Dope stirs vi­o­lence

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IT’S of­ten claimed to be a mel­low drug but cannabis users have been found to be more likely to com­mit vi­o­lent crime.

Pi­o­neer­ing re­search has warned those who smoke the drug reg­u­larly run a higher risk of us­ing vi­o­lence.

The project is the first to demon­strate that cannabis is not only linked to vi­o­lent crime but is the cause.

Vi­o­lent in­ci­dents mon­i­tored by the study based on the lives of more than 1100 Amer­i­can psy­chi­atric pa­tients in­cluded as­saults, at­tacks with weapons and rapes.

Re­searchers said that cannabis causes vi­o­lence; and they found no ev­i­dence of the re­verse, that vi­o­lent peo­ple were more likely to use cannabis.

There was no sup­port, they said, for the­o­ries put for­ward by cam­paign­ers anx­ious to free the drug from the taint of links to crime.

The aca­demics said the ef­fect of cannabis was clear and not di­min­ished by fac­tors such as heavy drink­ing of al­co­hol.

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