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My eyes are droop­ing, I need sleep. First, though, I must mas­ter one of mod­ern life’s tribu­la­tions: pair­ing a mo­bile phone to a Blue­tooth de­vice.

Valu­able min­utes of sleep slide away un­til I man­age to con­nect the Sleep Sen­sor and Pad to the Nokia Health Mate app on my phone. Not a mo­ment too soon, I slip the pad un­der my mat­tress and fall into bed.

As some­one who sleeps seven hours a night, I need to be ly­ing down eight hours be­fore my alarm goes off. So when I wake to a track­ing re­port – I slept six hours and 59 min­utes – it’s hardly a sur­prise. But what’s fascinating is the other data: my heart rate ( a healthy 60 beats per minute), snor­ing ( all clear), in­ter­rup­tions (two), sleep cy­cles ( more light and REM than deep).

While it’s nor­mal to wake a few times, call­ing them ‘in­ter­rup­tions’ makes me feel anx­ious. Still, my sleep score is a not-too-shabby 82/100. The pad pin­points my night with ac­cu­racy, and I’m soon hooked. Af­ter a late-night score of 47, I’m des­per­ate to do bet­ter. I want to prove I’m a good sleeper.

In our ‘me’ ob­sessed world, en­gross­ing my­self in my own sleep pat­tern is as ad­dic­tive as In­sta­gram. Night three and I spot a chink – 21 min­utes of snor­ing! They def­i­nitely be­long to the other per­son in the bed, a snorer, and are re­spon­si­ble for at least one of my sleep in­ter­rup­tions.

Tak­ing the pad for a week­end away, I sleep heav­ily, de­spite the un­fa­mil­iar sur­round­ings, and can’t wait to see whether it agrees. Hor­ror. Noth­ing. It’s not even con­nected. How can I pos­si­bly know if I slept well?

I try again the next night. I re­set the pad, but still noth­ing hap­pens. On Sun­day night, back at home, I’m still strug­gling to con­nect them with lit­tle luck.

Per­haps it has more to do with my in­ep­ti­tude than the pad’s, but I’m cer­tain none of this is con­ducive to a healthy pre-bed rou­tine. I give up.

Our love af­fair was brief but im­pact­ful. From now on I’ll pri­ori­tise that early night. But the in­ter­rup­tions, the snor­ing, the sleep cy­cles? Those I can do with­out.

For those who strug­gle with sleep, the pad may prove that you’re sleep­ing more than you thought. But if you’re al­ready dan­ger­ously ob­sessed with your sleep, it be­comes an en­abler. $ 230; visit com/au

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