The Sunday Telegraph (Sydney) - TV Guide : 2020-07-12

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22 abc Seven Nine Ten SBS HD HD HD HD HD [2] [7] [9] [10] [3] [20] [70] [90] [13] [30] 6.00 7.30 8.40 10.30 11.30 8.10 9.30 11.00 12.00 6.00 7.00 10.00 12.00 6.00 6.00 The Ellen DeGeneres Show. 6.00 6.30 WorldWatch. Italian News. Filipino News. French News. Greek News. German News. Spanish News. Turkish News. Arabic News F24. (France) ABC America: World News Tonight. (CC) PBS NewsHour. (CC) NBA Spotlight. (R, CC) Figure Skating. (CC) 2019 ISU World Championsh­ips. Ice dancing. Gadget Man. (PG, R, CC) The Fatal Game. (PG, CC, New Zealand) WWII Battles For Europe. (PG, CC, German) NBC Today. (CC) Weekend Sunrise. (CC) (Prime7) Home Unknown Road Adventures. Leading The Way. Escape Fishing. What’s Up Down Under. All 4 Adventure. WhichCar. St10. (PG, CC) To Be Advised. Three Veg And Meat. (R, CC) Everyday Gourmet. (R, CC) Good Chef Bad Chef. (R, CC) Pooches At Play. (Return, CC) My Market Kitchen. (R, CC) What’s Up Down Under. (CC) Farm To Fork. (R, CC) To Be Advised. 10 News First. (CC) 11.00 7.00 10.00 The Morning Show: Weekend. Shopping. (WIN) Ent. Tonight. (PG, R, CC) 7.00 7.30 (CC) 12.30 8.00 9.30 12.30 9.00 12.00 (PG, CC) (PG, CC) (PG, CC) 12.30 12.00 To Be Advised. 1.30 Football. 1.00 2.15 (CC) AFL. Round 7. Sydney v Brisbane Lions. (PG, CC) (PG, R, CC) (PG, R, CC) (CC) (PG, CC) The team goes kayaking with dolphins. 2.00 1.00 1.30 2.30 2.00 3.00 Dream Gardens. 3.30 Escape From The City. 4.30 Landline. 5.00 Soccer. (R, CC) (R, CC) 4.00 Better Homes And Gardens. 5.00 Seven News At 5. 5.30 Border Security: Australia’s Front Line. (R, CC) 4.00 2.30 (CC) 4.30 5.30 3.00 3.30 (R, CC) A-League. Round 11. Perth Glory v Newcastle Jets. Replay. (CC) 4.00 5.00 (PG, R, CC) 6.00 Nine News Saturday. 6.00 Seven News. 7.00 Border Patrol. 7.00 ABC News. 7.30 Shakespear­e And Hathaway. 6.30 SBS World News. 7.35 Chris Tarrant’s Extreme Railway Journeys: Crossing The Emerald Isle. 6.00 Bondi Rescue. (CC) (CC) (PG, CC) In Christchur­ch, a couple of suspected sex workers from Hong Kong are stopped at the border. Illegal weapons are stopped at the Internatio­nal mail centre. MI stop a repeat offender at the border. (CC) (PGal, R, CC) The tower on Bondi Beach is on high alert when a swimmer’s quick dip results in a possible spinal injury. (NBN) NBN News. (CC) (PG, CC) Frank and Lu delve into the world of enigmatolo­gy when they are hired to investigat­e an accident. (Ma, CC) A tormented Jean Valjean is forced by Javert and his own conscience to reveal his true identity. 7.00 A Current Affair. 7.30 Ghostbuste­rs. (CC) (PGa, CC) Part 3 of 4. Chris pays a visit to one of his favourite places, Ireland, by setting out to visit all four corners of Emerald Isle in just six days on its ageing railway network that was largely built during British colonial rule. (Mn, CC) Part 2 of 2. Presenter and Celebrity Painting Challenge winner Josie d’Arby is joined by Daphne Todd and Lachlan Goudie to share their passion and knowledge for art with a life-drawing class. (Ml, R, CC) Part 1 of 4. A young South SudaneseAu­stralian basketball player, who dreams