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Sa­mu­rai sudoku puz­zles con­sist of five over­lap­ping sudoku grids. The stan­dard sudoku rules ap­ply to each 9 x 9 grid. Place dig­its from 1 to 9 in each empty cell. Ev­ery row, ev­ery col­umn, and ev­ery 3 x 3 box should con­tain one of each digit.

The puz­zles on Sa­mu­rai sudoku have one unique solution which can be found with pure logic, no guess­ing re­quired.

Wel­come to a puz­zle fit­ness workout aimed at im­prov­ing your brain power. Boost your men­tal agility with a ses­sion ev­ery day in the Men­tal Gym. Record the time you take to com­plete each puz­zle and you can keep track of your ever-in­creas­ing men­tal strength.

Can you place the three-let­ter groups in the boxes, so that neigh­bour­ing boxes al­ways make a six-let­ter word or phrase, like PAR-DON or CUT-OFF? We’ve placed one group to start you off.

In each case, one of the pairs of let­ters on the left will com­plete two five let­ter words on the right. For ex­am­ple EL would turn PAN into PANEL and BOW into EL­BOW.

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