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for faint­ing are low blood su­gar lev­els and low blood pres­sure. Low blood su­gar oc­curs when glu­cose is not prop­erly main­tained in our blood. Se­vere hy­po­gly­caemia can pro­duce a feel­ing of faint­ness. I of­ten ask peo­ple how they feel if they miss a meal. Com­mon hy­po­gly­caemia an­swers in­clude “cranky”, “ tired” and “weak”. If this sounds like you, bal­ance your diet and eat small, fre­quent meals. Foods rich in pro­tein ( meat, chicken, fish, eggs, nuts) keep blood su­gar lev­els sta­ble for longer. Avoid re­fined, sug­ary foods as they ag­gra­vate blood su­gar lows. Nu­tri­ents such as chromium, mag­ne­sium and B vi­ta­mins can help sta­bilise su­gar lev­els. Low blood pres­sure is quite com­mon. When a per­son gets up too quickly from bed they can feel dizzy, fa­tigued and dis­ori­ented. A com­mon cause of low blood pres­sure is anaemia, so get your blood lev­els checked and in­crease food sources of iron and B vi­ta­mins ( meat, lentils, green leafy veg­eta­bles). Sup­ple­men­ta­tion of iron should only be taken fol­low­ing blood tests and rec­om­men­da­tion from a health pro­fes­sional.


Leah Hecht­man

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