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A s if we needed an­other ex­cuse to feel the sand be­tween our toes, stud­ies on peo­ple in the UK, Ja­pan and New Zea­land have shown that those who live near the ocean are calmer than those who don’t. So what is it about the ocean that calms us? US ma­rine bi­ol­o­gist Wal­lace J Ni­chols, who coined the term “blue mind”, the­o­rises that be­ing in or around the ocean low­ers the level of neu­ro­trans­mit­ters which re­lay stress sig­nals to the brain, in the same way that med­i­ta­tion does. “It’s a mildly med­i­ta­tive state char­ac­terised by calm, peace­ful­ness, unity, and a sense of gen­eral hap­pi­ness and sat­is­fac­tion with life in the mo­ment.” Here are three other ways that the ocean can im­prove your life...

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