of joining the NBA, finds his future in danger when he is drawn into a criminal investigat­ion involving a violent assault. MOVIE: 7.00 The Children’s Hospital. (PGa, CC) David Tennant narrates a behindthe-scenes look at Scotland’s Royal Aberdeen Children’s Hospital. (CC) Paramedics attend a cocaine binge, a traffic collision and an accident involving a cherry picker. (2016, PGhl, R, CC) Two paranormal enthusiast­s, who have had a falling out over the publicatio­n of a book, a nuclear engineer and a subway worker band together to save New York City from an otherworld­ly threat. Melissa McCarthy, Kristen Wiig, Kate McKinnon. 8.20 Les Misérables. MOVIE: 7.30 Interstell­ar. 7.30 Ambulance. 8.30 Life Drawing UK. (2014, Mal, R, CC) With life on Earth threatened by a series of environmen­tal disasters, a team of explorers and astronauts travels through a wormhole and across the galaxy to discover whether humankind has a future among the stars. Matthew McConaughe­y, Anne Hathaway, Jessica Chastain. 9.20 Miniseries: Thirteen. (Mal, R, CC) Part 1 of 5. A 26-year-old woman escapes the house that has been her prison for the last 13 years. However, simply returning to her previous life proves to be impossible, as the world has moved on in her absence. MOVIE: 9.55 Identity Thief. 8.40 Beecham House. (M, CC) With the arrival of his mother and the discovery of his younger brother, John finally reunites his family. (2013, MA15+lsv, R, CC) After his identity is stolen by a con artist, a mild-mannered family man embarks on a cross-country adventure in order to find the person responsibl­e and clear his name before his time runs out. Jason Bateman, Melissa McCarthy, Jon Favreau. 10.45 Miniseries: Sunshine. MOVIE: 10.20 The Good Karma Hospital. 9.40 Ocean’s Twelve. MOVIE: 10.45 Tango & Cash. (Mav, R, CC) A medical train rolls into town providing miracle surgeries and carrying a surprise for Gabriel. (MA15+adhlnsv) A diverse range of music video clips chosen by special guest programmer­s. (2004, Ml, R, CC) Danny Ocean and his gang plan a series of robberies in Paris, Rome and Amsterdam to pay back the victim of their previous heist, a casino tycoon, who gives them two weeks to recover his funds. Brad Pitt, George Clooney, Matt Damon. (1989, Mvl, R, CC) When two rival Los Angeles detectives find themselves serving time in jail after being framed by an underworld crime boss, they join forces to plot their escape and bring the real criminals to justice. Sylvester Stallone, Kurt Russell, Teri Hatcher. 11.10 Rage. MOVIE: 5.00 12.55 1.00 12.05 12.35 12.40 Rage. (PG, CC) Quantico. (Msv, R) Home Shopping. (R) My Greek Odyssey. (PG, R, CC) House Of Wellness. (PG, R, CC) (Prime7) Project Eden. (2017, Malv, R, CC) Mike Dopud, Erick Avari, Anna McGahan. TV Shop: Home Shopping. (R) Global Shop. TV Shop: Home Shopping. (R) Wesley Impact. (CC) Motor Racing. (CC) Supercars Championsh­ip. Round 5. Truck Assist Winton. Highlights. Tommy. (Ma, R, CC) Home Shopping. (R) Truth Link. Hour Of Power. Miniseries: Sunshine. (Mal, R, CC, Australia) Live Flesh. (1997, MA15+als, R) Great British Railway Journeys. (R) CGTN English News. (CC) WorldWatch. MOVIE: 2.00 2.40 4.30 5.00 Home Shopping. 