firstly, prawns are now in sea­son, so try work­ing the creek en­trances, deep bends and holes in the river. I find prawns love the early morn­ing on the last of the run-out tide to the bot­tom of the tide. Prawns, gen­er­ally, move around be­tween tides, this is why they tend to school up in the deeper holes as the tide slows and re­cedes.

Whit­ing is the next species that ben­e­fits from a flush-out as the big­ger fish head down river to the saltier wa­ter. Fish­ing sol­dier crabs and live yab­bies should bag you some qual­ity fish. Make sure to use a long flu­oro car­bon trace with a size-6 long shank hook such as the Tru Turn 063 hook. You will also find if the days are hot af­ter the rain, the quan­tity and qual­ity will in­crease.

The last es­tu­ary specie I would like to men­tion, is ev­ery­one’s favourite – the mud crab. Mud­dies love a good flush and this is when those big bucks are at their best.

Drop­ping your pots around the mouths of creeks, drains and on the deeper bends of the river should land you a nice feed.

Lastly, they say a drought on the land is a drought at sea.

This say­ing is cor­rect when we talk about an off­shore specie that love a good drop of rain. I’m re­fer­ring to none other than the co­ral trout. This great-eat­ing fish in­hab­its some of our closer reefs such as Sun­shine and Mur­phy’s reefs. The trick to hook­ing one of th­ese beau­ties is all about the bait and tech­nique. The best bait is live yakkas on a gang of 7/0 Mus­tad 7766d hooks on a sin­gle run­ning rig with the sinker sit­ting on top of the hooks. The tech­nique is to drop other baits down first to en­tice other species to eat first as this per­suades the trout to start eat­ing. Davos Bait and Tackle Sun­shine Coast MORE­TON BAY At Red­cliffe, fish for bream, flat­head and whit­ing in Hays In­let, Pine River and along the Scar­bor­ough fore­shores. Fish­ing the mouth of Elim­bah and Ningi creeks, there is a chance for bream, flat­head and whit­ing on fresh baits and soft plas­tics. Cab­bage Tree Creek on the mak­ing tide has pro­duced flat­head, whit­ing and bream. Man­grove jack were re­ported on rock bars and snags. Live baits have been the best.

The Bris­bane River has fished for threadfin, squire and bream along the rock walls. Around the chan­nel ledges and chan­nel mark­ers, there have been a few mul­loway caught on large curl tail soft plas­tics. Look for school­ing squire in deeper holes and along rock walls early morn­ing and late af­ter­noon. Wyn­num fore­shores has had flat­head, bream and whit­ing. Manly Har­bour along the rock wall at night there have been catches of bream, moves perch and chop­per tai­lor.

Fish the sand flats and the mouth of Tin­galpa Creek, for whit­ing, bream and flat­head on prawn im­i­ta­tion lures.

At Hil­liards Creek try for trevally, cod, bream and man- grove jack. Trevally and es­tu­ary cod were landed in Raby Bay Canals early in the morn­ing. Mul­loway were tak­ing live baits at night in the deeper holes and rocky corners of the canals.

Peel Is­land ar­ti­fi­cial reef has pro­duced some nice squire and grassy sweet­lip on flesh baits and squid early in the morn­ing be­fore the wind picks up.

Bream and whit­ing were in the shal­lows, while grassy sweet­lip, squire and were caught flat­head on the north­ern side of Coochiemudlo Is­land.

Ma­cleay Is­land and Potts Point had flat­head, tai­lor, bream and whit­ing.

Whit­ing can be found along most sand banks and chan­nels, in­clud­ing Ja­cobs Well Chan­nel, Tabby Tabby Is­land, Short Is­land, and Gold Banks. Cab­bage Tree canal and Rocky Point have had flat­head, whit­ing and bream.

Flat­head, mul­loway, whit­ing and chop­per tai­lor were caught at Pin Bar.

At the Coomera River mouth, try for whit­ing, flat­head and bream on the slack tide with man­grove jack and trevally up in the canals early morn­ing and late af­ter­noon. Shae-La-Bree Fish­ing Tours & Tu­tor­ing SOUTH­PORT OFF­SHORE King­fish have been landed along the 42 and 50 fathom line us­ing knife jigs, Ocea flut­ter jigs and live baits. There have been plenty of am­ber­jack in the mix as well.

