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Al­ways too busy to make it to that pump class or hour-long gym sesh? Say hello to fit­ness snack­ing. Also known as in­ter­mit­tent ex­er­cise, fit­ness snack­ing in­volves break­ing your daily dose of ex­er­cise into smaller, more man­age­able chunks. Con­sid­er­ing 12 mil­lion Aussies are cur­rently lead­ing se­den­tary life­styles, it could be just what you need to get you mov­ing. To prac­tise fit­ness snack­ing, all you need to do is sched­ule mul­ti­ple bursts of high-in­ten­sity ex­er­cise through­out your day, such as a 15-minute run be­fore and af­ter work, two min­utes of push-ups and squats dur­ing TV com­mer­cials or three rounds of stair runs be­tween meet­ings. If you think that break­ing up your work­outs won’t de­liver the same health ben­e­fits as un­in­ter­rupted ex­er­cise, think again. A re­cent study by Har­vard re­searchers found that as long as you put in the same amount of ef­fort, both short and long pe­ri­ods of ex­er­cise will de­liver the same re­sults. So, you’d best get on to those burpees!

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