4.00 5.00 2.00 1.35 4.30 5.00 2.30 5.00 4.30 5.30 5.15 abc comedy (22) 7two (72) 9gem (92) 10bold (1) sbs viceland (31) 6am 5.55 6.20 6.45 5.50pm 6.10 6.35 6.55 7.30 6am 6.30 6am 8.00 12.30pm 9.30 6am 10.00 12pm 11.00 1.00 6am 1.15 12pm 2.05 2.40 Children’s Programs. Peppa Pig. Noddy Toyland Detective. Floogals. Bluey. Kiri And Lou. Rusty Rivets. Andy’s Baby Animals. Catie’s Amazing Machines. Odd Squad. Spicks And Specks. Would I Lie To You? Live From The BBC. QI. Whose Line Is It Anyway? Motherland. Friday Night Dinner. Absolutely Fabulous. Late Programs. Newstyle Direct. Shopping. (1949, PG) Please! (1952) PG) TV Shop: Home The Queen Of Spades. Time, Gentlemen, So Little Time. (1952, Comanche. (1956, PG) Sabata. (1969, PG) Gran Torino. (2008, M) A Fistful Of Dollars. (1964, MA15+) The Rockford Files. Villain. (1971, MA15+) TV Shop. Home Shopping. Travel Oz. NBC Today. Mighty Ships. Air Crash Investigat­ion. A Moveable Feast. Intolerant Cooks. The Great Australian Doorstep. Rugby Union. Shute Shield. Sydney Weekender. 60 Minute Makeover. The Yorkshire Vet. Escape To The Country. Honey I Bought The House. Escape To The Country. Late Programs. Morning Programs. MacGyver. Diagnosis Murder. ST: Enterprise. Rocky Mountain Railroad. One Strange Rock. RPM. Driven Not Hidden. WhichCar. Mighty Machines. Escape Fishing. ST: Voyager. MacGyver. NCIS. NCIS: New Orleans. Motor Racing. Supercars Championsh­ip. Round 5. Truck Assist Winton. Highlights. Late Programs. WorldWatch. The Good Doctor: Korea. Race And Education. Lee Lin Chin’s Fashionist­a. New Girl. Insight. WorldWatch. Happy Endings. Meet The Polygamist­s. Stargate SG-1. Ancient Aliens. Fear The Walking Dead. (Premiere) Tour De France Virtual Race. A Pelada. (2013, M) France 24. Programs. MOVIE: MOVIE: MOVIE: 10.00 12pm 1.45 11.30 6.30 1.30 2.30 2.00 2.00 2.15 5.05 7.40 9.20 3.40 6.45 8.30 3.00 4.30 5.30 8.30 3.30 4.00 MOVIE: MOVIE: 7.15 8.00 9.15 3.35 5.20 3.00 5.00 5.00 MOVIE: MOVIE: 8.30 7.30 5.30 8.30 6.30 11.30 6.30 7.30 10.20 11.35 12.30 MOVIE: 9.55 12am 10.20 11.20 1am 3.00 11.05 12am 1.00 12.30am 2.30 Late MOVIE: 3.00 1.30 11.20 abc me (23) 7mate (73) 9go (93, 99) 10peach (11) sbs world movies (32) 6am 4.55pm 5.30 6.00 7.15 6am 11.00 10.00 6am 12pm 1.00 11.30 12.30 6am 7.30 8.00 9.05 6am 8.55 7.25 Children’s Programs. Secret Life Of Boys. School Of Rock. Miraculous. Moka’s Fabulous Adventures! All Hail King Julien. The Crystal Maze. Fierce. The Zoo. Thunderbir­ds Are Go. Danger Mouse. Teenage Fairytale Dropouts. So Awkward. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Slugterra. Close. Late Programs. Morning Programs. Counting Cars. Pawn Stars. Life Off Road. American Pickers. Blokesworl­d. Step Outside With Paul Burt. Dipper’s Destinatio­ns. Fishing And Adventure. Graveyard Carz. Counting Cars. Superman IV: The Quest For Peace. (1987, PG) The Replacemen­ts. (2000, PG) Wild Things. (1998, MA15+) Late Programs. Children’s Programs. Fanshaw & Crudnut. Smashhdown! Bakugan: Battle Planet. Beyblade Burst Rise. Power Rangers Super Beast Morphers. BattleBots. The Road Trick. The Xtreme Collxtion. Peaking. Clarence. Free Birds. (2013) Despicable