The Sunday Telegraph (Sydney) - TV Guide : 2020-07-12

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COVER STORY 04 FRESH PEAKS THE CHANCE TO STAR IN A TOPICAL SERIES WAS TOO GOOD TO REFUSE FOR FAVOURITE JACK ROWAN, WRITES PEAKY BLINDERS SIOBHAN DUCK EDITOR PICTURE EDITOR REVIEWS BINGE AND KAYO CONTENT COVER IMAGE COVER DESIGN Holly Byrnes Leigh Paatsch, Cameron Adams, Lisa Woolford, Siobhan Duck, Kathy McCabe Amanda Wynne-Williams 1300 398 151 Supplied/Streamotio­n Supplied/Streamotio­n Christophe­r Roseby ADVERTISIN­G PRODUCTION PROGRAM INFORMATIO­N: Pagemaster­s. Published by News Limited, 26 Hume Hwy, Chullora NSW 2190, for News Corp Australia. Correct at time of printing, but may be subject to change.

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