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ES­SEN­TIAL FOR: Healthy skin, bones and con­nec­tive tis­sue, pre­vent­ing in­fec­tions, heal­ing wounds and ab­sorb­ing iron. WHAT THE EX­PERTS SAY: “Peo­ple with high stress need more vi­ta­min C,” Dr Libby Weaver, nu­tri­tional bio­chemist and au­thor of What Am I Sup­posed to Eat?, says. “That’s be­cause the body uses it to pro­duce stress hor­mones, and it will pri­ori­tise this be­fore direct­ing any to the other pro­cesses that vi­ta­min C is re­spon­si­ble for. Also, we can’t store it, so we need to top it up ev­ery day.” SIGNS YOU’RE DE­FI­CIENT: Bruis­ing eas­ily, bleed­ing gums, dry, scaly skin, nose­bleeds and swollen joints. Se­vere de­fi­ciency re­sults in scurvy. BOOST IT: Berries, cit­rus fruits, kiwi, toma­toes, cap­sicum and broc­coli are good sources. OR TAKE: A daily sup­ple­ment of 200-1000mg, as di­rected by a health ex­pert. About 200mg a day will lower your risk of chronic dis­ease, Weaver says.

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