The closer 42s have also been hold­ing plenty of kin­gies. squire, and tusk fish were on the 36s east of the Pin and fur­ther north along the Cathe­drals. The odd co­bia has been taken in around the wrecks, while mack­erel fish­ing off Point Look­out has been suc­cess­ful for those af­ter span­ish.

A few wa­hoo and dol­phin fish were around the wave rider buoy off Point Look­out and mar­lin were still be­ing trolled up along the 36s and 50 fathom cur­rent lines. Sea Probe Char­ters GOLD COAST OFF­SHORE Mack­erel, mar­lin, dol­phin fish, wa­hoo and tuna have all been the sta­ple catch over the past month and de­spite the weather be­ing hor­ri­ble over the past week, there were fi­nally some anglers ven­tur­ing out yes­ter­day and catch­ing some fish again.

Trolling the lo­cal 24 fathom grounds worked well on the bil­lies and wa­hoo while fur­ther south around Mer­maid, the Gravel Patch and Palmy, span­ish and spot­ties were caught in num­bers.

There have been some squire and snap­per also landed early in the morn­ing on the 24 and 36 fathom grounds again float lin­ing worked best.

Kin­gies, pearl perch and am­ber­jack were also landed around the Burleigh Traps north to the 50 fathom grounds around 27 42. In­shore, there were plenty of man­grove jack landed from the creeks and canals with soft plas­tic prawns, shads, div­ing lures and sur­face pop­pers work­ing well.

Try live bait­ing around the walls of Sanc­tu­ary Cove and Sala­cia Wa­ters at Par­adise Point on the slack tide. The canal en­trances and the Nerang also worked well.

There have been a few flat­head around Crab Is­land and the Alder­shots on 85mm Squid­gies and Gulp shrimp.

Fish­ing the Pin scored a few mul­loway around the en­trance along with flat­head mainly along the south­ern tip of North Strad­die. The up­per reaches have started to pro­duce ba­nana prawns and th­ese will only in­crease in num­bers over the com­ing month.

The Se­away pro­duced school jew around the Pipeline and bream from the wall.

A few tai­lor were taken around the end of the north wall on Raiders and pop­pers. Mud crabs are about in num­bers through­out the Pim­pama, while sandies can be pot­ted around Sovereign Is­lands and Run­away Bay Chan­nel.

In the Tweed, plenty of jack were taken along the struc­ture be­tween Stotts Is­land and Tum­bul­gum Bridge. There have also been plenty of fish taken fur­ther up­stream around the YMCA at Mur­willum­bah and the sugar mill at Con­dong.

Try fish­ing for bass up past the weir us­ing pop­pers and watch for the snakes. The north­ern arm has been hold­ing plenty of fish re­cently as well as the pock­ets lead­ing up towards Uki. Doug Burt’s Fish­ing and Tackle Store Labrador MAROON DAM Some nice yel­low­belly have been picked up us­ing ice jigs, just west of the boat ramp. Fish­ing just off the weed line pro­duced the de­sired re­sults. Bass have also been caught along the bank per­pen­dic­u­lar to this lo­ca­tion. Bass are school­ing on the drop-off in around 9m of wa­ter.

Live shrimp has ac­counted for plenty, and so too has trolling dark-coloured spin­ner baits through the schools. Red claw catches also con­tinue to be im­pres­sive. Steve Wilkes Sports Tu­ition TWEED HEADS Ad­verse con­di­tions ear­lier in the week did play havoc in get­ting out for a fish, how­ever, yes­ter­day was ideal with light winds and calm seas.

The Nine Mile fired up with catches of wa­hoo, yel­lowfin, mac-tuna and the odd GT.

There have been plenty of mack­erel landed in around Fido’s, mainly on the south­ern ledge. For a catch of squire and par­rot, hit the 32s be­hind the Nine Mile reef and fur­ther south off Kingy. A few king­fish were taken out around Deep South­ern on live baits. My Char­ter Boat

HARD YARDS: Melanie Ot­t­away with a top-class blue mar­lin taken off the shelf. She was fish­ing with a Shi­mano Ti­a­gra 80W us­ing stand up tackle. Great ef­fort!

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