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The jack knife is a fan­tas­tic ex­er­cise to strengthen the core area. Lie with your stom­ach on a Swiss ball and place your hands on the ground out in front of you. Walk your hands for­ward and al­low the ball to roll down your body to­wards your legs. Stop when the ball reaches just be­low your knees. Pause here and make sure your body is com­pletely straight, with your abs braced to coun­ter­act a down­ward sag in your stom­ach. Now roll the ball, bring­ing your knees in to­wards your chest. Pause, and roll the ball back to its start­ing point. When you feel more con­fi­dent, start with the ball lower down your shins and then, harder still, try it with your feet on the ball, as pic­tured.

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