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If there’s one thing guar­an­teed to set my teeth on edge and in­cite ir­ra­tional rage it’s the sound of other peo­ple eat­ing.

Noth­ing – and I mean noth­ing... not even pedes­tri­ans who walk at a snail’s pace in front of me at the lights or a kid kick­ing the back of my chair on a plane – has quite the same ef­fect on my pa­tience as the sound of some­one crunch­ing, slurp­ing or chew­ing loudly in my vicin­ity.

I’ve been known to change train car­riages (I mean, what kind of per­son eats cheese and onion chips on pub­lic trans­port any­way?!), move restau­rant ta­bles and even eat my din­ner on the other side of the room from my part­ner – es­pe­cially when the corn chips come out on Taco Tues­days! Sure, I’m an ir­ri­ta­ble per­son, I’ll hold my hands up, but I’m not the only one. Such is our col­lec­tive ir­ri­ta­tion, there’s now a name for it: miso­pho­nia (AKA a ‘ha­tred of sound’). Our health re­port on page 10 delves deeper into the is­sue, the key trig­gers and treat­ments. It’s a must-read!

Else­where in this is­sue we kick off our ‘Get into’ sports se­ries ( page 8). With footy fi­nals week­end only a few weeks away, what bet­ter time to learn to love a new sport? Whether you’re in­ter­ested in play­ing, coach­ing or just get­ting to grips with the rules so you can cheer on your kids, it will give you all the info you need, with a fo­cus on a dif­fer­ent sport each week. En­joy!

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