Me. (2010, PG) Jurassic Park. (1993, PG) Late Programs. Morning Programs. PAW Patrol. Totally Wild. Kuu Kuu Harajuku. Butterbean’s Cafe. Blaze And The Monster Machines. PAW Patrol. SpongeBob. Raymond. Becker. The Neighborho­od. Will & Grace. Man With A Plan. To Be Advised. Friends. Have You Been Paying Attention? The Graham Norton Show. Late Programs. Morning Programs. Balto. (1995, PG) Hunt For The Wilderpeop­le. (2016, PG) Uproar In Heaven. (1963, PG, Mandarin) Moonrise Kingdom. (2012, PG) Jappeloup. (2013, PG, French) Song Of The Sea. (2014, PG) The Man Who Knew Infinity. (2015, PG) Dev Patel. Arctic. (2018, M) Mads Mikkelsen, María Thelma. The Grey. (2011, MA15+) Liam Neeson. Late Programs. 5.05 11.30 1.00 2.00 12pm 8.30 9.30 10.50 12.30pm 5.50 1.30 1.30 2.00 2.15 6.30 8.15 8.50 9.30 10.15 2.30 4.10 10.00 1.00 11.00 1.30 3.30 6.00 4.40 8.05 8.40 3.10 3.00 4.30 3.30 12pm 2.30 MOVIE: MOVIE: 6.30 5.10 5.00 7.00 5.15 MOVIE: MOVIE: MOVIE: MOVIE: 8.30 10.20 12.30am 9.05 7.00 9.35 11.50 4.30 9.00 10.00 9.55 5.30am 8.50 11.20 11.00 abc news (24) 7flix (76) 9life (94) nitv (34) sbs food (33) 6am 2.00 3.30 1pm 2.30 1.25 3.00 4.00 6am 7.00 9.30 8.00 6am 10.30 6am 12.05pm 1.00 11.00 12.30 2.00 4.00 6.30 Morning Programs. ABC News. Aust Story. ABC News. Landline. ABC News. The Breakfast Couch. ABC News. Close Of Business. ABC News. The Mix. ABC News Weekend. ABC News Regional. ABC News Weekend. Back Roads. ABC News Weekend. Four Corners. ABC News Weekend. Foreign Correspond­ent. Late Programs. It’s Academic. Kitty Is Not A Cat. Hook, Line And Dinner. Big Bad BBQ Brawl. My Grandmothe­r’s Ravioli. Cupcake Wars. Mystery Diners. Restaurant: Impossible. Jabba’s School Holiday Movie Special. Looney Tunes: Back In Action. (2003) Grease. (1978, PG) Sleepless In Seattle. (1993, PG) Late Programs. Morning Programs. Barnwood Builders. Best Of Postcards. Getaway. Buying RVs. Delish. Buying The Bayou. Boise Boys. The Treehouse Guys. Log Cabin Living. Barn Hunters. Texas Flip And Move. Beachfront Bargain Hunt. Masters Of Flip. House Hunters Internatio­nal. House Hunters Reno. Late Programs. Morning Programs. Long Weekends. Bake With Anna. Come Dine With Me UK. Food Safari. Saturday Kitchen. The Good Cooks. Cook And The Chef. Great British Road Trip. Secrets Of The Factories. Silvia Colloca’s Cook Like An Italian. Poh & Co. Rhodes Across Italy. The Hairy Bikers’ Food Tour Of Britain. Destinatio­n Flavour. Late Programs. 6am 11.45 10.00 12.15pm Morning Programs. Kaitangata Twitch. Our Place. NITV News: Nula. Lagau Danalaig: An Island Life. Emptying The Tank. To The Point. Cricket. Twenty20. Intune @ Tamworth. Going Places. Yokayi Footy. NITV News. Through The Wormhole With Morgan Freeman. I Am Numamurdir­di. Mama Africa. Otelo Burning. (2011, M) Late Programs. 11.30 12pm 1.30 12.45 10.00 12pm 4.30 5.00 7.00 11.00 1.30 12.30 1.00 1.45 4.30 5.00 5.30 6.30 2.30 4.30 6.30 3.30 5.30 7.30 3.00 5.30 1.55 5.00 7.00 2.00 6.00 6.00 MOVIE: MOVIE: 7.00 8.00 9.00 7.30 8.10 9.30 7.30 7.30 7.35 8.25 10.10 9.25 11.40 8.30 9.30 8.00 8.30 MOVIE: 10.30 9.35 10.30 MOVIE: 8.35 10.00 11.30 11.00 11.55 TELE

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