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ES­SEN­TIAL FOR: A healthy im­mune sys­tem, wound heal­ing, our abil­ity to taste and smell, plus healthy growth in chil­dren. WHAT THE EX­PERTS SAY: “Zinc used to be in soil, so we’d get small amounts from all grown foods,” Weaver says. “Farm­ing prac­tices have changed so now we have to get it else­where. Oys­ters are the best source. Red meat is good, too, though only of­fers 4mg per 100g – and can­cer reg­u­la­tory bod­ies tell us to eat no more than 500g each week. Seeds also con­tain zinc, but only 0.9mg per 100g, so you’d have to eat a kilo a day! Ab­sorp­tion is also dis­rupted by fi­bre, so it’s easy to see why zinc de­fi­ciency is so rife.” SIGNS YOU’RE DE­FI­CIENT: Fa­tigue, fall­ing sick of­ten, wounds tak­ing time to heal and an al­tered sense of taste. BOOST IT: Crab and lob­ster are good sources, as are oys­ters. Zinc is also in red meat, poul­try, legumes, nuts and grains. OR TAKE: A daily sup­ple­ment of 15-30mg, depend­ing on your diet and health is­sues, Weaver says.

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