First­borns re­spond bet­ter

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FIRSTBORN chil­dren are more so­cia­ble and “emo­tion­ally avail­able” to their moth­ers than those born sec­ond.

That’s the re­sult of a new US study show­ing when 55 mums were ob­served play­ing with their first or sec­ond child at 20 months, the first­borns were more will­ing to re­spond to their mother’s sug­ges­tions and dis­played more en­joy­ment play­ing with her.

They were also more so­cia­ble with other adults.

Study au­thor Diane Put­nick put the re­sults down to “con­cen­trated time with moth­ers early”, adding: ‘‘Firstborn chil­dren may be more emo­tion­ally avail­able to their moth­ers be­cause they have the ben­e­fit of years of their par­ents’ un­di­vided at­ten­tion.”

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