The Sunday Telegraph (Sydney) - TV Guide : 2020-07-12

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FEATURE 15 IT SAYS A LOT THAT I’M STILL PERFORMING. I AM STILL WEARING THE LEATHER SUIT, I AM STILL DOING WHAT I DO. I AM THE REAL DEAL The Last Leg, Adam Hills: Take His Legs. what I do and I’m nowhere done yet. I hope to go on until I can’t go on, to tell you the truth,” she says. “I’ve spent 56 years honing my craft. Why shouldn’t I continue? Why the hell not? Who makes the rules?” She leans forward: “I make the rules. That’s who.” slowing down. Her most recent record, was released last year and her upcoming tour dates extend through 2021, COVID-19 permitting. Would the 14-year-old picking up her 1957 Fender Precision bass guitar have believed she’d still be performing 56 years later? “Absolutely. Absolutely I did,” she laughs. “I got into this for a lifetime. I love times since 1974, her connection with the country remains a special one. “God! I think there’s some sort of synergy that goes between us, has done from the day I first set foot in Australia. I get you, you get me. It’s a love affair and we should never get married!” she laughs. “It’s a romance. I’ve done 37 tours. I do really love it there.” And still, Quatro shows no signs of No Control, ADAM HILLS: TAKE HIS LEGS SUZI Q 9.40PM, MONDAY, 10 STREAMING, AMAZON PRIME

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