Warn­ing! Do Not Wear Foun­da­tion Un­til You Read This!

Now you can cover age spots, acne scars, birth­marks, rosacea even tat­toos… Without foun­da­tion!

The Sunday Telegraph (Sydney) - Body and Soul - - NEWS - By Tina Phil­iastides, Beauty Jour­nal­ist.

What I'm about to tell you is noth­ing short of a mir­a­cle in the world of cos­met­ics. What if I were to tell you that a never be­fore seen an­ti­age­ing hy­drat­ing cream can cover the most se­ri­ous fa­cial blem­ishes, rosacea, acne scars, even tat­toos, but this cream is not a foun­da­tion!

An Aus­tralian com­pany has de­vel­oped the world's first anti-age­ing cream that gives you the ben­e­fits of the most pow­er­ful wrin­kle creams on the mar­ket, yet also pro­vides max­i­mum colour cov­er­age! This new AA cream has such a light­weight vis­cos­ity; in fact it feels al­most in­vis­i­ble…

"In my whole ca­reer in cos­met­ics, I’ve never seen any­thing like it,” com­ments vet­eran make up artist Sa­man­tha Rose. "It doesn't look cakey like a foun­da­tion, you know that dry flakey look where the colour cakes onto your skin, sink­ing into your lines and crevices, mak­ing you look 10 years older than your age" adds Rose.

And I agree. When I went to the Chan­nel 7 Stu­dio the other week to see what all the hys­te­ria was about, I couldn't be­lieve my eyes. In a live TV demon­stra­tion, I wit­nessed a woman who had se­vere rosacea since birth, ap­ply this cream without a mir­ror just like you ap­ply your daily mois­turiser, and the rosacea had com­pletely dis­ap­peared! What’s more, her skin looked flaw­less! Her skin tone was per­fect, not a sin­gle sign of cakey-ness or ob­vi­ous cov­er­age. In fact it seemed like she wasn't wear­ing make up at all.

Just look at Pamela in the photo. She is the lady with the ex­treme rosacea prob­lem I men­tioned ear­lier. Pamela was able to com­pletely cover her rosacea in un­der 30 sec­onds and without a mir­ror. But what hap­pened next com­pletely blew me away. Some­thing I've never seen in my whole ca­reer. This woman just picked up a tis­sue, wiped her face a few times, and the AA cream just glided off, and there was the bright rosacea mark again. What is even more re­mark­able is that the night be­fore, she slept with the cream, and not a sin­gle stain was seen on her pil­low.

The com­pany’s Chief Tech­ni­cal Colour Di­rec­tor, Rina Mor­rell, ex­pressed to me that “this was a patent pend­ing for­mu­la­tion se­cret that took years to de­velop.” The com­pany be­lieves their AA cream will be the big­gest break­through in the beauty in­dus­try, and that FOUN­DA­TION NO MORE could be the big­gest selling anti-age­ing cover in the world within the next few years.

It’s a bold state­ment but I think they may be right. So far I've been ex­tremely dis­ap­pointed with BB and CC creams. Let's face it, all they are is some ba­sic mois­turiser with a bit of tint thrown in. I guess that's why even af­ter all the ini­tial hype they never re­ally took off.

Oh and one more thing! FOUN­DA­TION NO MORE con­tains a mega dose of a pow­er­ful new oc­tapep­tide called Polypep­ti­lyne-23™. Clin­i­cal tests show a dra­matic de­crease in the ap­pear­ance of wrin­kles by up to 63%, as well as a 98% re­duc­tion in the ap­pear­ance of fa­cial red­ness. That cer­tainly amazes me, but what amazes me more is that it wipes 10 years off your face, cov­er­ing ev­ery type of blem­ish, even tat­toos! And it's not a foun­da­tion at all.

This could be the big­gest smash hit of the decade! I've seen it, I wear it and I love it! And I cer­tainly will never wear foun­da­tion ever again, now I have Foun­da­tion No More!

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Be­fore Foun­da­tion No More Af­ter Foun­da­tion No More "I love it when peo­ple com­pli­ment my skin, not my makeup."

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