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2 Who was the first Pres­i­dent of the Rus­sian Fed­er­a­tion? 4 Did Forbes name Amer­i­can Tyler Allen in its “30 un­der 30” list in sci­ence, mu­sic or con­sumer tech­nol­ogy?

They Shall Not Grow Old. 6 Pul­pit Rock is a tourist at­trac­tion in which coun­try? 8 Devils Tower, in Wy­oming, is a plot el­e­ment in which 1970s sci-fi film? 10 Bel­mopan is the cap­i­tal of which coun­try? 11 Michel Aoun is the Pres­i­dent of which coun­try? 12 Gar­biñe Mugu­ruza (pic­tured) is a for­mer world No.1 in which sport? 14 Moonta is a coastal town in which Aus­tralian state or ter­ri­tory? 15 In Aus­tralian busi­ness, what does PAYG stand for? 16 Name the boxer who won his first world heavy­weight ti­tle in 1973 by beat­ing Joe Fra­zier. 17 Name the world cham­pion surfer who mainly rode twin-fin surf­boards dur­ing his reign. 18 Name the cock­tail made with vodka, gin­ger beer and lime juice, pop­u­larly served in a cop­per mug. 19 Re­tired US base­ball com­men­ta­tor Vin Scully had a record-break­ing ca­reer with which team? 20 The 2019 Tam­worth Coun­try Mu­sic Fes­ti­val will be held in which month? 21 Name the ac­tor who played cam­era­man Larry in the film, Ground­hog Day. 22 Which cricket team won the Aus­tralia v South Africa ODI on Fri­day night? 23 What is the official lan­guage of Cuba? 24 New Zealand’s pop­u­la­tion has passed the 6 mil­lion mark. True or false? 26 Vic­to­ria Falls is on the Zam­bezi River. True or false? 27 Name the Aus­tralian PM’s wife who rep­re­sented Aus­tralia in swim­ming at the 1938 Bri­tish Empire Games. 28 Who wrote the novel, One Hun­dred Years of Soli­tude? 29 What is the chem­i­cal sym­bol of radon? 30 Name the singer (pic­tured) who recorded the 1988 sin­gle Buf­falo Stance. 31 Who played Mike Campbell in the 1957 movie The Sun Also Rises? 32 Gra­ham Bon­net had a ‘70s hit with the sin­gle Warm Ride. Who wrote it? 33 Do Not Go Gen­tle Into That Good Night is a poem writ­ten by Bob Dy­lan. True or false? 34 How many times did Rain Lover win the Mel­bourne Cup? 35 Name the in­de­pen­dent record la­bel started in 2012 by Court­ney Bar­nett. 36 Pod­gor­ica is a city in which coun­try? 37 McDowall is on Bris­bane’s north­side. True or false? 38 Mal An­der­son rep­re­sented Aus­tralia in which sport? 39 Name the Prime Min­is­ter of Ja­pan. 40 Mount Son­der is in which state or ter­ri­tory?

NT. 40 Abe. Shinzo 39 Ten­nis. 38 True. 37 Mon­tene­gro. 36 Records. Milk! 35 Twice. 34 Thomas. Dy­lan False. 33 Gibb. Mau­rice and Robin Barry, 32 Flynn. Er­rol 31 Cherry. Neneh 30 Rn. 29 Márquez. Gar­cía Gabriel 28 Whit­lam. Mar­garet 27 True. 26 25 mil­lion. 4.8 about False, 24 Spanish. 23 Aus­tralia. 22 El­liott. Chris 21 Jan­uary. 20 Dodgers. LA 19 Mule. Moscow 18 Richards. Mark 17 Fore­man. Ge­orge 16 go. you as Pay 15 Aus­tralia. South 14 dream. a is Life 13 Ten­nis. 12 Le­banon. Belize. 10 Nirvana. 9 8 Fo­ley. Luke 7 Nor­way. 6 Jack­son. Peter Sci­ence. 4 Tu­pelo. 3 Yeltsin. Boris 2 Boss. The 1

25 Sarah Con­nor is a char­ac­ter in which sci-fi film fran­chise?

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