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Hold­ing dumb­bells in both hands, lie with your up­per back on a Swiss ball and the rest of your body in a supine bridge po­si­tion. Ex­tend your right arm up and pull the left arm down and to­wards your chest, so that the dumbbell is sit­ting just out­side your left shoul­der. Per­form al­ter­nat­ing one-arm chest presses, push­ing the left dumbbell to the ceil­ing and draw­ing the right arm down to the out­side of your right shoul­der. As you do this move­ment you should try to get a con­trolled rock­ing mo­tion in your torso. As you push the right dumbbell to the ceil­ing, reach high enough so that your back peels off the ball and you end up with the op­po­site shoul­der as the only body part left on the ball, and vice versa on the other side. This is a great whole-body work­out.

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